In the world of sports, yohimbine is said to be a powerful formula for energy and fat burning. Outside of the sport, it is mentioned above all as an aphrodisiac. The word used here is not accidentally selected, but it suggests the African origin of the rare alkaloid.

What Is Yohimbine?

Yohimbe is one of the oldest aphrodisiacs that the Egyptians used.

On our market, it is available in body fat burners, or as a separate, isolated supplement.

What Is The Effect Of Yohimbine?

Its popularity is due not only to its effect as an aphrodisiac and hallucinogen but also to new studies that show it can be an herb with a very effective antioxidant potential.

Science also proves that yohimbine increases blood flow to extreme values.

When yohimbe is taken, the body turns it into yohimbine and transports it into the bloodstream.

It results in loosening of the vessels and improving pelvic blood supply, but also activates that part of the spinal cord responsible for erection.

This makes it particularly suitable for patients with psychological and stress-induced impotence.

Alkaloid yohimbine is derived from the bark of the Yohimba tree, which grows mainly in West Africa and is the main ingredient of yohimbe.

Studies carried out in Germany in 1997 show that 71% of the yohimbine-treated patients have an increased libido.

Who Needs It And What Are The Deficit Signs?

Bodybuilders and athletes who want a separate and detailed abdominal or just a healthy heart should take this supplement under consideration.

Yohimbe’s bark is recommended as a tonic and potency-enhancing agent.

It is used to treat impotence, bladder asthma, and climacteric events in men.

It is not essential, i.e. the body can produce it, so the yohimbine in the blood cannot be deficient.

Dosage And Intake

When you buy in the form of a supplement, look for Yohimbine Hydrochloride (Yohimbine HCl). This form is more effective, has fewer side effects and is easier to dispense.

The recommended dose is 0.2 mg / kg, along with caffeine, 30-60 minutes before cardio, fasted. If you weigh 70 kg, your dose should be 14 mg yohimbine hydrochloride.

If you have to do cardio immediately after a strength training, take the dose an hour before the cardio itself. Ie, if your strength training lasts for 40 minutes, take yohimbine 20 minutes pre-workout.

It is always taken on an empty stomach because after feeding, the insulin concentration in the blood is increased, and it has the property of canceling the action of the supplement.

Also note that the additive causes water retention, which in some cases may mask the loss of body fat. The minimum period in which the additional hydration disappears after discontinuation of yohimbine is 3 days.

Possible Side Effects

Unfortunately, the drug has a number of side effects – 20 to 40 percent of the patients complain of heart palpitations, shaking of the limbs, irritability, sleep disturbances, increased blood pressure, panic attacks.

For this reason, medications containing higher concentrations of yohimbine are sold with a prescription.

Attention should also be paid to the tyramine substance contained in foods such as cheese, liver and red wine.

These foods should not be consumed while taking Yohimbe.

Also, when using antidepressants such as Prozac, the dietary supplement should be taken under medical supervision.

Considering the facts listed above, yohimbine is best consumed as a low-concentration supplement, within the recommended dosages- Avoid excessive intake!

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