Critical Bench Review


Looking for a chest building workout program? If so, you may have come across the Critical Bench program, which is one of the top workouts available right now to help you build a bigger chest.

This program is directed towards men who are involved in the sport of bodybuilding or power-lifting or who simply want to improve their chest muscles for aesthetics or functional purposes.

As the chest muscle is one of the main muscles in the body, it’s key to a superior physique. So how does this program stack up? Will it really help you reach your goals?

Let’s look at what you should know about the Critical Bench program.

Who Is Mike Westerdal

The Critical Bench workout program is created by Mike Westerdal, who is a certified personal trainer who himself managed to achieve impressive progress with his own chest development.

He went from being a relatively scrawny teenager weighing in at 155 pounds to an impressive 233 pounds of lean, hard muscle, all while shattering his bench press record. Now he can press nearly 400 pounds of weight, illustrating how very possible to is to see impressive strength gains with proper training.

What Critical Bench Is All About

So what is the Critical Bench program all about? This chest building workout program has been designed to help any guy – young or old, fit or unfit, make remarkable progress with his chest muscles.

Whether you want to gain strength, power, or size, Critical Bench is designed to help you do just that.

Mike has designed this program to walk you through stages of development, ensuring that you build a strong foundation that will keep you seeing results for years to come.

The bench press is one of the key foundational lifts that is critical to building an impressive looking physique, so if you want to really see remarkable progress, it’s one exercise to focus on. This program will help you do that

Who Critical Bench Is Best Suited For

Because the Critical Bench program is highly versatile, it’s well suited for anyone who is looking to improve their chest muscles. It’s good for athletes, bodybuilders, power-lifters, as well as the average Joe who simply wants to improve his fitness level and see better results.

Who this program is not well suited for is the casual lifter who only hits the gym a couple times a week at most. This program is going to require time and dedication, so you need to be committed to putting in the work to see the results.

This said, that does not mean you’ll have to live at the gym while using this program. You’ll be doing a couple chest building workouts per week and in addition to that, you can also add in your workouts for other muscle groups along with that.

What You’ll Receive When You Order This Chest Building Workout Program

When you order the Critical Bench program, you are going to receive the following:
  • Critical Bench Program 2.0 – the heart of the program detailing everything you need to know to build a bigger chest
  • Customized Training Logs – sheets that will help you keep tabs on your progress
  • Bench Press Fundamentals Online DVD – for visual learners, get a glimpse into the top rated tips on how to really get stronger on your bench press exercise
Right now you’ll also receive the following bonuses:
  • Critical Deload Routine – a routine that will teach you how to deload properly to avoid over-training while ensuring you don’t lose any of the strength you’ve built
  • Critical Conversations With Elite Iron Warriors – insider information on how some of the best of the best in the industry built a stronger chest
  • Critical Exercise Guide – an exercise guide that will go over all you need to know about performing your chest exercises correctly
  • In Depth Report On Creatine’s Usage In Sport – learn more about this hot supplement and whether you should start using it


Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is this Critical Bench Program?

This ebook is basically my 10-year education… all wrapped into a simple step by step program that you can learn in one day. And you can start seeing results from this knowledge in a lot less time than you think.

If you start to follow this program today, I’d be willing to say that in 2 weeks… you’ll notice you’re stronger than you’ve been in a long time. You’ll feel your muscles are more hard… and you’re more muscular when you look in the mirror.

And the longer you continue to use it, the more the benefits will keep coming.

You’ll never feel small, weak, or puny again. You won’t get picked on or teased for being small. Like I did, you’ll start to become a leader for your team. You’ll be envied by friends, you’ll blow past your buddies when it comes to size and strength. You’ll turn more heads and get more attention from women. Bottom line, you’ll look better, feel better about yourself, and have a lot more confidence.

Do I need any special equipment to follow this program?

You don’t need access to any special equipment.

All you need is a bench, barbell some weights and some dumbbells. Whether you’re young or old, an athlete or weekend warrior, a novice or advanced lifter, you can use this program to set a new personal best training less than an hour a day four or five times a week.

The Critical Bench Program has sold thousands and thousands of copies since the year 2000.

So thankfully, thousands of people have used the system. And I’ve gotten thousands of emails with results and feedback from those who have used it.

What if I’m not happy with this program and would want a refund?

If you’re not completely happy with what you’ve learned and with the results you’ve gotten… you get a complete and full refund… no questions asked. Absolutely no hard feelings, it’s a risk free opportunity for you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

And since you took the time, effort, and faith to try my program, I want you to keep the bonus gifts… free of charge… even if you decide to take advantage of the money-back guarantee.

I guess what I’m saying is… just give it a try because you have nothing to lose.

But you can gain more muscle mass, strength, and confidence… you can look better AND feel better about yourself… just by giving it a shot.

And remember, this sale has never taken place before. The cost of these programs, if purchased separately in the past, was over $3,000 (there are over 80 different bench routines)

What Exactly Do I Get & What’s It Going To Cost?

I want you to picture how much time, effort, and energy this is going to save you in the gym. No more wasted effort. No more trial and error. No more long, ineffective workouts that don’t produce results.

You can skip the learning curve and learn my shortcut. It’s going to save you a ton of time and frustration.

Not to mention the money it’s going to save you. You won’t have to keep wasting your hard-earned cash on this expensive and unproven supplements. Things that like weight gainers, muscle builders, and other gimmicks will be a thing of the past.

No more shelling out cash and no more choking down nasty shakes. It’s all in the way you train and lift… not what supplements you take. And not only that… I’m offering to show you this stuff at much less than you can get anywhere else.

If you spend an hour with a personal trainer at the gym… it would cost you up to $70 or more. It depends on where you live.

But honestly, there isn’t a trainer that I know of that teach you as much about benching as I can. I’ve lived and breathed this stuff for the last 10 years.

I’ve worked at many different commercial gyms and I’ve never met a personal trainer that knows the secrets of a competitive power lifter or bench presser. Why? Because the “real” experts are not allowed to train at commercial gyms due to the heavy weights they use!

I’m dead serious! I’ve been kicked out of commercial gyms before… and these are gyms I’m sure you’ve heard of… because I was lifting too much weight and causing other people around me to be uncomfortable.

Their exact words were: we’re not the kind of gym that wants to have powerlifters or hard core bodybuilders here making other people uncomfortable!

True story! Anyways…

Who Needs This Program? Who Doesn’t?

If you’re happy with what you’re benching right now, you definitely don’t need this program… unless you want to keep going up… if you want to keep getting bigger and better.

And you don’t need it if you’re currently happy with your size and muscularity. If you’re happy with the way your body looks and the amount of muscle you carry… then I’d skip this… unless you want to pack on even more muscle.

If you’re as strong as you want to be… or if you’re as quick and as powerful as you need to be for your school’s sport… you probably don’t need it.

But if you want to gain more strength, more muscle, and a much bigger bench press that makes your buddies envious and jealous, this will do it.

Why This Is Different Than Anything Else Out There.

Look, this might sound like I’m bragging, but there isn’t another person online that knows more about the bench press than I do.

I mean, this stuff has been my life since I’ve been in high school. I’ve lived and breathed it for the last 10 years online. I even dedicated my business… and paying my house mortgage, to the bench press. My site has grown into one of the largest and most popular sites online.

There’s no way all of this would have happened if I didn’t know my stuff. I’d like to think I’m one of the top experts in the world when it comes to the bench press. And most of what I know… it’s written down in this ebook.

It’s true… the Critical Bench Program is this same step-by-step plan that I learned and used over the last 10 years. It’s the same program that over 32,887 people have used to get stronger and bigger.

Today… I’ve bench pressed 630 pounds with a bench shirt and I’ve done 452 lbs in the gym. I’ve even got a video below of me doing 315 for 15 reps and 405 for an easy single.

Will everyone get the same results as me?

I don’t know… you may get better results or you may get worse results… because we’re different people.

But one thing I know for sure… thousands of other people have tremendous success and I’m sure you’ll get amazing results as well.

And since this ebook is all about increasing your bench press by 50 pounds in 10 weeks… you’re going to get all the benefits that go with that. More muscle, more strength, more raw power, and more confidence. All the things I’ve experienced in my life when I started focusing more on the bench.


  • Gives very detailed information on how to strengthen your bench press
  • Makes tracking your progress very easy
  • Comes with a full satisfaction guarantee – you like the program or you get your money back
  • Is very focused on building a bigger bench press – no other programs out there focus on this specific thing
  • Can be tailored to beginners as well as more advanced users
  • Is relatively easy to use and implement


  • Doesn’t provide much in the way of nutrition information, which is also a part of the equation for building muscle and getting stronger
  • Doesn’t include much information for other muscle groups so you’ll need to find a separate program for those if you wish
  • Only one supplement is covered in the program, so you may have to do some research to figure out additional supplements you wish to use

Our Verdict

All in all, if you are looking to build bigger chest muscles and especially improve your bench press, the Critical Bench program can very well help take you there.

It’s tailored towards this one lift, which happens to be one of the most fundamental lifts that you should be doing. As such, you should start seeing results within the very first week of using it.

With an easy to follow format and plenty of exercise demonstrations, this is something that anyone could use from beginner to more advanced trainee. If you a bigger chest is what you are after, this program is tailor made to help you reach this goal.

Just do remember that it isn’t a complete workout program, so you’ll have to figure out additional workouts for your back, shoulders, legs, and so on to build a well-rounded program plan.


To sweeten up your purchase from us!

Email to us your purchase receipt to and we will personally send you this free eBook ‘50 Keys To A Bigger Raw Bench‘ as our token of appreciation!

Most bench pressers have the wrong impression that when they increase their bench to work their chest 3 times a week will mean more gains. Its actually more than to that.You would definitely need to work the other muscle groups that are associated with the bench press.

You need to determine your sticking point whether it be the bottom, middle or top to overcome the plateau. If you want to improve your bench press to increase 1 rep max this eBook will definitely show you how to.

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