Advanced Fat Burning Workout for Men

Advanced Fat Burning Workout for Men

Now, it is one thing to just burn fat, but it is a whole different story when you want to burn fat AND make the muscle look better.

For this article, we will present to you an advanced fat burning workout.

Besides giving you the chance to burn more calories in a shorter training session, this workout will also let you target the whole musculature and carve it like a statue, through various training principles.

The workout

Day 1- Legs & Push

Day 2- Pull

Day 3- Rest, swimming


The exercises

Day 1

Exercise Sets Repetitions
Barbell squats 5 15,12,12,12,12
Leg extensions 4 15
Lying leg curls 4 15
Incline dumbbell bench press 5 15,12,12,12,10
Cable crossovers 3 15
Dumbell shoulder press 3 12
Close grip bench press 3 12

Day 2

Exercise Sets Repetitions
Wide grip pull-ups 4 Until failure
Bent over row 3 12
Narrow grip lat pulldown 3 15
Barbell preacher curl 3 12
Dumbbell hammer curl 3 15


Supersets- 2nd and 3rd exercise of each workout. These two exercises are done with relatively lighter weight, that will allow you to complete the given number of repetitions. The exercises are to be done one after another with NO REST in between, whatsoever.

Rest times- 30 seconds between exercises and sets, except for super-sets.

Exercise map

Day 1

Barbell squats

This exercise is done in a pyramid fashion, with the first two sets (15,12 reps) being done at a lower intensity to mainly warm up the legs and prepare them for bigger loads.

Barbell squatExecution

  • Place the barbell on the upper portion of your traps and hold it with your hands at around shoulder width, or wider if that feels uncomfortable
  • Place feet at shoulder width and open toes slightly- You don’t want them to be pointing forward
  • Bend knees slightly- Squat stance. Knees are not locked out
  • Keep back straight and look forward
  • Squat down, until your legs are parallel to the ground- Do not let your body fall forward

Lever leg extensions (Superset with next exercise)

Lever Leg extensionsExecution

  • Sit down and place your back comfortably on the back rest
  • Place your feet behind the pad, at about ankle level
  • Grab the handles by the sides
  • Tense the quads and extend the lever up, contracting the quadriceps
  • Hold the contraction briefly

Lying leg curls

Lying Leg curlsExecution

  • Lie down on the machine and place your feet under the pad, at ankle level
  • Grab the handles and look forward
  • Tense the hamstrings then curl up, contracting them
  • Hold the contraction briefly then let the lever down to its original position, while keeping tension on the hamstrings

Incline dumbbell bench press

incline dumbbell bench press


  • Grab the dumbbells and lay down comfortably
  • Keep the dumbbells above your head, with their sides facing
  • Keep elbows out of lock out
  • Keep head on the backrest
  • Let the dumbbells down slowly to the upper portion of the chest
  • At the bottom, the dumbbells have to be right by the outer edge of your pecs
  • Push up explosively to the initial position, without locking out the elbow

Cable crossovers

Cable crossoversExecution

  • Grab both pulleys and stay in the middle of the machine
  • Step forward, keep body straight, arms wide open at the top with a slightly bent elbow
  • Keep the arms at this static position and push down, contracting the chest
  • Hold contraction briefly and let arms go back to the initial position up top
  • Stretch chest out on the way up and repeat

Dumbbell shoulder press

dumbbell shoulder pressExecution

  • Grab the dumbbells and sit down comfortably, with back and head rested
  • Get the dumbbells up to a shoulder press position- Upper arm is parallel to the ground at a 90-degree angle
  • Look forward and push the dumbbells up, contracting the shoulders
  • With no elbow lock out up top, let the dumbbells down slowly to the original, 90-degree position

Close grip bench press

close grip bench pressExecution

  • Lie down on the bench comfortably and keep back slightly arched
  • Grab the bar with a close grip and un-rack it
  • Let the bar down and below the lower portion of your chest slowly
  • Push up explosively
  • Contract the triceps up top with a careful elbow lockout (no sudden lockout)

Day 2

Wide grip pull-ups

wide grip pull upsExecution

  • Jump up on the bar and hand freely with a grip that is as wide as possible
  • Hold feet together
  • Look up and pull yourself up, until your chin is at or above bar level
  • Hold the contraction briefly on top and go down slowly and fully
  • Stretch the back briefly and proceed to the next repetition

Bent over row (Superset with next exercise)

bent over row Execution

  • Place the bar on the rack and load it
  • Stand behind the bar and grab it with hands at shoulder width
  • Step back two steps and keep your feet at shoulder width and knees slightly bent- Maintain a stable position
  • Keep back straight and bend over, to a 45-degree angle
  • Look forward and pull the bar up, with elbows as close to the body as possible and chest puffed at the top (contract the back as much as possible)
  • Hold contraction briefly and let the bar down, allow your back to stretch
  • Repeat

Narrow grip lat pull-down


  • Place the Cable row attachment on the lat pull-down machine
  • Grab the attachment and sit down, tucking your legs under the pads comfortably
  • Keep back straight and lean back a tad bit
  • Pull down to the lower chest portion
  • Hold the contraction for up to a second
  • Return to the original position slowly, maintaining tension on and stretching the back

Barbell Preacher curl

barbell preacher curlExecution

  • Grab the bar and stand up straight with feet at shoulder width stably
  • Look forward, keep chest puffed and curl the weight up, flexing the biceps
  • Hold the contraction briefly and let the bar down completely and slowly, let the biceps stretch before the next repetition

Dumbbell hammer curl

dumbbell hammer curlExecution

  • Grab the dumbbells and stand up straight, keeping them by your sides
  • Have the dumbbells’ sides point forward
  • Look forward and curl up, without supinating the wrist
  • Contract the forearm, bicep and brachialis and hold the contraction briefly
  • Let the dumbbell down and proceed to the next arm


This program is certainly effective when the goal is weight loss. However, it is not recommended that you do it for over 10 weeks, unless you have a whole lot of weight to be lost.

After a couple of months of being on a weight loss diet, it would be best to consider a reverse diet and getting back to a normal state of stable and consistent muscle gain.


A big part of the exercises presented, are based on a training principle, called Peak flexion– Holding the full contraction of the working muscle for a short period of time. This principle will significantly improve your mind-to-muscle connection, as well as the definition of the working musculature.

The better connection with the brain and musculature will allow for better, more controlled workouts that will ultimately place the musculature under a bigger amount of stress and hence, carve it QUICKLY.

We are not fans of quick results, but if you are looking to get significantly leaner over the period of just a couple of months, do give this workout program a shot.

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