Simple & Effective Bodyweight Home Workout for Women in Their 30s

Simple & Effective Bodyweight Home Workout for Women in Their 30s

The older you get, the harder it becomes for you to maintain your shape and keep up with the tempo during workouts. And then, when we add a well-known and more than standard back pain and joint issues, we realize that the motivation isn’t the same as it has been just a few years ago.

But even if we manage to overcome those mixtures of excuses and obstacles, then we tend to prioritize other things in life. Things such as our career, family, or simply resting and enjoying our limited free time.

Yet, at the end of the day, we would certainly lie if we were to tell that a 50-minute workout isn’t something that we can afford at least three times a week. You’ve heard a thousand times that it’s all about efficient time management.

That is somewhat right.

But right here we’re not going to sell that story. Here we’ll explain to you how to start, step by step, and get back into the workout routine you’ve always wanted to maintain.

This article will demonstrate how a woman in their 30s can keep both health and physical form on point, without too much hassle. The workout takes 60 minutes together with a warm-up and the ending stretching.

And the best part?

You won’t need any equipment.

The entire workout is designed for COVID, or post-COVID times, where working, living, and working out from home became a part of our standard daily routine.

So, let’s start

50-Minute Workout for Women in Their 30s

For this workout, we’re going to have six different exercises focusing on your lower body, core, and abdominals. Also, the given workout tempo will boost your heart rate, giving this workout a perfect mixture of aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

You will be able to pump up your metabolism by accelerating your heartbeat while working on toning up your muscles.

Here we’re presenting the entire workout plan, and under this section, you will find each exercise with a detailed explanation.

The Workout Plan

  • 10’ Warm-up

Block I – Repeat three times

  • 1’   Cross Body Mountain Climber
  • 30”             Rest
  • 1’   Bodyweight Pulse Squat
  • 30”             Rest
  • 1’   Lunge with Leg Lift
  • 1’   Rest

Block II – Repeat three times

  • 1’   High Knee Skips
  • 30”             Rest
  • 1’   Plank Jump
  • 30”             Rest
  • 1’   Place Jog
  • 1’   Rest
  • 10’ Stretch

The workout plan should be very easy and straightforward. You’re having six different exercises in total, divided into two blocks. During each block, you should perform an exercise for a minute, followed by a 30-second break. When you finish with the third exercise, instead of a 30-second rest, there is a one-minute break.

One block will last for five minutes and should be repeated three times. This gets us to 15 minutes per block, so the core of the workout will last for thirty minutes for the two given blocks.

While this 30-minute mark might seem appealing, we strongly advise you not to skip the warm-up and stretch sections, as those are vital for any workout routine.

If you decide to skip the warm-up and get straight to working out, you’re exposing your body to a high risk of injuries. The body is not ready for exhausting moves at that point, and any sudden action might be fatal.

And when it comes to stretching, if you’re skipping those, in the long run, you might get into bigger troubles than expected. Your muscles will become vulnerable to muscle pain, and as they get stiffer, you’re about to feel tremendous discomfort.

Now as you understand the main part, let’s proceed to the exercises.

How to Execute the exercises

This section will explain to you how to properly execute each exercise and minimize the chances of getting injured.

A proper form should be your no.1 priority, especially when you’re just starting. Wait sometime before you build strength, endurance, and confidence before trying to perform something silly.

Yes, once you’re comfortable with the tempo, you might be tempted to push a bit more, and squeeze in another repetition. However, if you’re not doing that with care, it can easily become counterproductive.

On the other hand, if you’re a beginner, don’t push yourself to the limits. Give your body time to adapt to new motions and let it record the movement into the muscle memory.

Also, since the workout is measured in minutes, and not the number of repetitions, make sure to hear and follow your limitations. If your form has seen better days, don’t try to make up for the time of inactivity. When it comes to exercising, there are no shortcuts, and you’ll have to build some effort before you’re back on track.

Cross Body Mountain Climber

Cross Body Mountain Climber

This is a great exercise to start your workout. Once you finish the warm-up, Mountain Climber will get your body energized and ready for the training.

Muscles involved: Obliques, abdominals, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes.


  • Get down into a push-up position
  • Hands should be naturally placed under your shoulders
  • Core and back are contracted, straight and tight


  • Bring one knee in front, towards your chest
  • Twist the knee towards the opposite arm (left knee to right arm, and vice versa)
  • While keeping the core engaged, return the knee back into the neutral position
  • Repeat the movement while alternating between legs


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Bodyweight Pulse Squat

Bodyweight Pulse Squat

Pulse squat is a more energetic and certainly a bit more difficult version of the good, old, traditional squat. With this one, you’ll build more endurance and overall stamina. This one is an awesome compound exercise that will target a decent number of different muscles in your body.

This one will probably be quite challenging, so make sure to take a small break before you continue with the next repetition if you feel exhausted.

Muscles involved: Quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors, abdominals, calves


  • Stand straight with your feet at shoulder width
  • Put your arms in front, or behind your head (if you’re used to a barbell squat)


  • Lower down your hips, like you would if you were to sit on a chair
  • Keep your weight on heels and behind your knees, while keeping the back straight
  • Once you’re all the way down, slowly rise halfway up
  • From the mid-squat position, return back down
  • Rise all the way up to the neutral stance position

In case you’re already familiar with squat variations, here is the simpler execution explanation:

  1. Do a full squat towards the ground
  2. Return to the half-squat position
  3. Sit back to a full squat
  4. Extend your legs and stand up to a neutral position

Also, while performing this exercise, make sure your knees are leveled up with your feet when looking from above. The common mistake is when knees go in front of your toes, and that means you should transfer your center of weight slightly back and towards your heel.

Lunge with Leg Lift

Lunge with Leg Lift

A lunge is a common lower body exercise, and with this one, we’re going to include a twist. Once you make one lunge repetition, you’re supposed to lift the leg up, making it a bit more complex and difficult.

If you’re exhausted by this point, you can certainly skip the leg lift part.

Muscles involved: Glutes, quadriceps


  • Stand up straight with your core slightly contracted


  • Step back with one leg behind and slowly lower your hips down
  • Your front knee should be bent at least 90 degrees when you’re in the lower position
  • Raise your hips up while contracting both legs’ muscles
  • Raise the leg that was down and behind in the air, almost towards your chest
  • Lower the knee down and get back to the neutral position
  • Now repeat the same process with the other leg and alternate between

Good job! This is the end of the first block. By the time you finish with the third round of the first block, you should be pretty exhausted with your legs burning. Luckily, the second part is significantly easier, and now we’re slowly decreasing with the tempo.


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High Knee Skips

High knee skips are a great aerobic exercise that will break the tension in your legs after the first forceful block. You’ll work out those hamstrings while loosening up the contracted muscles a little bit.

Muscles involved:  Obliques, abdominals, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors, calves, shoulders, biceps, triceps


  • Stand straight with your feet at shoulder width
  • Raise your arms towards your waist level


  • Raise one knee towards your chest
  • Slightly extend the other leg and stand on the top of your feet
  • Bring the knee down and repeat the motion while alternating between legs

Note: If you’re feeling energetic during this exercise, feel free to exaggerate the motion into a light jump

Plank Jump

Plank Jump

Plank jump is an intermediate version of the traditional plank. This variation will engage your core and lower abominable muscles as you’re moving your legs towards your face.

If you’re feeling exhausted at this point, feel free to do a regular plank.

Muscles involved: Abdominals, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves


  • Get into the push-up position with your arms fully extended


  • From the push-up position, do a slight jump and pull your both knees towards your shoulders under your body
  • Extend the legs back into the original position and repeat the movement

Place Jog

Place Jog

This one is the last exercise in the second block, and it’s designed to be a bit easier to perform. This will lower the heart rate while relaxing your core and leg muscles – exactly those you’ve been working on the most.

Muscles involved: Shoulders, biceps, triceps, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves


  • Stand straight with your feet at shoulder width


  • Start jogging in place, without lifting your knees too high
  • Follow the movement with your arms to keep the whole body engaged


Good job! You’ve finished the first 50-minute home workout that will keep you in shape without too much hassle.

This is a great starting point if you haven’t been working out for a while. And if you’re somewhat in shape, our workout plan will make sure for you to stay on top of the form.

We recommend conducting the exercise at least three times a week – if this is your only workout routine.

If you’re anyways active, repeating this workout once or twice a week will be a decent boost to an already active lifestyle!

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