ATP – The Body’s Fuel

What is Adenosine-Triphosphate (ATP) and how can it be useful for physically active individuals?

How Does ATP Work In The Body?

Adenosine-triphosphate is a nucleotide, built out of adenosine and 3 phosphate bases. ATP is ready to use chemical energy that can be released at any given moment.

It is usually the smallest energy provider of the organism, which is why it is the main energetic structure of cells. This makes ATP the top-notch energetic substance for the organism.

ATP is not metabolized, as it is practically pure biochemical energy for body cells, which, as we said is ready to use.

How To Dose ATP?

The recommended oral dose is between 125-225 mg, depending on the levels of physical activity.

Side Effects Of ATP

There are no proven side effects to oral intake of ATP.

Which Supplements Contain ATP?

Specialized energetic formulas that also use creatine. ATP can also be found as a pure substance.

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Additional Physiological Effects Of ATP

ATP gives energy by turning into adenosine-bisphosphates and during that process, chemical energy is released.

ATP takes a role in energy conservation and transport to cells. The average levels of ATP in the cells is relatively low. The ATP storages are depleted during the first couple of sets of high-intensity physical activity.

Usually, the body breaks down amino acids, fats and simple sugars to synthesize ATP.

Another way of ATP production is a two-direction process named creatine phosphokinase, during which creatine phosphate and adenine biphosphate are used to release ATP and pure creatine.

Generally, ATP helps the synthesis of muscle and liver glycogen. This way, it takes a main part in the development of endurance and explosive strength and last but not least, it prevents the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscle.

As ATP takes part in many metabolite reactions in the brain, it increases work capacity of the nerve cells and other active tissues.

Health Benefits Of ATP

Taking ATP as a supplement may increase your energy levels, meaning that you will always have a storage of energy for sudden situations and/or workouts that require quick, explosive, intense movements.

ATP improves concentration and ability to adapt to intellectual stress.

Scientific data supports the claims that ATP can prevent the muscle tissues from degrading, during short energetic deficits, which occur during intense workouts, that quickly lead to failure during the set.

The body digests ATP in the small intestines, which is why most of the supplements are capsules. Refrain from ATP supplements in the form of powder.

Which Foods Contain ATP?

Organic foods contain the most ATP, foods like- Fruits and vegetables.

Most of the ATP however is destroyed by the aggressive chemical environment of the stomach, which is why it is recommended to supplement with ATP, instead of relying on getting enough of it from food.

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