Basic Fat Burning Workout for Women

Basic fat burning workout for women


You’re a few pounds shy from your goal body-weight. However, for the past few weeks, your diet seems to have left you at a plateau- No change in weight. On top of that, you are on a busy schedule and time just doesn’t seem to work out (pun intended).

Well if that’s you, this is the perfect article for you, as we are about to show you a solid fat burning workout, that can be done up to just 3 times a week and still yield results. Before we dive deep into the workout however, we will explain to you a couple of things, that will help you better understand the process of fat loss.

How fat loss works

First of all, it is worth mentioning that weight loss can be achieved with NO workouts whatsoever. To lose weight, you simply need to burn LESS calories than your body requires to MAINTAIN its body-weight.

Even though you can lose weight with just a diet, doing workouts while losing weight, is always a good choice. And that is simply because you will be burning more energy and therefore, you will be able to eat more. On top of that, workouts help us retain the precious muscle tissue, which gives us that fit, toned look.

The retained muscle tissue also supports fat loss, as the active weight (muscles), requires WAY more energy to maintain its mass, compared to fat. So, simply said- If all you care about is a number on the scale, get your goals right.

Explanation of the workout

This workout is designed for females, who are looking to lose weight and shape up their body. The workout does not require any particular equipment and can be done anywhere, preferably outside on fresh air.

The exercises in the workout are split in 3- Workout A, Workout B and Workout C.

Workout A and Workout C prioritize the lower body (Thighs, hamstrings, glutes, calves, core), while workout B targets the upper body.

Females usually look for lower body development, which is why the workout regimen offers a ratio of 2:1 lower to upper body training sessions.

Workout scheme

Warm up

Each respective workout starts with a 10-minute warm up- Stretching and contracting the musculature, warming up the joints and 3-5 minutes of rope jumping to get the blood flowing.

Workout A

Exercise Sets Repetitions/duration
Bodyweight squats 5 15
Bodyweight lunges 4 15 per leg
Squat jumps 3 15
Rope jump 3 5 minutes


Workout B

Exercise Sets Repetitions/duration
Incline push up 4 12-15
Underhand chin up 3 10
Handstand hold 3 20 seconds
Rope jump 3 3 minutes


Workout C

Exercise Sets Repetitions/duration
Bodyweight prisoner squats 5 15
High knee step-up 4 15 per side
Hip thrusts 5 15
Straight leg kickback 5 15 per side
Calf raises 5 15 per leg


Exercise map

Workout A

Body-weight squats


Body-weight squatsExecution

  • Stand up straight with feet at shoulder width or slightly wider if you are taller
  • Open up toes slightly, so that they are not pointing forward
  • Keep your back straight and arms lifted up or rested on shoulders
  • Squat down slowly
  • Move up, without locking out the knees

Body-weight lunges

Bodyweight lungesExecution

  • Stand up straight and place your arms on your hips
  • Keep back straight
  • Take a big step forward and move down
  • Move up explosively, returning to the initial position

Squat jumps


  • Stand up with feet at shoulder width and toes pointing out slightly
  • Squat down, until your hamstrings are parallel to the ground
  • Squat up explosively, jumping up
  • Land on the middle of your feet, before planting the heel for the next squat

Rope jump


  • Grab the rope and hold both handles
  • Keep the handles at hip level
  • Keep arms open
  • Keep the rope behind your heels
  • Rotate the rope with both hands up and above your head
  • Jump up so that the rope passes under your feet
  • Repeat

Workout B

Incline push-up


  • Place your arms slightly wider than shoulder width on an elevated surface
  • Keep body straight and legs close together
  • Go down slowly, until your chest touches the surface slightly (don’t rest on your chest)
  • Push up explosively

Underhand chin-up


  • Wrap a resistance band around the bar for assistance
  • Grab the bar on both sides of the resistance band with a close underhand grip
  • Place your leg on the resistance band
  • Pull yourself up, until your chin reaches the bar
  • Go down completely

Note- The resistance band acts like a slingshot, assisting you on the way up. If you have trouble with your strength for this exercise, it is highly recommended that you use such assistance.

Handstand hold/push up


  • Stand against a wall
  • Place your arms on the ground, slightly wider than shoulder width and wide if you have long arms
  • Push your legs off the ground and get into a handstand position, balancing your feet on the wall
  • Hold this position
  • Go down slowly
  • Push yourself up to the original position

Note- If you don’t yet have the strength for a handstand push-up, just hold the handstand position for up to 20 seconds

Workout C

Body-weight prisoner squats


  • Stand with your feet at shoulder width
  • Keep toes slightly open so that they won’t point forward
  • Place arms behind your head
  • Keeping the back straight, squat down until your legs are parallel to the ground
  • Move up explosively, without locking out the knees

High knee step-up


  • Stand against a jump box
  • Step with one leg on the box and move up explosively
  • Once you’re up on the box, raise your opposite knee high
  • Return to the original position
  • Once you’re done with one side, proceed to the opposite side

Hip thrusts


  • Lie down on the side of a bench, on top of your back
  • Place legs forward and slightly apart
  • Thrust up with your hips, contracting the glutes
  • Hold the contraction briefly and go down to the original position, without having your butt touch the ground

Straight leg kickbacks


  • Kneel down and place your arms on the ground
  • Keep your back straight and lift one of your legs straight up in the air
  • Kick up, contracting the glutes
  • Let your leg go down, without having the toes touch the ground
  • Once done, proceed to the opposite side

Calf raises


  • Step on the edge of a stair with your toes
  • Let your heels go down slowly, stretching the calves
  • Push up through your toes explosively, contracting the calves
  • Hold the contraction briefly and let your heels go down again


As you can see, the program gives you a variety of cardio and body-weight exercises. The main focus being on the body-weight exercises, will help you preserve and shape up the muscle tissue and therefore, look better.

The reps are kept way above the usual, muscle building ~10 rep range. Such approach will help you burn more energy and therefore, create a deficit (required for weight loss) easier. It is recommended that you take 1 day of rest in between workouts and do them 3 to 4 times a week, for optimal results.

This workout can be viable for anyone. However, if you happen to be a busy person, it is your BEST pick, as it requires little to no equipment and just a little time.

In order for this workout to actually have an effect, it must be accompanied by a proper nutrition plan, specific for your goals and activity levels. If you’re having a hard time building one, do not hesitate to contact us for personal, in-depth assistance.

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