Diced Deltoids Workout

In this article, we will show you a shoulder workout, which is designed specifically for the shredding phase. What this means is that this workout will NOT be your best pick if you want to BUILD and stack on muscle mass in your shoulders.

Instead, this workout aims to shape-up the deltoids and dice them into detail, while also preserving their muscle mass, preventing it from burning down during the dieting phase, which is characterized with muscle and fat loss- We’re looking to minimize the first, maximize the second.

The workout revolves around cutting-phase training principles, such as super-sets, quality principle, isolation etc. Mainly, principles that allow us to manipulate the workload so that we have a higher density in the workload (more total weight moved for less time) and also target each muscle group separately (isolation).

Such density is realized through lower intensity (weights), higher reps, less rest times and etc.

The Workout

Rest times between sets and exercises- 30 and 50 seconds respectively.

Exercise map

Dumbbell seated shoulder press

Dumbbell seated shoulder press

This basic exercise is the first, warm-up exercise in the workout.

For the first two sets of 15 and 12 repetitions, keep the weights light, feel and go through the motion.

For the last 3 sets, increase weight slightly, but do not reach failure.


  • Grab the dumbbells and sit down on the bench, resting your back and head comfortably and placing your legs wide, stably
  • Lift the dumbbells up at head level, so that the elbows are at a 90-degree angle- This is your starting position. The elbows do not go below 90 degrees, as that will put excessive tension on the shoulder joint, hence, take away from the optimal tension upon the working musculature and eventually, lead to injuries.
  • Push the dumbbells up, contracting the deltoids and getting the dumbbells closer to each other- Do not lock out the elbow.
  • Let the dumbbells down to the original 90-degree position

Cable one arm lateral raises

cable one arm lateral raises

The next two exercises are lateral-specific and pretty much isolate the side head of the deltoids, which gives us that wide look up top.


  • Stand next to the pulley so that your side is facing it
  • Grab the lower pulley with your outer arm
  • Keep back straight, legs stable on the ground
  • Place opposite arm on hip
  • Look up, raise the pulley slowly, laterally
  • Hold the contraction up top briefly and let the pulley down slowly
  • Proceed to the next repetitions until the end of the set, in the same fashion
  • Once you complete set two for the opposite side, move on to the initial side first- While one of the arms is working, the opposite one is resting- No rest in-between sets

Incline bench dumbbell lateral raises

Incline bench dumbbell lateral raises


  • Lie down on the 45-degree incline bench, on your side, comfortably
  • Keep the dumbbell by the opposite side, with your elbow very slightly bent, so that it is not locked out but rather staying in this static position
  • Raise the dumbbell laterally, contracting the deltoids
  • Let the dumbbell go down slowly
  • Apply the same rest-work-rest scheme

Weighted front raise- concentrated

disk front raise

This last exercise is in the workout with simple goals in mind- Squeeze out the remaining energy of the deltoids and fill them the f*#k up with blood! The exercise is done with a very slow pace on both the eccentric and concentric parts of the movement.


  • Grab a disk by the sides
  • Stand up straight with feet at shoulder width, stably
  • Keep your back straight and look forward
  • Lift the weight up until your arms are parallel to the ground
  • Let the weight go down slowly, while maintaining shoulder tension

If done correctly, this workout will help you completely minimize muscle loss during the shredding phase, but it will also contribute to a greater, more detailed, full and vascular look of your shoulder line.

Feel free to let us know how this workout has worked for you and if you require a personal approach, don’t hesitate to contact our personal trainers, who will assist you on the way to your fitness goals.

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