Running Pace Calculator

Running Pace is like the sword in the hand of a fighter. The fighter should own it before he enters the fight. As the runner should know it before addressing a training plan.

What is the running pace?

A running pace is a measurement of how much time you take to cover a specific distance. How many minutes to cover a distance of 1 mile for example. Running pace is used for races, marathons, and designing training plans.

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Usage Instructions

  1. Hit the field for a specific distance (100meters for example), and start a stopwatch and see when you will finish. Don’t forget to write it down.
  2. Choose the distance you ran whether in miles or kilometers.
  3. Enter the time which you recorded with the stopwatch.
  4. Press Calculate.
  5. Finally, It will show you your records in every event.

What is the importance of running pace?

First, Running Pace determines whether you are a beginner, an intermediate, or a pro. Hitting 1km in 20mins is a beginner thing huh!

When you know your running pace, you decide whether this program fits you or not. Your level of fitness and power dictates that. The more your running pace increases, the more you are going toward the next level.

Also, Knowing your running pace helps you in races and competitions. You may ask how is that possible, here’s how.

Sometimes when we watch sprinters begin the race, you see some sprinters maxing out in the beginning. But, you also see others taking it slow. And in the end, you get surprised that the one taking it slow from the beginning won the race!

He was the 5th player! But In the last 50meters he maxed out and went 1st.

This is the magic of running pace, he knew what pace he should be running at to finish 1st. If he maxed out in the opening, he would’ve fatigued and couldn’t complete the race.

If you care about winning races and staying fit, calculating the running pace is best for you!