The deltoids are the muscle that either breaks or makes your physique. The wide, swept shoulder muscles are a sign of true aesthetics and strength. They also add up to the so-desired V shape.

Every bodybuilder’s dream is to have big, round, thick deltoids that are well separated and defined. Of course, having wide shoulders naturally is one thing, but what can someone with a narrow frame do to look wider?

The answer is- Some very, very intense workouts.

Of course, you need to be smart while going heavy, so we’re here to give you a well-rounded workout (pun intended), which is of intensity that will demolish your deltoids and make them massive and striated.

The shoulder joint is one of the most fragile joints in the human body and is therefore very prone to injury. The so-called deltoids are split into 3 parts- The front head, the side head and the rear head of the shoulder musculature.

Each head is responsible for different movements and rotations of the shoulder joint. In this workout split, we will give you different movements for each head of the deltoids. One very important part if you want the aesthetic V shape is to develop each part of that muscle group evenly.

Let’s take a look at this brutal workout, that will challenge you to your limits. In this workout, we will focus on basic exercises that will load up the shoulder musculature and at the end of the workout we will include isolated exercises to further engage the deltoids.

Make sure to focus to the best of your extent and not just go through the motion. Feel the muscles contracting and getting filled up with blood. Make sure to warm up properly before you start with the workout itself.

The Workout

Barbell Standing Military Press

This is one of the basic shoulder exercises that builds true mass and strength in the upper body. It involves primarily the shoulders and secondarily the triceps and upper chest.

Due to the compound nature of this movement, we have the possibility to stack up on some serious weights.


  • Place the loaded barbell on the rack at shoulder level.
  • Grab the bar slightly wider than shoulder width and unrack it.
  • The barbell should be standing on your upper chest.
  • Legs should be at shoulder width.
  • Take a deep breath, then exhale while explosively pushing the weight over your head.
  • Get back to the initial position.

Set 1- 15 repetitions – Light weight, warm up

Set 2- 12 repetitions – Weight is slightly heavier

Set 3- 10 repetitions – First working set

Set 4- 8 repetitions – Second working set

Set 5- 6 repetitions – Last working set

Standing Upright Row

If you do this exercise correctly, you will be able to significantly develop the middle (side) part of the deltoid muscles.


  • Stand up straight with your legs at shoulder width.
  • Keep the barbell in front of you, holding it with a grip as wide or slightly wider than shoulder width.
  • Pull the bar up to your upper chest, then let it down to the initial position.

Important notes

Let the elbows lead the movement.

Don’t swing the weights, instead, keep the movement controlled.

Set 1- 12 repetitions

Set 2- 10 repetitions

Set 3- 10 repetitions

Dumbbell Arnold Press

This is a compound exercise, named after the 7-time Mr. Olympia- Arnold Schwarzenegger. The exercise primarily targets the front and side deltoids.


  • Sit down on the bench
  • Get into a shoulder press position and push the dumbbells up.
  • On the way down, supinate your wrist so that the dumbbells’ sides point forward.
  • Push the dumbbells up, rotating them into the normal shoulder press position.

Important notes

You can further move your elbows closer to one another (Not shown on illustration), so that your palms are facing the shoulders.

Don’t lock out your elbows

Set 1- 12 repetitions

Set 2- 12 repetitions

Set 3- 10 repetitions

Dumbbell Lateral Raises

This exercise primarily targets the side deltoids, which are responsible for the so-desired 3D sweep.


  • Pick dumbbells of appropriate weight.
  • Keep the dumbbells by your side with your elbows slightly bent.
  • Keep the arms static with no further elbow bending.
  • Open the arms up laterally, up until the point where you feel maximum shoulder contraction- This should be the point where your palms are parallel to the ground.
  • Return the dumbbells to the initial position.

Important notes

Don’t go too heavy on this exercise as you might find yourself in a situation where you’re training your trapezius more than the deltoids with this exercise.

Set 1- 12 repetitions

Set 2- 10 repetitions

Set 3- 8 repetitions (heavy)

Reverse Dumbbell Fly- Peck Deck Machine

This is one perfect exercise that will primarily target the rear deltoids, and secondarily the trapezius.


  • Adjust the handles so that they are close to one another, in front of you when you sit down.
  • Sit down and grab the handles.
  • Keep the elbow slightly bent.
  • Pull back, contracting the rear delts, then let it back to the initial position.

Important notes

Keep constant tension on the rear delts and feel them working throughout the whole set.

Don’t lock out the elbow and keep moderate pace

Set 1- 15 repetitions

Set 2- 12 repetitions

Set 3- 12 repetitions

Reverse Dumbbell Fly

This is a rear deltoid isolating exercise, done on an incline bench.

The reverse fly will help you for that complete look of the shoulder musculature, as it really makes the rear delts pop.


  • Set the bench to an incline angle- 35-45 degree.
  • Lay face down on the bench.
  • While holding the dumbbells, keep your palms looking at one another.
  • Open up the arms in a lateral-raise fashion, contracting the rear delts.
  • Let the dumbbells down to the initial position.

Sets 1,2,3- 12 repetitions

Overall, this is a great shoulders workout that will help you carve the so-desired, striated deltoid heads.

Important notes

It’s not recommended that you combine this workout with other muscle groups like chest or back.

If your deltoids are lacking, use this workout once a week, after a rest day and avoid training chest or back on the day after. This way, you will prevent injury and allow your shoulders to recover completely.

If you want diversity in the workout, change the exercise order, so that one workout, for example, you would start off with the side deltoids, and the next, you would start off with the front part.

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