Fast Abs Workouts For Beginners

Getting rid of belly fat is one of the biggest challenges for men and women. This is because we see pictures and read stories of successful people who have glowing six packs. And yet no matter how hard some people do the abs workouts, they cannot get just that. They feel stronger and their abs is there but they don’t glisten like the photos.

This is because those stories and photos are misleading. The abdominal muscles are the most difficult muscles to get to show with or without flexing. You can work on your abs every day and develop strong muscles but still not be able to see them clearly. This is because of your body fat.

The abs are covered by a layer of body fat (Visceral fat) and while you can work out something like your arms or legs and immediately see the muscle tone, you won’t see the ab muscle tone unless you have shaved off the extra body fat from all over your body.

Rest assured it is there. If you work on your core strength you will develop stronger abs, but you won’t be able to see it clearly until you lower your body fat drastically. However, there are still many great and fast exercises you can do to burn belly fat away and strengthen your core abs. If you are a beginner to working out then you need something you can do every day or every other day; something which is fast and simple.

The best ab workouts you can do will target your core strength with movements from your hips and chest. After one simple work out for 15 minutes you will feel the burn in your hip flexors (located where your legs and hips meet at the pelvic area) as well as your abs. You can do the exercises every other day to burn belly fat fast.

Below is a list of exercises you can do collectively for a 15 minutes high intensity workout or you can mix and match some of the exercises to your liking. All of these take no more than one to two minutes and offer results quickly. They are fun and fast fat burning for your belly area.

It is recommended that you reach 25 reps per exercise.

The first exercise is “in and outs”

To do this you need to sit down on a mat and straighten your legs in front of your body. Lift your legs off the ground. Your goal is to pull your legs into your chest. After this you straighten them.

A rep in this exercise counts as one full combination of pulling in your legs and straightening them out. Your goal is to keep your legs straight but move your knees in. If you need you can do this exercise with your hands supporting your body by placing them on the ground or up in the air.

The second exercise is “bicycles”

To do this you sit in the same position and you move your legs in a circle over and over as if you were riding a bike. You should do this in the forward position for 25 seconds and then reverse it as if you were pedaling backward.

You can do this with your hands at your sides with palms facing down or with your hands up in the air.

The third exercise is “crunchy frog”

This is similar to the first exercise except you place your arms in the air straight so that they extend out on your side. Each time you extend inward you should bring your arms back so that they come around your knees.

The fourth exercise is “sits ups with a wide leg”

The easiest way to do this (for beginners) is to sit on the floor and spread your legs on the ground. Place one arm so that it rests behind your head and lift up with your other arm pointing into the air.

As your body comes up into the sitting position you touch the arm which is extended into the air to the opposite leg. This counts as one rep. When you repeat using the opposite arm it counts as another rep. As you progress in ability you can cross your legs and do the same thing.

The next exercise focuses on your hips

There are two parts. The first part is the hip raise. You want to keep your legs bent and your feet placed together. You want to keep the same distance at all times between your knees. You start by rocking backward and then raising your hips in a forward motion.

Your goal is to move your hips so that they first go up and then move them back down while you use your core muscles so as to maintain the same position for your legs the same. The second part of this keeps your legs straight and moves your hips. It is called “pulse ups”.

This is the same as the previous hip exercise but you keep your legs straight in the air and only move your hips up and down. Each time you move your hips up and down counts as a single rep.

The next exercise is for your oblique

To do this you sit on your side with your legs placed at a 45 degree angle. Your arm should be at your side while the arm on which you are laying is behind your head. You then bring your legs toward your chest while placing your weight on your hips. Your goal is 25 of these on each side.

The mason twist is done next

To do this you need to sit up straight and have your knees slightly bent. You should bring your feet off of the floor and hold your hands together so that they form a fist in front of you. Take that tight fist and touch the floor on each side of your body as quickly as you are able within the span of one minute. You should keep your legs steady and be twisting from your core.

As they become easier for you and you need to make it more challenging you can hold small weights or dumbbells in your clutched hands and do the same thing.

These ab workouts are one of the most challenging and result oriented ones we have mentioned here. The best part is these exercises are simple enough to do right from the comforts of your home. For those who have less body mass, results would become easily visible.

For those who have those visceral fat, it will take quite some time to see the results. Doing these exercises would definitely burn your fat. It takes some time though.

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