How To Determine Which Strength Training Exercises Will Work For You?

You hear about perfect strength training exercises on a daily basis on TV, and there are loads of websites that tell you which workout plans will and won’t work for you. To be honest, this information overload can be confusing and even intimidating at times.

Determining the best strength workout plan for rejuvenation, vitality and longevity, has more to do with getting insights about your preferences, your lifestyle and your life responsibilities. There is no need to prove anything to anybody – you just need something that works perfectly for you.

To figure a perfect strength training regimen that will save you the frustration, time, discouragement and money of a failed effort, I suggest considering a few things that will help you determine the best strength training exercises that will work for you. These are discussed below.

Your Fitness Goals

Identify what you want to achieve with your training. If you don’t intend to go for a marathon run, then there is no point running for an hour or more each day. Health and fitness experts recommend that you should train and exercise for what is needed for spending a healthy and active life.

Focus On The Whole Body And Not Just Muscles

A majority of people are almost obsessively focused on specific muscle groups, for example, biceps, triceps and chest. They neglect training their breathing, ensuring they don’t damage their joints and overlook their balance and concentration, which can be a problem.

Please remember that the bits we tend to ignore are more crucial to our long-term and overall well being and fitness than our musculature! Therefore, ensure your strength exercises help you in achieving these fitness objectives as well. If you do this, you will have a better chance of finding out a fitness routine that will be ideal for you.

Exercise Schedule That Fits Into Your Life Schedule

If your family, job or other commitments make certain kinds of training routines difficult, try to plan around them. In case you can’t manage 2 hours at the gym, it is better to work out in the comfort of your home. If you find exercising at home too tedious or boring, then bring over a buddy and exercise with him. Your strength training exercises should be able to cut down your stress, instead of creating more; try to go easy on yourself.

A good initial strength training exercise called chair dips can get you moving fast. Rest on the side of a strong chair and keep your hands next to the hips. Sliding your hips off the edge bend your elbows at ninety degrees, then get back up. You can also try butterfly abs and oblique crunches, which are good strength training routines that can get you into action.

Go For Multiple Training Benefits

If you exercise on a daily basis, it is quite natural to fall into the trap of sticking to the same set of training routine whenever you work out. This may ease your comfort level, but this comfort has a downside that your workouts won’t present you real challenge after some time.

Therefore, it is recommended that you go for exercise routines that are diverse and offer multiple benefits. For example, yoga trains your mind and body simultaneously. CrossFit uses elements that maximize both strength and stretching and Tai Chi develops joints and balance. People in the West have built the tendency of separating workout routines into various categories such as strength, meditation, stretching and cardio, etc.

On the other hand, Eastern societies generally focus on a single workout routine that can help in developing the whole person — body, mind, breathing and nervous system which is better in my opinion. You are more likely to get better value for your effort and time by selecting a multi-faceted and diverse program, which uses a combination of core exercises, balance training and stretching etc.

For example, squats are great for improving the strength of your entire body. It entails a thorough and direct workout of your hamstrings, hips and glutes while, indirectly strengthening and improving your core. If it is supplemented with weights, it can even work your upper body.

One equipment-based workout that can best suit this would be the kettle-bell. Kettle-bells are incredibly great for raising your workout routines to a different level. Unlike dumbbells, they offer more advantages and
can be challenging because it requires more grip and stabilizing your flexors. The most common exercise done with kettle-bells is the swing.

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Keeping your legs slightly wider than your shoulder length, you swing it between your legs holding with both your hands. You must ensure you have a firm grip on it. You must also ensure that your back is always straight keeping locked throughout this workout. The primary focus is your core, buttocks and also your hamstring muscle groups.

Focus On Your Specific Needs

You should have an end result in mind with respect to your strength training exercises. You should adjust your training plan gradually as your body reacts and adapts to the various stimuli. Otherwise, you will plateau and won’t see noticeable improvements.

For example, if you are a runner, try a lower-body Russian twist, which is great for your knees and lower back. You can also try Scorpion, which is an improvement over conventional pushup and requires you to place your feet on a raised surface instead of a floor. It is great for improving shoulder strength.

We all tend to share the same basic goal, which is to live as well and as long as we can. So devote some energy and time figuring out the best strength exercise for yourself, you will make a valuable investment in yourself as well as your future.

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