Shredding Core Workout


If you are wondering what it takes to have shredded abs, then duly read the articles “Physiology of Weight Loss” and “Training During the Weight Loss Phase”.

The short answer is “Proper training and nutritional intake, as well as consistency”, however, in those articles we explain everything in depth.

And while over there you will see the back end of stuff (the theory), over here, what we have for you is a core shredding workout, designed specifically for the weight-loss period.

Now let us emphasize on this again, this workout alone, WILL NOT get you shredded if the nutrition is missing.

The workout is designed for intermediates and advanced athletes, as well as beginners. If you’re a beginner and find this workout tough, make sure to modify the sets, reps and rest times.

Workout Priorities

The workout doesn’t prioritize a specific muscle group in the core, but rather aims for overall development. That is why we have crunches, raises, stability and static movements.

We also prioritize a higher density of the workout, meaning that the repetitions are high and the rest times are low. If you don’t know what “density of the workout” means, check out the “Training Parameters”.


Exercise Sets Repetitions
Negative crunch 2 15
Lying leg raise 2 15
Stability ball pull-in 2 12
Side plank 4 15 seconds per side

Exercise Map

Negative Crunch



  • Lay down on a bench that is at a slight decline angle, placing your feet under the pads
  • Keep your hands in front of your body at chest level
  • Crunch up, without letting the lower back come off the bench
  • Contract the abs and hold the contraction for a split second, then come back down
  • Repeat

Lying Leg Raise



  • Lay down flat, placing your arms by your sides
  • Keep your legs straight and slightly lifted
  • Lift your legs all the way up, while keeping your head on the ground
  • Contract the abs up top and hold the contraction briefly
  • Slowly let the legs go down and repeat

Stability Ball Pull-In



  • Place a stability ball behind you and kneel down
  • Place your hands on the ground at shoulder width
  • Lift your legs up on the ball, without pushing it away
  • Keep your body and legs straight
  • Pull your legs in, contracting the abs
  • Hold the contraction briefly and slowly return to the straight body position
  • Repeat

Side Plank



  • Lie down on one side on the ground
  • Place your legs on top of one another
  • Place your elbow on the ground and support your body on your arm
  • Make sure to keep the other arm on top of your body and straight, without using it as support
  • Hold for the given duration, then proceed to the opposite side

NOTE: If you have shoulder issues, avoid doing this exercise.

Workout Tips


Proper breathing is one of the key factors towards proper workouts and proper exercise execution.

The correct breathing pattern you’re looking for is – Inhaling on the eccentric part of the movement and exhaling on the concentric part, where you contract the working musculature.

By doing this, you will also gain more control over each movement and achieve better workouts overall, which is also due to the fact that you properly give oxygen flow and nutrients to the working muscle.

Rest Times

Now this is important. Since this is a shredding workout, designed for the weight-loss period, we mentioned that you’re looking to achieve a higher density of the workload. What this means is that you will be doing more work for less time, so, tweaking your rest times is of prime importance.

The goal is 30 seconds of rest between sets and 40 seconds between exercises.

If you’re used to resting ~1 minute between sets, gradually decrease your rest times until you reach the goal of 30 and 40 seconds between sets and exercises respectively.

Don’t Sit!

This workout may be a bit hard and get your heart rate and lungs working, but don’t sit! You have little to none rest time anyway, so move around and prepare mentally for the upcoming set.

Stay On Your Regimen

An important mention among most of our Abs workouts and Core workouts is the fact that a shredded core requires a low body fat percentage.

Meaning that this workout alone will not get you lean, if not well combined with a good diet. To learn more about weight loss and dieting, in case you are lost and don’t know what to do to finally get rid of that unwanted body fat, make sure to check out our section on Nutrition.


To conclude this workout, we can say that properly adjusting your training parameters to a higher density and less intensity during the weight loss period is a MUST! That will help you maintain and shape up the existing musculature, while your body fat percentage is dropping.

Controlling each movement, breathing properly and giving yourself enough rest between the separate workouts is also a key to a successful shredding period.

In case you find it hard to take care of all the things on your own, don’t hesitate to contact us, as our online trainers are constantly available to consult you and help you on your fitness journey!

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