Top 7 Strength-Building Foods That You Should Try

Don’t worry, we are not going to suggest you eat quinoa or kale today. Instead, we are going to talk about some great strength-building foods that are both appealing and delicious to a majority of us.

Before we start listing the foods, we want to talk about how this list is different from scores of similar articles you may find on the web. We are not just shooting in the dark here by recommending certain superfoods based on scientific research. We are listing these based on tests and experiences conducted by our experts who have been in the fitness sphere for decades.

Every food that we recommend on this list is backed by our own research, which we will be pointing out along with the why and the how.

So, without wasting more time, here are the top seven delicious foods for strength training and stamina improvement. We have also made sure that these are easily available in the supermarkets across the United States and elsewhere. So that you don’t have to cross a couple continents to get them.

Top 7 Strength-Building Foods for Fitness Enthusiasts

You can thank us later because we have only featured vegetarian foods on this list to cater to all of our readers.

Strength-building has to do a lot with how much natural fiber, antioxidants, and nutrients you can get into your system. And these foods are richer in these natural compounds than their unhealthy alternatives.

Avocados for Antioxidants

Why – Even if you have not already taken part in the popular millennial craze with avocado toasts, you should be adding avocados to your diet for their high levels of antioxidants and saturated fats that are the key ingredients for active muscle growth.

How – Avocados taste awesome any way you have them, so it doesn’t really matter. But spinach and avocado salad is our personal favorite.

Also, they are just great for your heart. Does that have a connection with why there is an app called Avocado? Maybe.

Brown Rice for Fiber

Why – We know how important carbs (from rice) are. So, why not replace it with brown rice which is known to have at least thrice the amount of fiber in it? Enough to give your muscles all that they want to build themselves!

How – Steam-cooked as part of lunch or dinner.

We cannot stress more how brown rice will always among the best strength-building foods.

Almonds for Fiber

Why – Who does not like almonds? It’s the perfect 4-pm snack to have while you are working.

How – Have them just like that or crush them into a glass of milk! And you will receive high levels of fiber, protein, and minerals.

In case you are allergic to nuts, check out the next food on our list.

Coconut Milk for Nutrients

Why – Because they are high on nutrients and low on calories, which makes them a perfect addition to your morning meal routine.

How – Chuck cow or buffalo milk for this and get your dose of calcium and plant-based vitamin B12. Enough to make you consider?

If milk is a strict no-no for you, try coconut water for a body detox.

Chickpeas for Everything

Why – Loaded with nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants, they are the perfect ingredient for a quick salad in the evening. And peas, in general, are good for your body. So, if chickpeas are not your thing, try green peas.

How – All types of salads!

Need some great recipes to go with these newfound superfoods? Check out Dave Ruel’s Anabolic Cooking guide that is a perfect cookbook for beginners, both men and women.

Tempeh for Plant Protein

Why – If coconut milk does sound like your thing, try tempeh, which is perhaps the easiest-to-digest food on this list. Its fermented nature gives your body enough protein to work with.

How – A delicious ingredient to be a part of your evening salad.

Honey for Everything

Why – It must have already been years since you said goodbye to processed sugar, but that should not make you depend only on stevia. Treat your sweet tooth with tablespoons of honey to get that extra boost of energy.

How – Salad topping; along with milk and crushed almonds; as it is.


Eating the right food along with your strength-building routine will ensure that you end up with beast energy at the end of your fitness cycle. Mean Muscles recommends adding at least three to four of these strength-building foods to your diet to see a huge impact on your physique as well as stamina.

There are plenty of foods that make you physically stronger but only so much that are also delicious. We hope this list will fundamentally change the way you look at everyday food.

Have any thoughts on these? Let us know about your own little food for muscle building in the comments below.

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