The Fat Burning Kitchen Review

The Fat Burning Kitchen program transforms to make your body a fat-burning machine!

If you’ve been moseying around the Internet space lately looking for some nutrition books to help brush up on your knowledge, one product that you may have come across before is the Fat Burning Kitchen, created by a man named Mike Geary.

This is also the author of the hit book Truth About Abs, which has been a best seller for many years already. This Truth About Abs book focused more on the exercise component of things, while this new Fat Burning Kitchen book is all about what you are eating.

So how does it stack up? Will it help get you the information that you need to know? Let’s give you some of the key details to know and remember about the Fat Burning Kitchen product.

Who Is Mike Geary?

Mike Geary is well-known in the fitness industry for many years to date. He offers a newsletter that has been one of the most popular ones out there, providing information to hundreds of thousands of individuals.

He’s also the man behind the Truth About Abs program, as noted earlier, which has thousands of positive testimonials behind it.

Mike Geary is a certified personal trainer and has been in the industry for so long that he’s seen the in’s and out’s of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to improving body composition and health.

Mike Geary a certified personal trainer, is the creator of the Fat Burning Kitchen program

Mike Geary

What Is The Fat Burning Kitchen All About?

The Fat Burning Kitchen book is essentially a book designed to help dispel some of the most common myths that tend to circulate around about good nutrition. You might think you are eating right, but in fact, you are putting harmful toxic substances in your body that are significantly preventing you from experiencing the weight loss results you desire.

The Fat Burning Kitchen helps to clear this up. It outlines the key ingredients you may have sitting in your kitchen right now that are contributing to not only weight gain, but severe health problems as well.

For example, many people are confused about foods like whole wheat, dairy products, and fruit in their diet plan. Are they or aren’t they healthy? This book will provide the scientific evidence that you need to know to understand whether these are foods that you should be putting into your body.


The book does focus heavily on fat loss, but health is also discussed into great detail. If you are not just looking to lose a few pounds but also looking to reduce your risk of disease, lessen joint pain, and clear up annoying migraines or other health woes, you will find information regarding all of these in this book.

The Fat Burning Kitchen program for fat loss

This book is not so much an actual ‘diet’ per say, but rather provides the guidance you need to know how to structure your meal plan around foods that will help you burn fat, rather than hinder your progress.

Many people will be in for quite an awakening when reading this book as there are some shocking nutritional secrets being shared. After reading through it, you may come to realize that the ‘healthy’ diet plan you thought you were on is not actually so healthy any longer.

Who Is This Program Best Suited For?

This program is well suited to anyone who is interested in learning more about proper nutrition, taking their diet plan to a higher level, and accelerating their fat loss results.

It’s a great option for those who may have struggled with fat loss plans in the past and who can never seem to get the results they desire. By learning what key things they may be doing wrong with their program and then getting those back on track, they will be one step closer to success.

This plan is great for both men and women, young and old as it goes over nutritional principles that will apply to everyone.

What You’ll Get When You Order The Fat Burning Kitchen

When you get the Fat Burning Kitchen, you’ll receive the complete book which outlines all the important details you need to know about a wide array of ingredients that may be impacting your current health and body weight.

The book goes over everything from carbohydrate sources to the best protein to put into your body to which fats will destroy your health and which will help you lead a healthier lifestyle overall.

You’ll also get information on which artificial sweeteners are safe to use and how the right and wrong oil can completely transform your health.

Along with this, you will further get The 23-Day Advanced Nutritional Fat-Burning Blueprint! Here the author himself explains how he went from 10.2% body fat to 6.9% body fat in just 23 days!

At the time of writing this review, the book is currently being offered for free, with the only cost to you being shipping charges. This makes it a great investment to promote overall health.

The 23-Day Advanced Nutritional Fat-Burning Blueprint


  • Very informative program
  • Contains information that should be relevant to just about everyone out there
  • Is not just focused on weight loss but health as well
  • Can be used by both men and women
  • Bases its information on science, so as to not create misleading myths that will lead you astray
  • Is crammed with helpful tips on how you can change your diet plan for the better
  • Is a hard copy book so great for those who prefer not to read online


  • Does not come with a specific diet plan outlining what to eat and when, however using the information it provides, it should be very easy to apply it to any form of nutrition plan you may be currently on
  • Does not contain any information about exercise – this is strictly a nutrition book
  • Is a hard copy book, so you will have to wait for it in the mail

Our Verdict

Buy The Fat Burning Kitchen to transform your body to a fat-burning machine today!

Overall, this book contains a wealth of information that everyone should be taking advantage of. Considering the book is being offered for free, at this time of writing there is no reason not to order it.

With the nominal fee of shipping, it will provide you with excellent information that will help take your diet to the next level and help you see better overall health as well.

For those who take action fast can enjoy this offer as it wouldn’t be around for too long. For those who are still contemplating, have no worries. Should you decide to buy this program later, you might be charged for the book and be offered free shipping instead.


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