How Mr.Olympia Phil Heath Stays Motivated

Sustaining your motivation level can be hard, even in the best of situations. So it is natural that most people wonder how they can stay motivated. We know that maintaining your motivation level is no easy feat.

Especially if your to-do list is 5 pages long or you have just received another rejection letter, or when your washing machine and car went on the fritz simultaneously and you are finding it extremely hard to devote time to your personal projects.

There is nothing magical about motivation and it does not come in a nicely wrapped glass bottle. Motivation is something you can tap into by design and then harness on a daily basis.

Although there is no denying that there is a plethora of motivational speakers, authors and life coaches who have their own secrets and tips for maintaining motivation level, we are going to learn how to stay motivated in the toughest of circumstances by using the secrets and tips of the famous professional bodybuilder Phil Health.Phil Heath came fresh off the Mr.Olympia stage claiming the coveted title at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sport Festival Competition, which was held in Spain and shared a couple of tips and secrets on staying motivated and healthy.

This was his 3rd consecutive win and it seems like this winning streak will continue.

It was October 8, 2002 when Phil Heath took his own photograph and decided to become a professional body builder. He said goodbye to basketball and other sports and decided to pursue his dream of becoming a professional body builder.

Immerse Yourself In The Activity

Like most of us he was not sure if his dream of becoming a professional would ever materialize, but he told us:

I put in all I could to make it possible and completely immersed myself in this activity.

This was his first revelation to us regarding how we need to put our hearts and minds into whatever we do and give it our best shot. He compared himself to a sponge saying:

I am like a sponge, soaking up all the information and knowledge I could find about ways in which I could progress my career as a bodybuilder. When I first started out I was juggling 2 jobs and riding my bike to the gym.

He unveiled to us:

The key thing to remember is that while under a lot of stress, (both physical and mental) I did not succumb or told myself that it was too hard.

In his conversation with us he stressed that the lesson is to be persistent and don’t give up no matter how tough the circumstances are. He added:

You should keep your eyes on the prize at all times and realize that everything you are doing, including enduring all the hardships, is to attain a goal that you have set for yourself.

Diet And Discipline

With respect to intense and strenuous training and a strict diet, Phil Heath revealed to us how he stayed disciplined. He said:

I practiced control and discipline through having a mindset which required me to be my absolute best on the day of the contest.

Phil told us that you have to challenge yourself on a daily basis, no matter how good or bad the circumstances are in your life. When you think that you are the best and dispel negative thoughts when looking in the face of adversity, it gives you an edge which can do wonders for you. Read Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s motivation tips

Swift Success

On achieving immense success in a brief span of time, he said:

I keep myself motivated by staying positive through any situation whether it is life transforming or life threatening.

He further added:

My friends, family and fans gave me the added motivation to achieve greatness.

He told us that we can do the same by seeking emotional and mental support from various outlets like our trusted friends and families. Although some of us are gifted enough to achieve our dreams on our own, there is an inherent value in sharing your plan. Given that we only get to live once we should not waste even a second on being lethargic, unintelligent or brooding in negativity. He also spoke about people who have toiled hard to achieve their dreams, but found that success still eludes them. He stated:

People should be fearless and have a great appetite for learning.

We can apply this tip in our daily life by being courageous and confident which will make our endeavor more fun and exhilarating. He also claimed that it entails being willing to take risks and getting out of our comfort zone, which can be extremely apprehensive for many people out there.

Compile A List

Phil Heath also said:

I think it is important to compile a list of reasons which detail why you want to accomplish a particular goal, which will keep you on track and focused.

He stressed in this conversation that in our distracting and busy world people tend to get blown off course. So the takeaway here is to ground yourself in your goal. Write your list by hand and pin it to a place where you can see it often and you will see positive results.

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