Introduction for Beginners

WARNING! This content is not for the faint-hearted! If you are really serious about muscle building, then go ahead and read the training principles for beginners. You need to read through the articles in this sequence.


Having this knowledge will give you an added advantage towards building your body the proper way.

Introduction to the beginner’s guide to muscle building


Before we start the introduction to this long, informative guide for beginners, we will clear out this one word, that you will stumble upon regularly while reading our articles.


Mainly, the word “bodybuilding”.


We will NOT refer to it as to the competitive SPORT of bodybuilding.


Below, we will give you a simple definition of this term.


Using resistance training, for the following purposes:


  • Achieving an aesthetically pleasing to look at musculature.
  • Maximizing the improvement of one’s physical qualities.
With simple words – The art of BUILDING your body.


Now that we have given a definition to this often misunderstood concept, we can begin learning how to give size and definition to our musculature. The most common problem for people who are new to this so called “magic of bodybuilding” is the lack of knowledge during the beginner’s phase.


Throughout years of being physically active males, we ourselves have made many mistakes that cost us a lot of time and struggles. We can refer to those ‘struggles’ as to injuries, lack of progress and therefore- loss of motivation, which is crucial in this process.


Now, there’s a proverb that states “People learn from their mistakes” and along the years long training process that involved trial and error, that was exactly what we managed to do. We learned.


In the next couple of articles, we will enlighten you with some valuable knowledge that will help you kick-start your bodybuilding journey, build a very potent base and avoid the most common mistakes made by beginners.


Below, we will give you a list of examples of the most common google searches among beginners.


“Muscle building exercises”


“How to build muscle fast”


“How to get a six-pack”


“How to lose fat quickly”


“Fat loss supplements”


“Protein powder”


“Weight gainers”


“Testosterone boosting supplements”


“Is creatine natural?”


Now, don’t get us wrong, supplements can certainly help you along your fitness journey (You can directly skip this article and visit our ‘Supplements’ page, where we explain the pros, cons and application of each supplement if this article is getting too boring for you.), however, the most important thing before jumping onto supplements is actually LEARNING how the body works.


Once we get the basics of training and nutrition down, we can start reaching for supplements, that will only be used as a tool, and not the main focus on our quest to bodily aesthetics.


As a beginner, you should acknowledge a couple of things.


First- You need to set a goal.


Do NOT let that goal be “I want abs” or “I want 18-inch arms”.


You can choose your own goal, but let us give you an advice- Aim for an OVERALL pleasing look (Also known as ‘aesthetics’ among trainees).


A person with a good overall physical development whose arms measure, let’s say 16 inches, has a much bigger presence than your typical gym rat who has 18 inches of fat biceps and nothing else.


Just straight up facts!


Secondly- As a beginner, you should focus on developing your basic physical properties, which are: Strength, strength endurance, aerobic endurance.


Thirdly- Learning the proper form on every basic exercise.


Last but not least- Developing the correct eating and sleeping habits.


These so called ‘guidelines’ will help you start your journey and develop a decent base in the first months of your training cycle (Meaning, as we said above – increasing your muscle mass, strength, endurance etc.), on which you will build after that.

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