This tree is famous for its energizing properties, which, of course, are a result of its caffeine content.

The interesting thing however, is that the effect is not the same as with green, black tea and coffee.

What Is Yerba Mate?

Scientifically referred to as Ilex paraguariensis, yerba mate is an evergreen tree, which grows in the subtropical forests of South America.

Its native lands are Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.

In traditional medicine, its leaves and soft branches are used to make tea drinks, which, as we mentioned, contain a decent amount of caffeine.

In traditional medicine, these drinks are used to energize the mind and body and improve digestion.

Yerba Mate- Active Ingredients

It has been long considered that Yerba Mate contains a caffeine-like substance, called “Mateine”, however, such substance doesn’t exist and it has been concluded that yerba mate rather contains pure caffeine.

Depending on the amount of dry content used to make the tea, it contains a bit more caffeine than black tea, and a bit less than a cup of coffee.

Besides caffeine, yerba mate contains different xanthines, which have various effects on the organism, different than those of black tea and caffeine.

The toning, energizing effect of yerba mate is similar to that of coffee, but it is more focused on the muscle tissue rather than the central nervous system.

After yerba mate intake, musculature toning is observed and the smooth muscle tissues are relaxed.

Yerba mate is considered the perfect alternative of green tea, as it has similar effects.

Proven Benefits

  • Mind/body toning effect, caused by the caffeine content.
  • Speeds food digestion, due to the increased intestines’ activity and production of stomach-intestine fluids
  • Has a calming effect, due to the blockage of monoamine oxidase

Yerba Mate Side Effects

Yerba mate extract is generally considered safe, if consumed within the recommended daily doses.

However, intense, systematic intake with abusive quantities of the extract, may certainly lead to diseases like stomach cancer, kidney cancer and even lung cancer.


Usually, the recommended dose of dry yerba mate, for a cup of tea is around 10 grams.

If, however, taken as an isolated, dry supplement, follow the instructions on the pack.

Which Supplements Contain Yerba Mate?

As a caffeine-based herb, yerba mate is most often put into toning drinks termogenic and complex fat burners, as well as energizers.

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