Truth About Abs Review

The Truth About Six Pack Abs

If you are someone who is on a mission to get yourself six pack abs, you may be wondering what the best approach to use is. Should you spend hours on the abdominal mats each workout trying to build up these muscles or should you take the route of simply focusing on your diet plan?

Or, maybe you need something else entirely. When it comes to getting flat abs, the main focus you need to have is simply being able to lose belly fat. When you have too much fat covering the abs, it doesn’t really matter how big your abs may be, you still aren’t going to see the muscles underneath.

As you hunt down approaches, you may come across a program called the Truth About Abs. What’s this program all about and is it right for you? Let’s give you a brief run-down of what this program entails.

What the Truth About Abs Program Is All About

The Truth About Abs program is a program that is designed to cover all areas of your core development – your six pack abs workout, your strength training plan, as well as your diet. It takes a very well-rounded approach to getting you results, which is great news as that is what is needed in order to get flat abs quickly.

This program is not some gimmicky program that is going to have you losing 10 pounds overnight however like some others claim (and rarely follow through with!). Instead, this program takes the slow and steady approach. You’ll lose fat over time while maintaining optimal health and energy levels.

The Truth About Abs program is basically teaching you how to eat right and exercise for life, so do not view this as a short-term solution. Rather, it should be a lifestyle change approach that you stick with for the years to come.

Who Is Mike Geary

So, who is behind the Truth About Abs program? The creator of this program is Mike Geary, who has been working in the personal training industry for over a decade. He’s very experienced with training many people of all shapes and sizes and now has a very popular health and fitness newsletter that has hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

From this, he spawned his truth about abs program along with many other programs after that. He’s a very well rounded trainer who cuts to the chase and gives you the hard facts on what you need to do to get healthy and lose belly fat.

What You’ll Get When You Purchase the Truth About Abs Program

When you purchase the truth about abs program, you are going to get a 137-page book that provides a wealth of information covering nutrition, supplementation, as well as exercise. This is a great starter book for anyone who is looking to learn more about not just how to get six pack abs, but also attain a healthier and leaner body for the long haul.

Included in the book are the complete workout plans you’ll need to use to get started with the program along with picture demonstrations of all the exercises being performed. This makes it easy for even a brand-new beginner to get started with the approach.

Along with this book full of information, you’re also going to get four additional M-Power Fast Fitness Audio’s that cover additional information you need to reach your goals in record time. Mike also throws in the DVD titled ‘5 Keys to Guaranteed Fat Loss’ by Kim Lyon to ensure that you see the success that you desire.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs program

Finally, you’ll also receive an 8-week dumbbell and body-weight based program that is designed to burn fat in a hurry and be performed in the comfort of your own home. You can do these workouts either after you have completed the main program or as an add-on on days when you need something quick and simple to do.

The best ab exercise is no abs workout! No! Seriously! Each video plays for about 20 minutes. My review covers all that for you in summary to save you all the time. But the videos are seriously very informative and you can go ahead to watch it! Worth it! This program is designed for both sexes.

If you go to the sales page, there is a link for men and for women. Below is the screenshot of the sales page.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs program for men and women

The Truth About Six Pack ABS sales page screenshot


“I’m now 8.7% body fat whereas 2 years ago I was 14-15%!”

Alex before
Alex before
Alex after
Alex after

Up until about 2 years ago, I used to train a lot – running and lifting weights in the gym – 3-4 times per week, each session about 2+ hours. I was getting stronger and stronger and my distance running was improving a lot but I could never shift the fat.. no matter how hard I tried.

I then came across TruthAboutAbs and Mike Geary online and that’s when everything changed. I changed my running workouts completely and started doing his style of interval training instead and combined this with his unusual workout plans for weights (which are amazing by the way)– I now spend half the time in the gym (3 x 1hrs per week) and get at least 3-5x better results.

I’m now 8.7% body fat whereas 2 years ago I was 14-15%. At one point, I weighed 203 pounds, now I weigh 168 pounds and have never been in better shape. Thank you so much Mike!

Alex Miller, UK

Update on Alex: The 3rd picture above (inset on the right) is the most recent picture that Alex sent me, and as you can see, he has made even more dramatic improvements as time has gone on! Congrats Alex!

“…I was running regularly and working out sometimes, but I was still getting fatter… Everything changed when I started your truth about abs program…”

Leith before
Leith before
Leith after
Leith after
Leith currently
Leith currently

Hi, I had been talking about this program for MONTHS, saying “I’ll get it next pay…next pay…next pay…” Finally a friend of mine got sick of my procrastination and just bought it for me as a gift. I began the program on the 5th of February (about a month after my Dec 25th pic). Its now 18th July and Im still going strong. So I thought I would send in my results so far. The Program is FREAKIN BRILLIANT!!!

Before I started your program, I was running regularly and working out sometimes, but I was still getting fatter…. and fatter. I didn’t really notice it until my friend took a photo of me at the beach. I was horrified!!!! I knew I had to do something about it, but I couldn’t move the fat. Everything changed when I started your truth about abs program.

In the 6 months I’ve been on the program, I’ve lost 25.4 kg and gone from 30% body fat down to 11% body fat. THANK YOU MIKE!!!!!!! I have been sending friends photos of my progress and then the link to your site.

Leith Carnie, Australia

(Update on Leith’s results : as seen in his 3rd pic above, Leith has dropped even more body fat in the last 4 months, and even has six pack abs now. This just shows the changes you can make in your body if you apply the info in TruthAboutAbs. Great job Leith!)

“…I went from a size 14 to a 5. Weight wise I was around 190 lbs when I started and now I am 120 lbs… It’s been a total lifestyle change…”

Stephanie before
Stephanie before
Stephanie after
Stephanie after

Mike, I attached a couple photos to show you how far I’ve come since starting your program… was quite shocking to see what I looked like just last year!! I had forgotten how overweight I was, and looking at these before and after pics again almost made me cry…but tears of joy this time, as I’m so thankful for how much progress I’ve made.

Not only do I feel so healthy and vibrant, but I feel that I look younger now too! Its wonderful! I went from a size 14 to a 5. Weight wise I was around 190 lbs when I started and now I am 120 lbs. I’m so passionate about your book and style of nutrition…it’s absolutely amazing…I don’t crave unhealthy stuff anymore…I have eliminated an insane sweet tooth. I happened upon your book about 9 months ago.

Once I downloaded and printed your ebook, I read it once, and then again. There is so much information in there that expands beyond just working out and abs. The nutritional information was fascinating, and I believe that was what helped me get to where I am today. The workouts are also so challenging, and talk about breaking a sweat! I love it. I have SO MANY people ask me what diet I was doing to lose all that weight.

They just don’t understand that I’m not on a diet… It’s been a total lifestyle change. I would recommend your book to anyone! I feel exceptional, and I am in the best shape of my life! I hope that my testimonial will help you out, as well as other people that have struggled to get in shape. Thank you so much!!

Stephanie Hurst Tulia, Texas

“…I am down now to between 7-8% body fat (according to my Tanita scale), have lost a total of 3-4 inches in the waist…”

John before
John before
John after
John after

Hello Mike, Thanks for your ebook Truth About Abs. I used it in the first 5 months or so this year and had great results! I attached pictures for you to see the progress I’ve made so far. Anyway, I am down now to between 7-8% body fat (according to my Tanita scale), have lost a total of 3-4 inches in the waist, lost a total of about 24 lbs, and got my 6 pack abs!

I do have a lot of people ask me about weight loss supplements, but I have started telling people to forget it and get your book instead.


John Howlett President, Healthy-Sunshine, Inc.

“…I looked like “barrel boy” with no definition and a bonafide gut last year. I’m down from 24% bodyfat to 7.4% bodyfat currently! …”

Greg before
Greg before
Greg after
Greg after

Mike, I don’t know if you actually monitor this email address, so if an assistant does, please forward this to Mike. I owe you a lot of thanks Mike. Your program grabbed my attention last year when I was at an all-time (lifetime even) self esteem and physique low.

I’ve been on your program for almost exactly one year now and as you can see from my pics, I’ve completely changed my life. I didn’t do any of those typical holding the newspaper pics, but I did luckily save a couple pics for you. These pics are from last year to this year. I just want you to know and see what you’ve done for me.

Anyway, I looked like “barrel boy” with no definition and a bonafide gut last year. I’m down from 24% bodyfat to 7.4% bodyfat currently! I’m so glad I found your program. I’m extremely proud of myself and extremely grateful to you. This is going to sound cliche, but I’ve become the go-to guy around the office for fitness questions and I’ve inspired (not by talk but by action and lifestyle) people around me to quit being so damned disrespectful to their bodies.

This has been a total body (and mindset) transformation — and I haven’t even set foot in a gym. All done at home, with just some of the simple basics you recommended and my own motivation, intensity and dedication — and with NO slow cardio at all. Lazy no more, and now lean for life.

Greg S.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this program require me to buy any expensive supplements, powders, or diet pills?

Absolutely NOT! Approximately 95% of all supplements and diet pills are a complete waste of money anyway. They are simply luring you in with their devious marketing ploys to try and get you to believe that there is a “magic pill in a bottle” that will solve all of your body fat and muscle issues and have you looking like the fitness model on the bottle in a couple days.

The fact is that you don’t need supplements to develop the body of your dreams! All you need is a seriously effective style of training, the right mindset, as well as good quality wholesome food in the right combinations and proportions, at the right times, and in the right quantities to achieve whatever your goals are… whether they are fat-burning or muscle building goals.

What if I’m a vegetarian. Will I still be able to use the fat loss nutritional guidance in this program?

Yes, you can still use the principles of the fat loss nutritional strategies section and get great results even if you choose to be vegetarian. You will simply need to modify some of the examples to your vegetarian needs. However, since you’ve chosen to eliminate animal based products from your diet, you’ll need to be extra careful to obtain sufficient quality protein as well as other specific nutrients typically lacking in a vegetarian diet to keep your body healthy and functioning properly.

How much time do the workouts in your programs take and how often?

The strategically designed full body workouts within the Truth about Six Pack Abs Program generally take between 20-50 minutes/day and are recommended 3-4 days/week. Depending on which route you choose will determine how long your workouts are.

It’s important for you to realize that you DON’T need to do 2-hour marathon workouts each day to get the body of your dreams. QUALITY and intensity of your workouts are more important than duration! In some cases, I’ve gotten amazing results for some of my clients with workouts that only last 15-20 minutes per day.

Is this program more for muscle building or fat loss?

The answer is that the concepts taught within the program can be applied to either fat loss or muscle building with some slight modifications and tweaks. However, I developed most of the details within this program to address the MAIN PROBLEM that 99% of people are facing as to why they cannot see their abdominals, and that is… losing the stubborn stomach fat that is covering up your abs.

What types of training ideas will I learn in this program? Is it only about abs exercises or full body training as well?

Inside the TruthAboutAbs program, I do provide full descriptions and photos of all of the most effective abdominal exercises in existence (as well as which exercises to AVOID), but one of the main points I try to drive home within the program is that the abs-specific exercises are actually the LEAST important part of the program to actually get rid of the belly fat that is covering up your abs.

The majority of the program focuses on a unique style of full-body training programs as well as strategic exercise combinations and sequencing that increases your metabolic rate and stimulates a fat-burning hormonal response in your body . I also detail a full-blown section on fat-burning nutritional strategies (easy and delicious!) and a fully comprehensive dietary plan that will actually have you enjoying food again while getting and staying lean for life.

Now these are the 2 most important aspects of the program that make it one of the most successful abdominal fat loss programs on the internet today with customers in 163 countries around the world.

Is this program designed for men or women?

Who says that men and women need to train or eat differently to get lean? The truth is that they DON’T. The bottom line is that the best exercises for increasing your metabolism and stimulating your fat-burning hormones are the best exercises regardless of gender.

The only thing that is going to change is that in general, most females will require fewer calories, and usually use slightly lighter weights than most men, but the fact remains that the best training and nutrition strategies apply equally to both genders. To be honest (and I explain this in more detail within the program), one of the main reasons that so many women struggle to make progress is that they aren’t training the right way to increase their metabolic rate and trigger the proper hormonal response from exercise.

The majority of women spend WAY too much time with monotonous endless cardio routines, and tiny little 3-lb barbie weights. This kind of training will get you NOWHERE! Inside the TruthAboutAbs program, I teach you ladies how to do this right without having to worry about “bulking up” as it seems that almost all women are afraid of this.

Am I too old? I’m older, heavily overweight, and out of shape. I also haven’t worked out in years. Is this program going to be too hard for me to follow?

I developed this program with beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of progressions. All of the training and dietary strategies can be used by everybody from teenagers looking to get stronger and leaner, all the way up to overweight grandmoms that simply want to feel and look better.

Even the most out of shape individuals will usually even be able to do most of the advanced exercises, except just with lighter weights or slower movements. Heck, even if you are so out of shape that you have to really go slow and start with the bare minimum of exercises, most readers have told me that the nutrition section of the book alone was well worth the investment and has opened their eyes to dozens of things that they had never realized they were doing wrong in their dietary habits.

So there…even if you can’t jump right in with guns blazing into the full blown advanced training routines, simply start to use the dietary strategies to get a head start on losing some of that extra body fat, and then slowly increase your workout intensity until you can work up to all of the advanced exercises.

Am I too young? I’m only 16, and I really want to get in better shape and get a flatter more defined stomach. Am I too young to start on a program like this?

This program can be applied to most ages. However, peep in mind that a portion of the program gives options for workouts that involve weight training or bodyweight training. If you’re younger than approximately 15, you probably shouldn’t get into any extremely heavy weight training just yet.

However, in the younger teen years, starting with bodyweight-only exercises is a great way to get started into fitness and get in great shape. In addition to the optional weight training routines, this program also involves a large variety of bodyweight-based exercises that you will benefit greatly from. You’ll also learn the TRUTH about what a truly nutritious diet really is and learn to decipher all of the misconceptions in the world of food advertising and in the media.

The nutrition aspect alone of this program is well worth the investment for both younger and older readers to achieve the lean strong body that everyone wants. Personally, looking back to my teen years when I was just starting to get interested in fitness and exercising, I wish that I understood all of the powerful training and nutrition secrets that I do today, about 20 years later.

It would have saved me years of frustration when I was training and eating in ALL the wrong ways. That’s where this guide will set you straight for life, so that you don’t have to struggle to try to figure everything out on your own for years like I did.

Do I need to join a gym or can I do these workouts at home?

Either. It’s really up to you. In fact, at a bare minimum, you can even get decent results simply by doing many of the bodyweight exercises featured in the program. However, please realize that if you really want to step it up and get maximum fat loss and full body strengthening results, having access to free weights (barbells and dumbbells) and some of the cable equipment at a gym will give you a lot more options to work with.

Alternatively, if you’d rather work out at home, I usually recommend a mix of bodyweight exercises as well as at least picking up a set of adjustable dumbbells such as PowerBlock Dumbbells , and perhaps a stability ball for more variety options. The Power Block Dumbbells are probably the best investment you can ever make if you’re going to decide to work out at home instead of being a member at a gym.

To be honest, you don’t really need anything fancier than that to get the best results possible. The most important thing is that you have a means for improving over time, and that’s why I recommend the adjustable PowerBlock dumbbells if you’re not going to join a gym.

Does this program include any diet tips and meal plans to help lose body fat, or is it only about workouts?

Yes, the nutrition portion of this program is actually the MOST important part! Gaining a thorough understanding of diet and nutrition is absolutely critical if you ever want to stand a chance at truly flattening your stomach and seeing visible abs on yourself.

An entire portion of the program is devoted to helping you to understand the confusing world of nutrition, especially considering all of the marketing hype that is thrown at you daily by overly aggressive supplement companies, food manufacturing companies, and gimmick diet fads that keep popping up daily. Since I don’t sell supplements or diet fads, I give you the straight honest research-based answers and thoroughly explain such topics as:

  • The true story about dietary fats and why the food manufacturers and media have confused you
  • The widespread myths about saturated fats and cholesterol and what you NEED to know
  • The shocking facts about trans fats in our food supply
  • The truth about carbohydrates and why you’ve been deceived by money hungry companies
  • The facts about how much protein you really need
  • A thorough understanding of the blood sugar and insulin process in your body and how this affects your ability to lose belly fat
  • Specific food types and little known tricks that will significantly help increase fat burning within your body (and boost your metabolism!)
  • The most effective method of meal and nutrient timing to best stimulate fat loss and muscle recovery
  • Over 84 specific healthy (and delicious) fat burning meal plans designed to give you a flat stomach


  • Comes with a very informative manual that covers all the basic information of eating right and exercising properly
  • Is a good program for beginners as well as those who are more advanced
  • Gives a realistic approach to nutrition and eating (no crash diets)
  • Is a relatively simplistic program to follow
  • Will not require a huge time commitment however you will need to devote 4-5 days to exercising 30-60 minutes per day based on the workouts you choose
  • Gives additional information for enhanced results in the form of the audio recordings
  • Provides illustrations of exercises for those who have never performed them before
  • Is a proven program – has thousands of testimonials from those who have done the program before
  • Is one of the longest standing programs online – which illustrates that it’s not a fad approach
  • Comes with a 60-day money back guarantee


  • May not be fully challenging for those who are very advanced
  • Will not work if the nutrition plan is not followed – however this is the case with any plan that aims to help you get flat abs
  • Some users may find that the meal plan is a bit time consuming to follow

Our Verdict

The Truth About Six Pack Abs program

Overall, this is one of the longest running programs online and one that you can put your trust in. It’s still one of the top-rated plans and wouldn’t be so if people were not seeing results while following it. The Truth About Abs program is a very realistic plan that doesn’t utilize any gimmicks or fad approaches but rather gives you solid information that you should then be able to use for years to come.

This isn’t just a program that will help you get flat abs but rather, a program that will help to improve your fitness and health all around. For that reason, it can really be used by anyone no matter what your goal happens to be.

This program also does not push a lot of expensive supplements either, which is a nice change of pace from some of the other programs out there. All in all, if you purchase the Truth About Abs program and follow it as it’s designed, you should not be disappointed in the results that you see.


To sweeten up your purchase from us!

Email to us your purchase receipt to and we will personally send you this free 63-page eBook ‘Training & Nutrition Insider Secrets for a Lean-Body‘ as our token of appreciation! This eBook valued at $17.99 is created by Certified Nutrition Specialist & Certified Personal Trainer, Mike Geary. In this ebook you can discover over 27 specific metabolism-boosting secrets that you can use to strip off your stubborn body fat faster and easier. Nutritional strategies combined with unique workout methods will help you trim your body fat and take your body to a whole new level of leanness.

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