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About Us

The MeanMuscles Logo

For the Mean Muscles squad, it’s not enough to simply get shredded. We get ripped with bravado and thrive off each other’s energy with an injection of meanness to keep our workouts fired up. And that’s the concise thought behind our logo.

The melding of two Ms upon a red background represents our unrestrained drive and relentless mission for everlasting muscle generation. This logo has the potential to change your life – every time you picture it, channel the power of your thousands of MM teammates into making your next workout your meanest yet!

What we do

The Mean Muscles squad is driven by helping people around the world wake up and achieve the incredible body of which they’re capable. We don’t invest in bro science or unsubstantiated claims – the advice we bring you comes from professional bodybuilders and veteran trainers, who’ve spent hundreds of hours stacking our online database with in-depth guides, videos, eBooks and more.

We bring you refined regimes to hit every muscle group, detailed nutritional schedules for all variants of body goal, and expert advice on optimizing your muscle building and functional fitness. We also aim to rid the world of the genetics myth that holds so many back from realizing their muscle building potential. And we’re getting it done, one success story at a time!

The MeanMuscles Family

Mean Muscles is constantly pushing out new content and producing fitness gold. And with endorsements from some of the world’s most respected fitness experts, we’re only getting bigger. We are the embodiment of the mentality built by hard work.

It’s essential in muscle building, which calls for tremendous physical and mental commitment and focus, and nothing is more powerful. Our role is to keep you going, to fuel your motivation to achieve your best self, and to make sure you try out only the industry’s best muscle building & fitness programs, hand-picked for you by our team of pro trainers.

Most will quit and blame the method, the mindset, or their genetic code. Most will not discover our vast resource. Here you will find expert motivation, in-depth information, and an online community of shredders just like you. And with that, your place in the Mean Muscles family.

Don’t Blame Your Genetics. Break the Code!

Our tagline is simple – it’s the crux of what we stand for. And most importantly, it’s true. ABSolutely ANYBODY can transform their bodies in the way they’ve always dreamed. First, address your individual body and its fat compositions. Then, apply the correct nutrition in conjunction with day after day of hard work.

Soon enough, genetics are excluded from the equation. Work with Mean Muscles and break the code! Prove your genetics wrong and your work ethic right! And if you need some help, our experts are here to find the safest legal supplements to aid your journey.

We provide detailed reviews of the bodybuilding world’s most successful and popular programs, cutting away the hype to bring you the reality that matters. Welcome to Mean Muscles – we’re pumped you made it! If you have a story to share or questions to ask, find us at info@meanmuscles.com.

Now, launch your muscle production voyage right by checking out our FREE eBook below. Get that eBook and you’ll also receive our exclusive newsletter series. It’s packed with industry-leading information and offers which are hand-picked personally by our Mean Muscles training squad to simplify your lifestyle change and maximize your performance!

Site Usage Terminology

We have created this site simply for anyone from all walks of life to use it and benefit massively. Not only we have one of the best workout routines, recommended muscle building programs and supplemental product reviews, we also have built a solid knowledge-base which we call THE SCIENCE about muscle building!

We have broken down this section in to Training for Beginners, Advanced Athletes, Elite Athletes along with some advanced and elite principles of muscle building.

For those who are not sure where to start, this is the best place to go before you embark on following any of our workout plans and routines. Having this extra knowledge would give you the edge over others (especially fellow bodybuilders or anyone who simply wants to be fit and strong wanting to show off their bodily assets) in pursuing to get that body frame you always dreamed of! So start working your ass off and GET MEAN TODAY!

Ergonomic Site Design

Most mobile users tend to stare at their mobiles in the dark for long periods before hitting the bed and that could seriously hurt eye vision. Our site is ergonomically designed with a dark background with white texts to reduce eye strain and better readability.

If you happen to realize every social media apps are offering the dark mode settings including facebook of late.

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Our Recommended Muscle Building Programs

D.Ball Max – Legal Steroid Review

D.Ball Max is a natural sports supplement designed to mimic the effect of Dianabol, yet without any negative side effects. A 3 in 1 super-potent blend of muscle boost!

The 3 main ingredients are Pro BCAA complex, 20-Hydroxyecdysterone and Whey Protein Complex! They help to decrease fatigue after more extensive workout sessions, boost in testosterone levels for optimum muscle gains and better protein synthesis.

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Adonis Golden Ratio Review

This revolutionary fitness approach is one of the first of its kind with a regime compiled of 100% high quality botanical herbs. An incredible amount of science and research has been drawn upon by the creators of Adonis to provide a 96% success rate and full safety for use by pregnant women.

Designed for all ages and body types, the sheer technology behind Adonis makes it more of a gleaming escalator than trodden stairway to physique perfection.

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Anabolic Cooking Review

Eating healthy does not have to feel like a punishment. That’s exactly what Dave Ruel demonstrates in Anabolic Cooking, one of the most delicious nutrition programs out there. This is a great muscle building nutrition plan, bringing over 200 easy-to-make recipes expertly designed to maximize your bodybuilding, fat loss and fitness progress.

Dave has also ensured that these are meals you can easily make on a shoestring budget! Working out alone is not enough – nutrition plays a very big role so get it right with Anabolic Cooking!

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Ben Pakulski’s Mi40 Review

Ben Pakulski an elite name in the world of pro bodybuilding and this is his much-anticipated first foray into program creation. If you don’t know his name, you certainly won’t forget it after he puts you through some of the most intense workouts you’ve ever completed.

Mi40 is based around the number “40” in every way – 40 sec to complete each set, 40 sec to rest, 40 mins to workout, 40 different workouts, and all in 40 days. Pakulski has drawn on his years of expertise to define this perfect workout ratio and presents it all to you in this program to maximize physical enhancement!

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Blackwolf Workout Review

The Blackwolf system features a complete supplement pack tailored specifically by renowned expert trainers to optimise the workouts of either men or women. This is a stand-out favourite among hard-training women due to the fact it’s proven to produce results within just 30 days!

Both packs are intensely popular due to their attuned combination of formulas for pre-workout, intra-workout and post-workout. Discover the Blackwolf inside yourself now!

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Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle review

Every now and then, a book comes out that completely reshuffles what was previously thought. Tom Venoto has done exactly that in this hugely successful ebook. It is without exaggeration that the MM family insists this is the absolute bible of fat loss.

We use ourselves, recommend it to others, and have seen fantastic results across the board as more and more dream bodies are gained. Discover the secrets of the world’s leanest! We’ll give you a clue: it’s not as much about getting ripped as you’d think, relying more on maximizing fat loss through nutrient timing and strategic exercise.

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Critical Bench Review

Those intent on developing a serious Schwarzenegger-style chest should look no further than Critical Bench, the world’s most successful chest building workout regime ever!

Critical Bench founder and coach, Mike Westerdal, owns several bench press records thanks to this mean regime, in which he guides you exactly through how to train properly and gain impressive chest muscle growth and strength.

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Marine Muscle Review

Take your training to the next level – then three levels further – with Marine Muscle, a 100% US-made oral supplement range labelled “military grade” due to its incredible potency. One of the world’s strongest yet totally safe steroid alternatives available, Marine Muscle is considered by countless pros to be the very best in the market.

Your bulking, cutting and strength cycles will never be the same again as you sculpt yourself according to the incredible work ethic of America’s bravest and most powerful fighters.

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Muscle Gaining Secrets Review

This particular program has taken on a worldwide reputation by cutting through all of the sub-par information out there. It reveals the fundamentals to overriding the genetics that stop so many from their journey before it ever starts.

Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 is a firm favourite among the MM family thanks to its insanely intense workouts. Whether a newbie looking for a swift introduction or a seasoned builder wanting to refresh their game, this program will soon see your body bursting with muscles.

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The E-Factor Diet Review

The E-Factor Diet brings you a simple, highly achievable diet plan focusing on 4 types of food that help you lose weight. Energetic Foods that are high in sugar and carbohydrates. Endothermic Foods that unlock fat-burning hormones that “eat” up fat.

Enzymatic Foods that increase digestive power, and Enjoyment Foods that speak for themselves. Forget about taking on diets that make you hate life – here’s a highly flexible diet that fits in with your workouts and, most importantly, is actually enjoyable!

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The Fat Burning Kitchen Review

The Fat Burning Kitchen is one of the world’s most innovative guides to reducing body fat. It is cleverly presented by Mike Geary, renowned fitness author, certified personal trainer and nutrition expert, to be every bit as accessible to newcomers as it is to seasoned pros.

The goal is singular and simple – to reduce body fat. Whether for an upcoming competition or just to increase confidence, stick with Geary and discover why this publication has made such a huge impact worldwide!

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The Muscle Maximizer Review

Another progressive and technological muscle development program, The Muscle Maximizer software enables you to discover your body type and composition, then provides you with custom recommendations on making the most of your specific diet and workout plan, supplement usage and more.

Muscle Maximizer is another of our firm favourites thanks to its wealth of content on one of bodybuilding’s most difficult areas – how to quickly cut and efficiently keep away pesky tummy fat to reveal the abdominals beneath!

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Truth About Abs Review

If you ever check out any workout program then this classic compilation, with over three quarters of a million readers in over 200 countries, should be a top contender. This is undoubtedly the authority on one of bodybuilding’s hardest-to-master muscle groups: the abs.

What’s more, founder Mike Geary is no bodybuilder. He’s just an average neighbourhood guy, at least from afar, but get up close and you’ll see he boasts one of the world’s most insane six packs. Don’t take our word for it – discover his widely successful program now!

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Turbulence Training for Fat Loss Review

Even when we first get into lifting and start to see results, many of us hate completing the cardio element of our routines. If you are a hater of the dreaded treadmill, Turbulence Training may well be your Holy Bible.

This revolutionary program has proven why too much cardio can make you fatter, more tired and unhappy in general life, and even age faster!Here you’ll find Turbulence’s unique reverse-engineered cardio-beating solution, and the potential to burn off all of your body fat in 90min intervals over 12 weeks!

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Visual Impact Muscle Building Review

Visual Impact is a program well-known among the MM community due to its high accessibility and hundreds of functional exercises. This customized-for-you muscle building program not only teaches you how to perform key compound movements like squats and deadlifts, but also teaches you how to apply resistance and tension to each of your muscle groups in the right way.

Supercharge your workouts with this added physiological insight and more deeply understand how each piece of gym equipment will affect your progress!

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The workout programs I found on MeanMuscles have been an eye opener for me! I was too hesistant to even try out 1 workout. Now I’m following 3 workouts already and seeing great results on my body! The layout plan has already been created for you. You just need perseverance on your side to make it happen! LILLIAN MACEY
The 30 Day Flat Belly Challenge was simply awesome!!! The workout illustrations with the excution steps over there are so easy to follow. I love the illustrations especially it highlights the working area of your body for each workout. So, you can see what’s happening! MATTHEW BRIAN
I really took some time to go through The Science section. There are training principles for beginners, advanced and elite athletes. Even though I consider myself as advanced, I learnt a lot from the beginners section alone! Very informational and useful for you to learn and follow. LASSENDRA LEE