The history of Guarana use is lost back in time, dating to its use in Amazonian tribes’ medicine.

The extract from Guarana has been found more than half a century ago and has gained popularity on the market, as it is a big part of many different energy drinks and supplements.

What Is Guarana?

Paullinia cupana (Sapindaceae) is an evergreen creeper growing in trees in the Amazon jungle in South America. Its growth zone extends mainly to the territories of Brazil. The plant is distinguished by its huge leaves and beautiful flower bouquets.

The great international interest in the plant is due to its small red berries with the size of coffee beans. Each fruit contains within it a seed that surprisingly resembles an eye before it swirls completely, after which, it resembles a hazelnut. Each seed has up to five times more caffeine compared to coffee beans of the same size.

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The history of the plant is unwritten and is lost in the myth of the culture of the Tupi and Guarani tribes inhabiting the Amazon jungle. The legend states that one of the local divinities, killed a very beloved child. Another, better suited to the long-vanished tribe of deity, planted the eyes of the dead child by placing one in the village and the other in the jungle. And so, the wild and cultivated form of the Guarana appeared.

What Should We Know About Its Active Ingredients?

The seeds and extract of Guarana contain many xanthines, including moderate to large amounts of caffeine, theobromine and theophylline. As a consequence of the content of the listed substances, the guarana can be attributed to all physiological and cumulative effects typical of coffee and caffeine.

Proven Benefits

  • Proven toning effect over body and mind
  • Improves mental functions
  • It suppresses the feeling of fatigue
  • Stimulates lipolysis (fat breakdown)
  • Increases the volume of blood vessels
  • Relaxes the smooth muscles of the bronchi in the white blood cell for coffee and caffeine

Suggestions That Have Not Yet Been Proven

  • Improves memory
  • Elevation of libido: There is no evidence of such an effect.

Side Effects Of Guarana

The Guarana extract is recognized as a generally safe product within the recommended optimal daily and single dose of 300 mg / 24 hours of caffeine. The Guarana extract is standardized according to the amount of xanthin in its composition and mainly the caffeine dose.

Therefore, as any caffeine-containing product, Guarana extract is associated with all the side effects of over-consumption of caffeine (caffeine).

Guarana extract in pregnant and / or lactating women is not recommended as well as combined use with antidepressants and anesthetics.


Dosage of caffeine in products containing Guarana is subject to serious controls in the EU as well as in the United States. The dose, designated as safe, is at a limit of 150 to 450 mg of caffeine per 24 hours.

Which Supplements Contain Guarana Extract?

For food, beverage and supplement manufacturers, the Guarana seed extract is a more valuable source of caffeine than coffee beans, although the caffeine formula in the seeds of the two plants is not different. Guarana extracts are put into herbal tonics, in thermogenic and complex fat burners, in sports and in ordinary toning drinks.

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