Top 8 Tips to Get 6-Pack Abs

There are tens of hundreds of guides published online that talk about different ways in which you can get 6-pack abs in a shorter span of time. But hardly any of them list out actionable items; they just stick to the generality.

Just knowing that one should “avoid unhealthy fats” is a useless tip when you don’t know what foods contain these so-called unhealthy fats. Therefore, we decided to create this short list of 8 actionable tips and tricks to help you reach your goal faster. We have also provided few examples along with the tips so that you can start right now.

Remember that getting six-pack abs is a gradual process, and these tips will just expedite the process. You must always have an original workout plan in place. Get ready to impress your Instagram followers by following these tips today!

Tip #1 – Eat Nuts And Dry Fruits

Raw nuts (cashews, walnuts) and dry fruits (dates) should be your companion in the quest to get leaner. They contain monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, both of which are essential for metabolism.

This, of course, means avoiding unhealthy fats. A Big Mac is the perfect example; so palatably enticing that you cannot resist taking a bite. Self-control is, therefore, the secret to gaining flat abs.

Tip #2 – Don’t Do Crunches All The Time

This is sort of an anti-tip where we are suggesting you to not do something. We have observed that a lot of people who want to lose belly fat focus only on crunches and sit-ups. They fail to realize that losing belly fat has to do with entire body training.

According to renowned bodybuilding coach and “fitness celeb” Mike Chang, the secret to getting six-pack abs faster is to carry out full body movements consisting of compound exercises, bench press workouts, and strength-training.

Tip #3 – Focus On What You Eat After A Workout

The grapevine may have told you that eating a lot of carb-heavy food post workout can lead to weight gain. It will be a relief to know that the opposite is true. Moreover, when you eat carbs right after a fueling workout, there is little to no chance of them turning into fat, which is really assuring when you are trying to get leaner.

However, it does not mean that you can go on a cupcake-eating spree. The best foods to consume after workouts are starchy items like oatmeal and sweet potatoes; chocolate and protein milk shakes, and vegetable salads.

Tip #4 – Choose Protein When Hungry At 3 PM

Have you ever had the feeling to munch on a snack at 3 in the evening even though you had lunch two hours ago? Well, we cannot just say no to your body when it asks for food or more food. Just keep a protein bar or a bowl of almonds handy and munch away.

Snacking on a protein bar balances blood sugar level and improves metabolism, thereby helping you keep your insulin on the lower side, which in turn, prevents storage of fats.

Tip #5 – Try Your Hand At Boxing

You may be doing all that you can, but are you doing what people with flat abs did? Box on a punching bag for as less as 10 minutes, and you will not only burn calories but also train your upper body and core muscles . Never thought you could vent your ire and flatten your midsection at the same time? Thank us later.

Tip #6 – Get Your Core From All Sides

While crunches help you train your abs in backward and forward positions, you also need to train them laterally and rotationally. Do rounds of dumbbell side bends (while on a bench) and trunk twists (while standing) to cover your entire core. In addition to a flat belly, you’d also love never seeing those love handles again.

Tip #7 – Drink A Minimum Of 7 Glasses Of Water

3 liters is what studies say, but we like to keep it calibrated using a tumbler. Drink seven full glasses of water throughout the day to stay hydrated and let your body work its course. Keep a water sipper handy in the room where you work out so that you can get your shot of H2O between your sessions.

Tip #8 – Include Cardio In Your Workout Plan

Spending all your time at the bench press may seem like the ideal workout plan because you want muscles. But, getting six-pack abs is not just about muscles. It’s about losing fat, and for that, you need to run, cycle or swim. Learn the basics of cardio here.

If you religiously follow these tips along with your original workout plan, there’s no way you won’t see results by the end of this year. Time to replace “get six-pack abs” with something else on the resolutions list? How about Pilates?

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