Top 5 Foods To Complement Your Upper Body Workouts

The secret to building a muscular upper body lies in two things: participating in guided workout sessions on the bench press and consuming foods that are both high in calories and heart-healthy. You may already be practicing different upper body workout programs, but the reason why you are not beefing up is a lack of proper food intake.

There will be no point eating what everyone else is eating. Your focus should be on consuming specific calorie-dense foods that your body takes in generously and converts to good-looking muscles at a faster rate than regular foods. So, what are these specific foods? How can you build a stronger torso by eating the right food? Mean Muscles has got your covered.

When it comes to building a bigger and stronger torso, there are certain foods that you need to consume along with your workout regimen. The key is to incorporate these foods into your daily diet. We have already covered the top foods that are rich in fats, and today, we will help you with a list of foods that will impact the muscle growth on your chest, shoulders, biceps, and forearms.

Top 5 Foods For A Stronger Upper Body

One of the biggest issues that people have to deal with when bodybuilding is that they are bound by their own lifestyle choices. We at Mean Muscles cater to everybody’s needs without any reservation. Therefore, we have also suggested foods that can be considered by our readers who identify as vegetarians or vegans.

Quinoa Seeds

Your body needs essential organic compounds like carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to positively react to your bench press workouts. And what better food than quinoa seeds to make it more worthwhile? It is known as the complete protein food that has all the nine essential amino acids, heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, and great amounts of monounsaturated fat, automatically making it a popular choice among bodybuilders.

Quinoa is a gluten-free, fibrous food that can be prepared easily and in a similar way how you cook oats. It can also be a great addition to your fruit salads along with avocado and papaya.

Tip – Quinoa is the best food for vegans and vegetarians from a fitness point of view.


One of the best foods for upper body muscle building is salmon. Due to its calorie-dense property and multitude of nutrients, salmon is considered a top food for bodybuilders, especially those looking to grow their shoulder, arm, and chest muscles.

A type of edible fish that is found in both sea and freshwater streams, it is popular for its high protein contents that is essential for muscle growth and repair.

Without enough proteins and fats, your body will react negatively to weightlifting, making you weaker and exhaustive. Therefore, it is important to include foods that can give you a surplus of calories which are not high in carbohydrates. A 3-ounce fillet of salmon, for example, can give you a boost of 120 calories, enough to be a part of the pre-workout meal.

Tip – It is best to eat meat-based foods before you hit the bench press; keep salads, sandwiches, and milkshakes for later.

Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk is another great candidate for your dietary plan that can enhance your chest muscles. It contains both carbohydrates and proteins that will help you stay hydrated and charged-up even after you are done with the most challenging workout session.

If you have joined the popular Critical Bench program, you already know how physically demanding (and effective, we must say) the bench press workouts are. A perfect time to sip on some sugarless chocolate milkshake!

Research suggests that a mix of milk and cocoa is an ideal substitute to popular beverages for workout recovery. So, what are you waiting for? Cancel your Gatorade subscription at Whole Foods and ask your dairyman to deliver an extra half a gallon of milk. Now!


Increased testosterone levels are directly attributed to muscle growth. That is where eggs, one of the top sources of protein and fat, come into the picture. Best consumed raw, a single large egg can give you a shot of 71 calories with 12 grams of protein and 4 grams of fat – enough for your body to work on.


We know what you’re thinking: we don’t want that kind of negativity (candies) in life. We understand your insecurity about all that sugar, but trust us when we say that a bar of your favorite candy can give you the much-required pump to start your upper body workout. The sugar will keep your glycogen levels in check and give you a fatigue-less window to work on and build those chops.

Tip – Grab a bar of candy while on your way to the gym if you’re in a rush.

There are many more heart-healthy foods that help in building your torso muscles, but these five have the proven ability to work in tandem with upper body workout sessions.

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