About us

The MeanMuscles Logo

For the Mean Muscles squad, it’s not enough to simply get shredded. We get ripped with bravado and thrive off each other’s energy with an injection of meanness to keep our workouts fired up.

And that’s the concise thought behind our logo. The melding of two Ms upon a red background represents our unrestrained drive and relentless mission for everlasting muscle generation.

This logo has the potential to change your life – every time you picture it, channel the power of your thousands of MM teammates into making your next workout your meanest yet!

What we do

The Mean Muscles squad is driven by helping people around the world wake up and achieve the incredible body of which they’re capable.

We don’t invest in bro science or unsubstantiated claims – the advice we bring you comes from professional bodybuilders and veteran trainers, who’ve spent hundreds of hours stacking our online database with in-depth guides, videos, eBooks and more.

We bring you refined regimes to hit every muscle group, detailed nutritional schedules for all variants of body goal, and expert advice on optimizing your muscle building and functional fitness.

We also aim to rid the world of the genetics myth that holds so many back from realizing their muscle building potential. And we’re getting it done, one success story at a time!

The MeanMuscles Family

Mean Muscles is constantly pushing out new content and producing fitness gold. And with endorsements from some of the world’s most respected fitness experts, we’re only getting bigger.

We are the embodiment of the mentality built by hard work. It’s essential in muscle building, which calls for tremendous physical and mental commitment and focus, and nothing is more powerful.

Our role is to keep you going, to fuel your motivation to achieve your best self, and to make sure you try out only the industry’s best muscle building & fitness programs, hand-picked for you by our team of pro trainers.

Most will quit and blame the method, the mindset, or their genetic code. Most will not discover our vast resource. Here you will find expert motivation, in-depth information, and an online community of shredders just like you. And with that, your place in the Mean Muscles family.

Don’t Blame Your Genetics. Break the Code!

Our tagline is simple – it’s the crux of what we stand for. And most importantly, it’s true.

ABSolutely ANYBODY can transform their bodies in the way they’ve always dreamed. First, address your individual body and its fat compositions. Then, apply the correct nutrition in conjunction with day after day of hard work. Soon enough, genetics are excluded from the equation.

Work with Mean Muscles and break the code! Prove your genetics wrong and your work ethic right!

And if you need some help, our experts are here to find the safest legal supplements to aid your journey. We provide detailed reviews of the bodybuilding world’s most successful and popular programs, cutting away the hype to bring you the reality that matters.

Welcome to Mean Muscles – we’re pumped you made it!

If you have a story to share or questions to ask, find us at info@meanmuscles.com.

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