Fat Burning Circuit Workout for Men

Fat burning Circuit Workout for Men


Circuit workouts have been known for decades and have gained more and more popularity over the years, since the “Golden age” of bodybuilding- The time when Arnold Schwarzenegger was in his prime.

This type of workouts includes 1 exercise for each muscle group of the body, after a proper warm up. The circuit workout is good for beginners, that are looking to prepare their body for heavier workouts, but can also be used by people who have fitness goals, such as burning fat or maintaining general health.

The nature of this type of workout makes it perfect for fat burning, if combined with shorter rest times and higher repetitions.

The workout can be done every other day, up to 3-4 times a week for optimal results. It is recommended that you let your body recover for up to 30-40 hours in-between workouts.

Workout scheme

Exercise Sets Repetitions
Incline barbell bench press 5 15,12,12,12,10
Cable rows 4 12
Military press 3 10-12
Barbell curls 3 10

Dumbbell overhead triceps extensions


4 10
Barbell squats 5 15
Lying leg curls 5 15
Standing calf raises 5 15


Exercise map

Incline barbell bench press

Incline Barbell Bench PressExecution

  • Lie down comfortably and rest your head back, looking at the ceiling
  • Grab the barbell wider than shoulder width, with the pinky being at the indicator lines
  • Un-rack the barbell and keep your arms in a position where the elbows are not locked out- this is your starting position
  • Let the barbell down to the upper portion of your chest- touch the chest slightly but avoid resting the bar completely. Keep constant tension
  • Push up explosively to the starting position- No elbow lockout

Cable rows

cable rowsExecution

  • Sit down and place your legs on the platform
  • Grab the pulley and push yourself back to a comfortable, seated position in which you feel the back muscles tensing, while holding the pulley
  • Let your body and arms forward, stretching the back musculature
  • Pull and extend your body simultaneously, until your torso is at a 90-degree angle

Note– Pull towards the lower part of your abdomen

  • Hold the contraction of the back briefly and let the weight go down
  • Stretch on the negative part, before pulling again

Military press

Barbell standing military pressExecution

  • Grab the barbell at shoulder width or slightly wider if you have long limbs
  • Keep it at chin level- starting position
  • Keep feet stable on the ground
  • Push the barbell up and above your head
  • Let the barbell down slowly, until you reach the starting position

Barbell curls

Barbell bicep curlExecution

  • Grab the barbell at shoulder width and stand stably on your feet
  • Keep back straight and upper arm at a 90-degree angle
  • Look forward and curl the weight up, contracting the bicep
  • Hold the full contraction briefly and let the bar down slowly

EZ bar overhead triceps extensions

EZ bar overhead triceps extensionsExecution

  • Grab the bar with a close grip and lift it above your head
  • Keep elbows close to your head, without flaring them out
  • Let the bar down and behind your head, while keeping the elbows at a 90-degree angle
  • Push the bar up to the original position, contracting the triceps

Barbell squats

Barbell squatExecution

  • Get under the bar, placing it on your traps. Hands are at shoulder width or wider
  • Step with your feet at shoulder width and toes pointing out slightly
  • Keep back straight and knees slightly bent
  • Squat down, until legs are parallel to the ground
  • Move up explosively, without locking out the knees

Lying leg curls

Lying Leg curlsExecution

  • Lie down and grab the handles of the machine
  • Place your feed under the pad, so that it is at ankle level
  • Tense your hamstrings and curl the lever up, contracting the hamstrings fully
  • After holding the contraction briefly, let the lever down and stretch the hamstrings

Standing calf raise

Standing calf raiseExecution

  • Get under the shoulder pads
  • Place your toes at the edge of the stepping platform
  • Keep body straight and knees out of lock out
  • Let your heels go down slowly, stretching the calves
  • Push up explosively, driving the tension through your toes
  • Contract the calves at the top and hold the contraction briefly
  • Let the heels down slowly to stretch again

Workout tips

Burn them calories!

Take less time for rest in between sets to create a bigger energy output (burn more calories). 40-50 seconds in-between sets is rational and as you advance, you can reduce that to 30 seconds, while not decreasing intensity.


Inhale on the negative part of each exercise and exhale on the concentric part, where you engage the working muscle. Exhale strongly at the most challenging part of the movement, to generate explosive force.

Constant tension

You’re looking to not only burn calories, but make the musculature more toned and better looking. This is where constant tension comes into play, as maintaining it, will allow the musculature to work throughout the whole range of motion of each exercise and therefore adapt and take shape quicker.

Take it easy

There is no need to do this workout every day.

Take 1-2 days of rest in between each training session to allow your body to recover and perform optimally during the next workout.


It’s true, you have to be at a caloric deficit to lose weight. But that doesn’t mean your plate must be empty or just full of veggies.

Provide your body with nutrient dense food in such amount, that you will still be at 80-85% of your maintenance calories. The daily caloric deficit should be no more than 400-500 calories below maintenance level, otherwise, significant muscle loss and exhaustion will occur.


Once you nail your rest time between workouts and get used to proper eating and sleeping habits, you will be able to shed down those extra few pounds you’re holding.

Stay true to the process, adjust where needed and know that there is ALWAYS something you may be doing wrong.

If you need personal assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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