Benefits Of Building Muscle In A Home Gym

Finally you have become very conscious about the way you look. Then you decide to do something about it. You realize you need some attitude to do a serious and effective workout in order to attain that dream body that you always see in the commercials.

So where to now? Go straight to the commercial gym and be around with other fit people while they do their sessions or do the workouts from the comforts of your own home? I would rather say for beginners, its better to build a home gym as a starting point.

If you are still not sure which way to go, then this article will be helpful in making a decision. I’m listing down the benefits that a home gym can offer. Obviously you can see which direction I’m pointing you to go with.


You probably may want to avoid any form of embarrassment of the way others will look at your body which could be out of shape. So you would rather feel more comfortable doing the vigorous workouts and inclined to complete it.


If you are thinking about saving the travel time to a gym which may not be within your vicinity, then doing a home workout is the next best alternative. Of course you get to save your travel fare too.


The ever increasing membership fees of a gym can really burn your pocket. You would probably pay an annual membership fee instead of the monthly ones which are cheaper. The point is, you will still be under pressure to make the money you are paying to work for you. You may  probably get in to some circumstances where you could hardly pay a visit to the gym.
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No Need for Babysitting

This is pretty straightforward. If you have kids at home that you need to pay attention to, then working out at home is the best solution. You don’t have to find a sitter each time you choose to work out at any gym. Saves you money even to employ one anyway.

Time availability

A home gym gives you the convenience to workout whenever you want to. You don’t have to rely on the timing availability of the gym which may not be open to the public all the time.

Easier to Focus

There definitely would not be any social distraction if you workout at home. Its just you and the room and probably some good workout music for you to follow the rythm. Normally in the gym you may get interrupted between your sets if others would just want to drop by to chat with you. This would definitely disrupt your training rhythm.

Access to Equipment

In a busy public gym, especially if there are too many people accessing the most commonly used equipments, then you don’t really stand a chance to use them at your will. You can easily afford those basic home gym equipments like the dumb bells, workout bench and etc overtime. So you don’t have to worry about waiting around for the equipments.

TV Options

You can use a DVD workout program at home if you wish to have some guidance as you follow along with the workouts. Definitely an entity that you will not get in any public gym. You can also download videos from popular workout sites on to your handphone or laptops and do your exercises as you watch them.

No Parking Fees

This depends if you own a car. The parking fees vary depending on the type of gym you go or where this gym is located. Those popular ones can be pretty costly by the hour. You don’t have to reconsider this if you can do your workouts at home.

The Bottom Line

The reasons as I have mentioned above are enough to inspire you to build yourself a home gym. For many, the home gym option has been a huge success. It keeps them very committed to their exercise programs and thus realizing their goals.

There are various home gym equipments made available today. These basic equipments are cheap and even if you still find it expensive, invest in one equipment at a time. As time passes by, you probably would have accumulated several equipments by then.

The most common home gym equipments are the dumbbells and kettle bells. You can start with the small ones. Other common ones are the stability ball, resistance bands and even the chin-up bars which can be easily installed in your home.

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