Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle review

Burn-the-Fat-7-day-transformationHave you been on what feels like every diet under the sun only to find yourself constantly disappointed?

Are you someone who tends to cycle from gaining weight to losing weight to gaining more weight and so on only to find out that you always look the same?

Are you tired of it and ready for a change? If so, chances are, you’re hunting down the various programs on the market designed to help you transform your body.

But which work and which don’t? That is the question you may want to know. One very popular program you may come across is called Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle, created by Tom Venuto.

How does this program stack up? Is it worth investing in? Let’s uncover some facts you should consider.

Who is Tom Venuto

Tom Venuto who invented the Burn The Fat program

Tom Venuto

Unlike some diet and exercise book authors who have always been fit and have never really had to go through an intense fat loss phase, Tom Venuto has been there.

He wasn’t always the fit guy you see on the cover of his book. At one point in his life he was very overweight and in need of serious help with his health.

That’s when he took it upon himself to learn the right way – which then led to this book.

Now, he has helped thousands of other people finally overcome their weight problems and see the results they are looking for.

What Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle Is All About

This book is all about teaching you the right and wrong’s of losing weight. With most diet plans, you go on the diet and may see some weight loss, but unfortunately it’s primarily water and muscle mass loss.

This is NOT what you want. When you burn muscle on a weight loss diet, your metabolic rate goes down, making it very hard to sustain that weight loss and also decreasing how fit you look.

The idea behind this book is that you, as the name suggests, burn the fat, while feeding the muscle. This means that you change your body composition, not just lose weight. Those who just focus on weight loss often end up looking like a smaller version of their current self, so they really aren’t making a miraculous transformation at all.

This book emphasizes the importance of both smart nutrition as well as exercise also, giving you the complete picture of what you need to be doing.

Who This Book Is Designed For

Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle book

Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle book

This book is designed for anyone who doesn’t just want to lose weight, but who wants to make a full body transformation.

It’s a program that is going to help you get from point A to point B without losing muscle and suffering from a slow and sluggish metabolic rate.

It’s a plan for those who want to maximize their success and who care about more than just losing weight.

If you lose weight, you may look better and thinner, but if you want to look good naked and achieve better health, you need to lose fat, not muscle. This is a very important difference to note.

This program can be used by both men and women and thanks to it’s easy to implement format, it can be used by those who also have a busy schedule as well.

What You’ll Receive

When you purchase this program, you are going to get a seven-day transformation guide. Unlike some programs out there that deliver you a book full of 100+ pages of information you have to read, often which can take weeks at a time, this book is designed to be implemented in just seven short days.

Each day you’ll learn a new step in the process so by the seventh day, you will be all ready to become. This book is ideal for those who want to take ACTION and begin immediately. If you are looking for an overabundance of overwhelming information, this is not for you.

If you instead want the exact details you need to know to get results so that you can get on with it, you will love how this program works.

In addition to that, you’ll also receive his fat burning toolkit, which contains all the resources you’ll need to see maximum results, his meal planning software, to ensure you can plan out your meals without a problem, his fat burning recipes so you never get bored while dieting, and his body fat testing system so you can measure and track your progress as you go.

Finally, you’ll also get 6 months of free support to help you with your journey and free audio recordings in the members area to provide additional information to help you get maximum results.

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle entire bonuses


  • Is designed for those on the go who don’t have time to read a length book about all the information related to diet and nutrition
  • Breaks things down in an easy-to-understand format
  • Can be used by both men and women
  • Can be used by those of all fitness levels
  • Does not require expensive supplements or a very fancy gym membership
  • Includes both nutrition and exercise information
  • Will help you lose fat, not just weight
  • You’ll be left with a higher metabolism, ensuring weight loss maintenance is easier
  • Comes with a money back guarantee


  • Does require both exercise and nutrition changes, so anyone using this program needs to be comfortable with that.

Our Verdict

Burn-the-Fat-7-day-transformationIf you are looking for a solid product that contains valuable information in an easy-to-digest format, Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle is for you.

This Seven Day Transformation program is an excellent choice to help you learn what’s really needed to see great results without having to devote hours each week to exercise or meal planning.

The added bonuses will really help you put into action the plan, ensuring you can get started right away. With very few cons to speak of, anyone who is serious about putting in the effort should notice they make a great transformation while using this approach.

Burn Your Fat & Feed the Muscle Today!


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