Full Body Outdoor Workout

As we’ve mentioned in previous articles, going to the gym is one of the best ways to develop your musculature and physical qualities.However, it’s not the only way, as you can definitely bring diversity into your physical activity through outdoor workouts- Whether it’s running in the park, hitting the monkey bars, or simply using some resistance bands to get that workout in.

The full body outdoor workout, that we will show you in this guide is made for people who are looking to improve their overall shape, instead of just stacking on muscle mass.

Now let’s get to the essence of this guide.

Goal: Lose fat, shape up the musculature, improve cardio-respiratory functions and increase overall endurance
Workout type: Full body, aerobic

Workout intensity: Moderate

Exercises used: Body-weight, aerobic exercises


Equipment required: No portable equipment is required, just a parallel/pull-up bar

Warm up

Before starting the body-weight exercises, you will go through a 20-minute warm up.
The warm up consists of:

-10 minutes stretching and tensing the musculature
-10 minutes of light jogging and/or rope jumping

Your warm up is supposed to prepare your body for the next set of exercises, rather than exhausting you completely, so take it easy while running/jumping.

Exercise #1

Parallel bar dips

Sets: 3-5

Repetitions: 8-15

If you are not able to complete at least 8 repetitions, do as many as you possibly can.


Grab the parallel bar and jump up on it, cross your legs. Slowly let your body down, until the upper portion of your arm is parallel to the ground. When you reach that point, push yourself up, without locking out the elbow.

Exercise #2

Pull ups

Sets: 4-5

Repetitions: 5-8

Grip: Overhand grip, wider than shoulder width

If you are unable to complete 5 or more repetitions with an overhand shoulder width grip, try using the underhand close grip.


Grab the pull up bar, using a wide, overhand grip. Start off from a dead hanging point, without bending your elbows whatsoever. Pull yourself up until your nose/chin reach the bar, then let your body down completely to the original position.

Exercise #3

Jump squats

Sets: 5-8

Repetitions: 15


Stand up straight, place your legs at shoulder width, with your toes slightly open. Place your arms crossed on your shoulders, or in front of your chest. Squat down until the upper portion of your legs is parallel to the ground, explode on the way up, jumping as high as you possibly can.

This is a normal squat up until the point where you have to jump, meaning, you drive the tension through the heels on the way up, and then jump, driving the tension through the toes to engage the calf muscles.

Exercise #4

Pull-up bar leg raises

Sets: 5

Repetitions: 15-20


Jump up on the pull-up bar, grabbing it at shoulder width or wider. Raise your legs until your knees reach chest level, then slowly let your legs down, without taking off the tension from the abdominal wall.


In this guide, we showed you a simple outdoor workout, consisting of 4 basic body-weight exercises, as well as cardio in the beginning of the workout. However, if you are unable to complete this workout, or you’re on the other side and it’s too easy for you, you can easily modify it.

I’m not strong enough for this workout! This is way easier than I expected!
Parallel bar dips – Push-ups as substitute Dips- Add weight
Pull ups- Have someone help you on the way up Pull ups- Muscle ups as substitute
Jump squats- Decrease reps or remove the jump from the movement Jump squats- Add a short 10-15-meter sprint after the jump
Leg raises- Crunches as substitute Leg raises- Dragon leg raise as substitute
Jogging- Rope jumping as substitute Jogging- Intensify into sprints

In other words, just bring diversity into the workout- Expose your body to new, unknown stress by simply demanding more of it.

After all, that is how progress is achieved. Challenge yourself a little bit more.

Expected results

This workout routine will not magically bring you progress, because progress mostly depends on your consistency, motivation, nutrition plan and other individual characteristics.

However, the complex of cardio and bodyweight exercises, certainly burns a solid number of calories and boosts the metabolism and other bodily processes, so as long as you stay consistent- Progress will be made in more than one aspect.

Visiting the gym is certainly the best and fastest way to pack on muscle mass, but if your goal is staying in a good, overall shape (Meaning- achieving a pleasing, not too muscular physique, combined with optimal cardio-respiratory function, a healthy metabolism and overall great functionality), then outdoor workouts are definitely one of the best options for you.

Stay healthy!

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