Feathered Triceps Workout


For this workout, we will give you a structured triceps training scheme, designed specifically for the cutting period- The time when you’re looking to cut down on fat and get as lean as possible.

During this period, the goal is to get as “shredded” as possible- This means that our training should lead to more cuts, striations and separations.

Such an approach to training will express more volume and density, with moderate intensity. Among the principles and methods applied are the quality principle, peak flexion method and constant tension.

All of those combined, will help you achieve that “feathered” look of the triceps musculature.

And while that also requires solid hypertrophy development of the musculature, the workout will also be of use for people who do not have a massively-developed triceps, by simply shaping it up.

If you are that person, make sure to check out our massive triceps workout and use it once you are done shredding.

Workout Priorities

The workout prioritizes blood flushing and strong contractions, expressed through one compound and more isolated exercises.

The isolated exercises will not allow us to lift heavy (which is not really needed during the cutting phase), but will rather help us keep constant tension and optimal contraction of the working musculature.

The repetitions are set higher and the rest times between sets and exercises are kept low.

All of this will allow for higher density and massive blood flushing to the triceps musculature.


Exercise Sets Repetitions
Close grip barbell bench press 5 15,12, 12,12,12 –
First 2 are warm up sets
Overhead rope triceps extension 2 12
One arm triceps push-down 2 12
Rope triceps push-down 1 12

Exercise Map

Close grip barbell bench press

Close grip barbell bench press


  • Lie down on the bench press comfortably and place your feet stably on the ground
  • Rest your head back and grab the barbell with a close grip
  • Un-rack the bar and puff up your chest slightly
  • Let the barbell go down to the lower portion of your chest slowly, without resting it at the bottom
  • Push up explosively and contract your triceps up top with a careful elbow lockout

Overhead rope triceps extension

overhead rope tricep extension


  • Attach a rope to the lower pulley of the cable machine
  • Grab the rope with an overhand grip and turn back, getting the rope behind your head
  • Keep the elbows close to your head (not flared) and at a 90-degree angle
  • Push the rope up, contracting the triceps with a careful elbow lockout
  • Let the rope go down and behind your head slowly
  • Repeat

One arm triceps push-down

one arm triceps pushdown


  • Stand next to the cable machine with your shoulder facing it and feet placed stably at shoulder width
  • Grab the pulley with the outer arm and place the inner arm on your hips for balance
  • Keep your back straight, look forward and push the pulley down, contracting the triceps fully
  • Let the pulley return to its original position slowly, stretching the triceps
  • Repeat

V bar cable triceps push-down

V bar cable triceps pushdown


  • Attach the V bar to the cable machine
  • Stand with your feet at shoulder width, back straight and head looking forward
  • Grab the V bar and push down, contracting the triceps completely and carefully- No explosive elbow lockout
  • Return to the original position slowly
  • Repeat

Workout Tips

Rest Times

With the quality principle, we decrease the workload intensity to favor the density, by reducing rest times between sets and exercises.

Between sets- 40 seconds and down to 30

Between exercises- 50 seconds and down to 40 

Cardio Warm Up

To improve the blood flow to the musculature and elevate your heart rate slightly, start off with a light, 3-5-minute cardio warm up, after warming up the rest of your musculature and joints.

Such warm up can be low-pace running on a treadmill, or preferably, rope jumping. This approach will help you get better pumps, as it opens up the vessel pathways of the entire body.

Peak Flexion

At the end of each repetition, before the negative part of the movement, try and carefully contract your triceps by locking out the elbow.

However, be careful with this method as an explosive, uncontrolled elbow lockout can only lead to damage of the muscle fibers, ligaments and the joint itself.

Keep a moderate pace, full range of motion and optimal muscle contraction. 

Workout Integration

It is important to plan your workout schedule well and integrate this workout well within it, only then it will have pleasant effects upon your musculature.

We recommend placing this workout on day 1 of your training split, if you happen to have an underdeveloped triceps.

If your triceps is well developed, put a priority on your other lacking muscle groups.


Many people consider the shredding phase to be a period of time when carbohydrates should be highly restricted. However, it is of key importance to remember that carbohydrates are what fuels your workouts, and this is a pretty dense triceps workout that will use up a solid amount of muscle glycogen (the end product of carbohydrate metabolism).

Carbohydrates will also give that full look of the musculature, and if they are highly restricted, you will only look flat and depleted.

Make sure to load well prior to your workout, but still remain in a caloric deficit, to allow fat loss to occur.


This triceps workout, full of various movements and designed specifically for the shredding period, will help you shape up your triceps and develop it in deep details.

The shredding priority is expressed by a clear focus on isolated movements and controlled contractions, done with a higher volume, moderate intensity and high density (more total weight moved for less time).

If you are looking to combine biceps and triceps training, check out our Combined Biceps and Triceps Workout.

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