Massive Triceps Workout


For males that do not have outstanding genetics, arm size is one of the biggest problems. Usually, when a trainee notices that their arms start lacking, compared to the other muscle groups, their next ‘logical’ step is to start training their biceps more. And while that may help to a certain extent, there is one thing that gets neglected a lot when we talk about arm growth. Namely- The triceps.

A bulgy, peaky biceps surely will make your arms look better, but it is a fact that the bigger portion of the upper arms are namely the triceps.

This is exactly why it is most adequate to have a balance in your arm workouts.

Of course, the idea is to prioritize your weaker point and balance everything out. If you have big biceps but your triceps fall behind, prioritize your triceps. And vice versa.

Workout Priorities

The main priority of this workout is to help you grow MASSIVE triceps. The priority is expressed through compound movements. What this means is that during the triceps movements, your shoulders and chest will also be working secondarily.

BUT, that is because in order to boost muscle growth significantly, you need to lift really heavy weights (with a proper form). And as we know, if we isolate the triceps and let them work on their own, they will quickly reach failure, due to the fact they are a small muscle group.

Compound movements will allow you to lift significantly heavier weights, and with a slight change of grips, an emphasis upon the triceps musculature will be achieved.

Using the given exercise scheme and proper execution, as well as the workout tips after the exercise map, you will grow MASSIVE triceps. That is of course, if the workout is well integrated within the rest of your workouts.


Exercise Sets Repetitions
Close grip push-ups 2 12
Close grip barbell bench press 4 10,10,8,8
Parallel bar triceps dips 3 Until failure
Overhead dumbbell triceps
2 10

Exercise map

Close grip push-ups

close grip push ups


  • Get into a push-up position with your feet slightly apart and straight and arms placed narrower than shoulder width
  • Look down and go down slowly, until your chest is a few inches off of the ground
  • Push up explosively, contracting the triceps up top with a careful elbow lockout
  • Repeat

Close grip barbell bench press

Close grip barbell bench press


  • Lie down on the bench press comfortably, placing your legs stably on the ground
  • Puff up your chest slightly and grab the bar with a grip, narrower than shoulder width
  • Let the bar go down right below your chest slowly
  • Push up explosively, contracting the triceps up top with a careful elbow lockout
  • Repeat

Weighted parallel bar triceps dips

weighted parallel bar triceps dips


  • Pick an appropriate weight and attach it onto the weight belt, placed on your hips
  • Get up on the parallel bar stably
  • Look up and let your body go down slowly
  • Push up explosively
  • Contract the triceps up top with a careful elbow lockout
  • Repeat

Seated overhead barbell triceps extension

seated overhead barbell triceps extension


  • Grab the barbell with a close overhand grip and sit down on the bench comfortably
  • Keep your back straight and feet stably on the ground
  • Look forward and lift the bar over your head
  • Let the bar go down and behind your head slowly, keeping the upper arms close to your head (elbows not flared) and at a 90-degree angle- Only the forearms are moving, upper arms are static
  • Push-up with a moderate pace, contracting the triceps with a careful elbow lockout up top

Workout tips

Warm up

Due to the fact this workout heavily relies on high intensity levels (heavy weights), it is adequate to work the triceps into the workout gradually and not jump on heavy weights immediately.

Start off with 5-10 minutes of full body warm up, warming up the shoulders, elbows and wrists well. Optionally, do 2-3 minutes light cardio like rope jumping to get the blood going. After those 10 minutes, move on to a light bodyweight exercise like regular push-ups to further warm up the pushing muscle groups and prepare them for the workout. After that, move on to the first exercise, which is still considered a warm-up, but is more oriented towards the triceps.


Once you get into the first weighted exercise, do another 1-2 sets with light weights to avoid injuries and grant a nice transition from low to moderate and high intensity. So, for example, on the close grip barbell bench press, you can do 1-2 sets of 15 and 12 repetitions, before moving on to the 4 working sets of 10,10,8 and 8 repetitions.

Once you are past the first exercise, you can move on to the other exercises and BLAST them with intensity.

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Full range of motion

Throughout each exercise, make sure to not shorten the range of motion. Go through the full range of motion- All the way up and down. This will allow you to target the working muscle group entirely and while it may take away some of the weight, it will surely grant better and more efficient work of the triceps.

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Peak flexion

Another method that can help you carve a bigger and more prominent triceps is peak flexion.

At the end of each repetition, contract the triceps and hold the contraction briefly. However, be careful with this method during the heavier movements like close grip barbell bench press, as an uncontrolled, explosive elbow lockout and triceps contraction, can cause damage to the triceps’ tendons and the elbow joint.

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If well integrated, this compound-based triceps workout will help you eliminate your weak point and give a more rounded look of your arms.

The workout prioritizes MASSIVE growth of the triceps musculature, expressed through moderate to high intensity, that we reach gradually through several increases of weights used.

To further boost the development of our triceps, we use very fundamental principles like full range of motion and peak flexion, that will ultimately help us carve the muscle in detail and develop each zone to the best extent possible.

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