Visual Impact Muscle Building Review


Visual Impact Muscle Building is a program designed by a guy named Rusty Moore. Unlike other programs that just aim to help you gain muscle, this one aims to help you create a physique that you are truly proud of.

If you’re on the hunt for a good muscle building program, this one will be a truly wise and great choice for you!

How does it work and how can you get started? Does it measure up to your expectations?

Let’s go over the key facts that you need to know about Visual Impact Muscle so you can decide if this is the program for you.

The Premise Of The Visual Muscle Building Program

When you look at many of the popular muscle building programs online, they tend to tell you to do one thing: lift heavy on the key compound lifts of the squat, deadlift, and bench press.

While this is great and can help you build muscle successfully, the problem is that the muscle you are building may not be symmetrical. You may gain a significantly higher portion of muscle in your legs compared to your upper body. This does not create an ideal look.

On top of that, you may also get bored. I mean who wants to go to the gym and do three exercises over and over again? Most people need more variety than that if they are going to stick with the program for the long haul.

Visual Impact Muscle was created to help you get around this. With this program, you’ll be focusing on a wide variety of different exercises and can use any piece of equipment that you desire. You aren’t restricted to only using barbells and dumbbells. If you prefer machines, cables, or even resistance bands, you can use those too.

The author of this program feels that it’s less about the specific type of equipment you are using and more about how the program is laid out. As long as you are applying resistance and tension to the muscle in a proper fashion, that is what will give you optimal results.

Who’s Rusty Moore?

So who is the author of the Visual Impact Muscle Program? The author is a man named Rusty Moore, who himself went from a skinny guy to your average gym rat weighing in at 225 pounds.

While this is impressive muscle gain no doubt, the way he gained the muscle was not ideal. He found himself with a huge lower body and large traps like that of a WWE wrestler. The end result was that clothing shopping was a nightmare.

From this, he trained himself how to correct his muscle imbalances and actually create a physique that was both strong and looked good. A physique that was aesthetically pleasing. That is what this program is based around.

What You’ll Get With The Visual Impact Muscle Building Program

When you download the Visual Impact Muscle Building Program, you’re going to get a complete list of exercises that come with demonstrations of how to perform them. This includes moves for all muscle groups and using a wide variety of different types of equipment as well.

This main book is 227 pages, so is quite the detailed guide.

In the book, Rusty Moore is also going to cover important tips and techniques for building muscle density rather than just gaining muscle size. Important tips such as:

  • What you should be feeling like during each set to really see maximum success
  • Why just using progressive resistance doesn’t necessarily mean optimal results
  • Why heavy lifting is better to help tone your body while lighter lifting is actually better for mass
The Visual Impact Muscle Building Exercise Demonstration Book

He’ll also talk about how to build muscle quickly when you need to and how to bring up a lagging muscle group that you may want to focus on. With the information covered in this book, you should have the in’s and out’s needed to get as informed as possible and put together a proper program that will transform your body in the way you want it.

This program is all about customization and helping you capture the look that you are going for.


  • Offers a 60 day money back guarantee
  • Goes over a wide variety of exercises so boredom should never be a factor for you
  • Is focused on customization rather than a cookie-cutter approach
  • Allows for the flexibility to use any type of equipment that you prefer
  • Is designed from a guy who has ‘been there’ and has experience transforming his look
  • The program is completely downloadable, so available right away
  • Is a relatively low price point at just $37


  • Doesn’t offer any nutritional advice, which is a key factor driving the muscle building process
  • May not work as well for those who are overweight to start and need to focus on losing fat rather than building muscle
  • Doesn’t give you a fully laid out plan to follow like some other programs, so you’ll need to use the information gained to custom build your own program

The Verdict

All in all, if you have a base level of knowledge about fitness and exercise programming, you should see great results from using this program. One great thing is with all the different exercises included in this book, you will never be bored. For those who struggle to stick with a program because they are always falling off the bandwagon, you’ll find that this program may help you get back on track to optimal results.

In addition to that, the fact that this program explains in detail some of the key muscle building concepts you need to know is also a big advantage. While other programs simply give you the program without the backgrounder info, this plan ensures that you understand the why behind everything that you are doing.

All in all, if you want to avoid looking like the typical gym meathead and create a physique that turns heads, you’ll want to consider checking out the Visual Impact Muscle Building program.


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