Build Muscle With No Fat Gains!

Designed for male trainees who already have low body fat percentage, this workout program will help the trainee increase their muscular development significantly.


Table of Contents

  • Introduction to the Program
  • Objectives
  • Preparation
  • Program Goals
  • Training Programs - Workout Split A and Split B
  • The Exercises
  • Detailed Exercise Map - Workout Split A
  • Detailed Exercise Map - Workout Split B
  • 5-Day Lean Bulk Nutrition Meal Plan with Cooking Instructions
  • Supplements
  • Tips and Tricks on the Program
  • Nutrition Tips
  • Conclusion and What to Expect After the Program

What’s Included:

Carefully Designed Workout Routines To Maximize Results For Anyone!

Lean Muscles Gain included shot 1

Well Defined Illustrations With Detailed Execution Steps To Follow!

5-Day Meal Plan With Cooking Instructions Written By A Nutrition Specialist To Go Along With The Workouts!

Lean Muscles Gain included shot 3


Start Building Your Muscles Without the Fear of Gaining Fats Today!

for just $10.99