Core Exercise For Bodybuilding: Why Are They Important?

Anyone who has ever tried working out or done bodybuilding must have heard about core exercise. They have a basic idea of what they mean, but are not quite sure about their importance. Or better, their importance in bodybuilding and fitness. Today, we are going to put the spotlight on core exercises. What they are and how important they are in your quest for the perfect body.

What is a Core Exercise?

A core exercise deals with flexing your core muscles – those around your pelvis and trunk – using different exercising techniques. It helps work and strengthen your muscles and improves your overall strength. Sometimes also known as abdominal exercise, core workout is regarded as one of the most important routines of any fitness regime both for men and women.

Why, you may ask? Well, the answer is pretty straightforward. Consider you have to carry a 20-pound bag up a staircase. In order to carry out this specific physical activity, you need energy that is stored in your body. While the muscles in your hands and legs will be the primary supporters to carry this load, it is the energy from your midsection that will give you the impetus to move forward and up the stairs.

It is a combined effort of all the energy-providing parts of your body that will enable you to carry the bag to its destination. Out of these parts, the midsection is one of the most important.

Therefore, in bodybuilding, it is not just about how big your legs and arms are, but also about how toned your midsection is. And for that, you will need to embrace the highly effective core muscle training.

Core Exercise and Bodybuilding

The relation between core exercises and bodybuilding is almost divine to the point that without working your core muscles, you will be as good as a fake bodybuilder – those people that you see on the street with enormous legs and arms but no substance in the trunk.

You may be hitting the gym and working on bench press throughout the week, but if you don’t focus on your core, you will never reach your target. Here’s why.

Why is Core Exercise Important?

There are several reasons why core exercise should be an integral part of your bodybuilding routine. It has more uses than just because you want to get rid of those ugly love handles. Here are the most important reasons why core exercises are recommended for any bodybuilder:

Affects Your Stability and Balance

Ever wondered how sportsmen like Roger Federer and Michael Phelps come up with so much energy while playing? It is because they train their core muscles – pelvis, abdomen, and hips – which has a direct impact on their body balance and stability.

Feel like you’re inclining to one side while jogging? That’s your imbalance speaking right there. When your core muscles are toned, you automatically get your balance back and the energy to maintain that balance.

The best part about core exercises is that you don’t even need special equipment or a ride to the gym to do them. You can just use a mat, sit on the floor, and start working out. Here’s the Mean Muscles’ core workout guide to get you started.

Train Your Abs

In the past, we have talked about how belly fat is the most stubborn of human body fats. While reducing fat from your tummy has to do with a well-rounded fitness regime, core exercise surely plays a big role in it.

The relation between abs and core workout is simple: when you train your abdominal muscles, you are burning abdominal fat and simultaneously strengthening the muscles underneath it. Over a period of time, this can result in pack abs – those shiny cubes of muscles you have always coveted. While you’re at it, why not check out our highly effective Adonis Golden Ratio stomach fat loss program?

Help in Weight Lifting

This may not be obvious, but working on your core muscles gives you the much-needed energy to actually do the weightlifting. Strong core muscles can give you the energy and strength to pick up those dumbbells and carry out repeated bench pressing for weeks and months without exhausting yourself.

On the other hand, weak core muscles can have a bad impact on your health. Studies have shown a direct relation between weak abdominal muscles and health issues like lower back pain, muscle injuries, and a poor posture.

So, spread out your bodybuilding regime by adding core workout sessions and improve your overall chances at building a body that will make people stop and stare. You may be doing all that your gym trainer is being telling you, but if that does not include core exercises, you know where you’re lacking.

Remember, start slow and slowly mix core exercises into your daily routine. Your body will thank you as you say goodbye to that unwanted fat.

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