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Until then, we like to say a huge thank you from the MM team and direct you down to discover another simply life-changing phenomenon:
the Adonis Golden Ratio (AGR):
The Theory of Ideal Body Proportions by John Barban.


John Barban - The man behind AGR
Meet the guy making your transformation possible – respected by pretty much the entire muscle building community, known worldwide and considered by many as the leading performance supplement industry consultant. Think back to any effective supplement you’ve taken in the last decade – chances are that was you experiencing his work!

John fully approves this new program and the potential it provides you to achieve a totally natural incredible physique. His endorsement speaks for itself, and the benefits are many.
  • Any Lifestyle: Whether you work from home, are a student or successful businessman, AGR suits all lifestyles and schedules with safe, controlled leaning of your body fat.
  • No Gimmicks: Zero pills, powders or those damn hype potions – AGR ends expensive gizmos and fake supplements. Powered entirely by hard work to achieve hard results.
  • What Gym?: AGR’s step-by-step diet and exercise is combined with a formidably tested whole body conditioning, muscle strengthening system with maximized effect for all body types. No gym needed – work out at home and save money as you shred.
  • All Genetics Welcome: Too many limit themselves with the toxic, false belief in bad genetics. Debunk the gene myth and train your mentality as much as your body. AGR is no magic weight loss answer, just a strict and satisfying path to leaning out.
  • Powerful Support: Delve into the literature of the AGR Nutrition Program Manual with its custom meal plans, advanced food education, and accounts for all dietary specifics including vegetarians and those sensitive to gluten, nuts, dairy and other food types.
  • Dynamic Tracking Software: AGR’s custom nutritional software maximizes weight loss and muscle gain with strategic caloric intake records, macronutrient breakdowns and dynamic analytics based on your individual food preferences and weight loss goals.
  • Never Alone: Tap into the vast resources of the AGR Immersion online community. Discover the invaluable support of others ahead or behind you in your path to a perfect physique. Encourage each other, meet and train together to realize your goals.
  • Visual Gold: AGR brings you over 100 video coaching lessons starring and endorsed by the fitness community’s top figures. Perfect your form, modulation and much more as you train with the world’s best whenever you like.
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The perfect platform for muscle building can be achieved simply with a strict diet and healthy lifestyle. Draw on these elements to prepare for optimal muscle building. There are many different ways to attain physical perfection but many fall short without the proper support system. The Adonis Golden Ratio program is built entirely around this vital support.

For those looking to build Mean Muscles, combine The Fitness Bible with the AGR pathway for a path paved with potential. Their stringent manuals and paired software strip away body fat while laying a healthy groundwork for fast muscle development, all endorsed by worldwide fitness professionals like John Barban.

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