The Muscle Pump

The main idea behind the flushing principle is pointed directly at the optimal blood-filling of the working musculature.

As we know, the blood is responsible for a various set of vital functions in the human body.
It has a main role, when it comes to maintaining the balance of the separate physicochemical properties of the organism.

Blood grants concentration of the ionic compositions, consistency of the osmotic pressure, the acidity of the inner environment, regulates temperature and from a bodybuilding perspective- it delivers the required nutrients as well as oxygen to our body.

Under the pressure of the workload, while training, the blood flow is directed to the muscles involved in the workout.

Applying The Flushing Principle

While using this principle, we should aim for 3-4 and more exercises per muscle group.

Of course, we should not forget to do our basic and compound exercises first, and only then the local, isolated ones.

It is quite hard to define the flushing principle. It is mainly defined as the ‘muscle pump’ we get while working out.

This principle is best explained and analyzed by applying other principles and methods, such as: Super-sets, triple sets, combined sets, giant sets, quality workout, etc.

Practically, the flushing principle is best realized through the specialized, quality methods listed above.

When To Apply This Principle?

Most advanced trainees, link the massive muscle pump with the expected hypertrophy of the musculature.

When the flashing principle is applied during the off-season, combined with a positive protein intake, this expectation turns into reality.

However, we could totally ruin our musculature, if we apply this principle through heavy lifting during our on-season, or the so called “period of fat loss”.

This is due to the fact that the thing our body lacks most while we’re “cutting fat” (eating at a calorie deficit) is the energetic substances in the muscle, as well as the blood protein. At the same time, the fats can not be used for energy due to the accumulated oxygen debt.

From here, we can conclude that the only option for our body, is to break down the protein in our muscle cells, using it as a non-effective, but only energy source. Using simple words- Muscle atrophy.


The idea of the flushing principle is closest to the idea of the quality training principle, as well as the priority and isolation principle.

Sadly, a lot of trainees don’t realize that the maximum potential of realizing the flushing principle depends on the level of development of the cardio-vascular and respiratory system, at rest and during workouts.

All of this, links the aerobic principle to this principle as well. In other words, flushing is a function of aerobics, in a sense. As we already said, the flushing principle is best realized through quality methods, so the link between it and the principles of super-sets, combinations, triple sets, etc. is more than obvious and doesn’t need further explanation.

To summarize this article, we could say that during our on-season, we should significantly decrease sets done until failure as well as massive and continuous pumps, especially for the lacking muscle groups.

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