Marine Muscle Review


Have you been trying to build muscle for quite some time but experienced a total lack of results? Or perhaps you did see results when you first started, but those results are now a thing of the past. Your progress has slowed and you are now in a serious plateau.

What gives? Is your body broken? The fact is, you can do everything right – train hard, eat right, get enough sleep at night, but as you get closer to your genetic potential and become more advanced, results will stagnant.

This is all part of the game. Sadly, it leads many people astray. So many bodybuilding enthusiasts who have been hitting the gym hard begin to drop off when it seems like their hard work is just not paying off any longer.

It’s at this point, most begin to look at what else can be done to help take their progress up a notch. This is where you often see people divided into two different groups. Group A, who leans towards natural supplements – creatine, beta alanine, protein powders, and so forth and Group B, who simply crosses over to the ‘dark side’ and begins using illegal steroids.

What if I told you there was a third option? An option that would get you better results than just using conventional supplements but not pose the health risks or the illegal threat that steroids do?

Now there is. Marine Muscle has come out with a number of products that serve as steroid alternatives and are perfectly legal to use.

Let’s take a closer look at what this product is all about.

What Is Marine Muscle?

Marine Muscle are essentially the most hardcore supplement to hit the market in today’s world. It’s a supplement that is currently only available in the United States and contains the highest doses of cutting edge ingredients that promises to speed up the results that you experience.

These products contain what they refer to as ‘military grade’ ingredients, so are more potent than what you’ll find lining the shelves of your local supplement store.

The makers of these products claim they are completely safe to use and will help you transform your physique, allowing you to build muscle faster, lose body fat quicker, and get stronger in a hurry.

Unlike conventional steroids that also require you to inject the product with needles, you won’t get that here either. Marine Muscle allows you to easily take their product with ease and because there aren’t the extreme side effects like with steroids, you also won’t have to worry as much about using post cycle support products, decreasing your total expenditure on the supplements themselves.

What Will You Get When You Order Marine Muscle?

When you shop with Marine Muscle, you’ll have your choice of different stacks to use.

The Strength Stack

They offer a strength based stack, which is designed to help you get as strong as possible. This will be a good option for those who are both looking to build muscle as well as those who are hoping to increase their performance, especially if they are involved in high level athletics.

Marine Muscle Strength Stack

Marine Muscle Strength Stack

The products that go into this stack include Gunner, Alpha, Trooper, and Drill Master. Note that you can buy 2 strength stacks for the price of 1 for just $199.99! Or you can purchase the products individually for between $60 and $70. This allows you to customize your stack if that is what you prefer.

Each of these products is designed to be a safer alternative to one particular steroid that is on the market as well. For example, Drill Master is going to be the replacement to Dianabol, which helps to improve nitrogen retention in the body, dramatically increasing the level of muscle mass tissue being accumulated while keeping you in an anabolic state.

The Bulking Stack

Marine Muscle also offers a bulking stack for those who have the primary goal to get larger. This stack won’t help quite as much with strength development, but more focus on the actual muscle size increase. This said, you can expect to notice improvements in strength as well when you take it.

Marine Muscle Bulking Stack

Marine Muscle Bulking Stack

There is some crossover in products here as you’ll get Drill Master, Gunner, Trooper, and then get a product called Enduro rather than Alpha in this stack. This stack is priced at $219.99 or once again, you can purchase the products all on their own if you wish instead. They’re also introducing two new products into this line shortly as well including Klicks and General.

Finally, there is also a cutting stack that is available for purchase. This one will be designed to help get you as lean as possible without sacrificing your hard earned muscle mass. Once again, we see some cross over in the products included as you’ll receive Alpha, Trooper, and then two additional products, Colonel and Winger as part of this stack.

Marine Muscle Cutting Stack

Marine Muscle Cutting Stack

This stack can be purchased for the price of $209.99! You can also purchase each of the products that make up this cutting stack individually. Also note the site currently has two stacks for the price of one, so that is one way to further reduce your cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Marine Muscle products have any side effects?

Marine Muscle is dedicated to providing you hardcore products that mimic real anabolic steroids and produce results with no side effects. We spend a great deal of time researching the best ingredients to use, and then sourcing them from the best suppliers.

When will I see results?

When combined with a disciplined program of diet and exercise, Marine Muscle products will help you achieve great results within 3 to 4 weeks. The more dedicated and focused you are, the better the results. By following the product usage guidelines, a proper diet, and a regular exercise program, your hard work and discipline will pay off. Within a month, you will feel stronger, more energetic, and see big gains towards achieving the body you want.

How much is shipping?

We provide FREE SHIPPING within the USA. All packages are discreetly marked, in order to ensure your privacy. Sorry, our products are NOT available in Europe or the UK!

More FAQs

Are Marine Muscle products legal?

Of course! All Marine Muscle products are safe and 100% legal alternatives to hardcore anabolic steroids. Our products are not actually steroids. We carefully source all the ingredients to make sure you get the maximum results from the most powerful legally available steroid alternatives in the USA!

Please note this is an American brand for Americans – You will not be able to buy Marine Muscle products in the UK or Europe.

Do I need a prescription to buy Marine Muscle products?

No prescription is needed to order our products, which are highly effective alternatives to anabolic steroids. These are the most potent non-prescription legal alternatives to steroids available in the USA!

What ingredients does Marine Muscle use?

A complete list of ingredients for our products can be found on the individual product pages. Marine Muscle’s powerful anabolic steroid alternatives only contain ingredients that are 100% safe and legal within the USA, and our products are made to the highest standards.

Will Marine Muscle products show up in a sports drug test?

Sports doping tests have become stricter over the years, although some sports are stricter than others. As a result, some of the ingredients used in Marine Muscle products may show up in a drug test. If you participate in a sport where you may be drug tested, we strongly recommend that you seek expert advice from your coach, doctor, or official sports body. A complete list of ingredients can be found on each product page.

How do I use Marine Muscle products?

Each product page describes what the product is for, and how it should be used. It lists recommended usage amounts, along with other information to maximize your gains and achieve your goals.

How can I make payment?

You can pay online using Visa, MasterCard, and Amex. Our checkout system is quick, safe and secure, using 256-bit encryption. Your details are kept safe at all times!

There is no sales tax on our products, and no hidden extras.

What is your refund policy?

If you decide that a better body is not for you and you wish to return an order, please contact us at We offer refunds on unopened items up to 7 days after they are ordered.


  • Won’t provide the harsh unwanted side effects that steroids will
  • Can be used by men of all ages
  • Offers products that cater to a variety of goals
  • Are relatively reasonably priced considering the cost of steroids
  • Come with a money back guarantee
  • There is no shipping charge
  • There is a 24hr online chat available


  • May encourage some users to pay less attention to their diet and exercise program
  • Both diet and exercise are needed to see results, so you can’t ‘get out’ of doing those by using these products
  • While they are claimed to be safe, everyone will have their own unique reactions, so keep that in mind. Always read for yourself about the product is one and decide whether it’s one you should be putting into your body.
  • Unfortunately Marine Muscle is only made available in the US at this time

Our verdict

If you are tempted to cross over and use steroids, this is a great product to use. It’s best to avoid steroids at all costs due to the long-term health implications from using them and all the unwanted side effects.

Marine Muscle won’t cause those issues so is a much wider decision to try at least before you turn to the steroids.

Just don’t expect to build muscle or burn fat without using a proper diet and workout plan. Even if you are using these products, you still need to be doing both of those things.


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