Superset Arm Workout


For this workout, we will give you a nice combination of biceps and triceps exercises, revolving specifically around the superset method.

The workout is designed for intermediate and advanced athletes, who are looking to retain their muscle mass and bring details to it, during the fat-loss, shredding period.

The traditional supersets are a combination of 2 exercises for opposing muscle groups (antagonists), done one after another, with no rest in-between the exercises, whatsoever.

Supersets allow for the muscles to be greatly pumped with blood, giving a feeling of immense tightness.

Another principle that supersets are based on is the active rest principle- While one of the muscles is working and receiving contraction signals, its opposing muscle group receives relaxation signals, hence, why we call it “active rest”. Active rest allows for quicker recovery and an easier transition from exercise to exercise.

Workout Priorities

The workout prioritizes the increase of two workout parameters- Volume and density.

What this means is that during the workout, we will stay far away from failure and will put a priority on moderate intensity, lighter weights, higher repetitions and less rest time between the separate supersets.

Generally, for intermediate and advanced athletes, supersets are a great method, that will help carve the muscles into details and aid in muscle retention, due to the massive blood flushing and nutrient delivery. Supersets are also a great method that will massively increase the workout density, as there is literally no rest in-between the exercises.

The workout starts with 2 sets of low intensity, high repetition barbell curls to warm up the upper portion of the arms, after which, the working sets begin.


Exercise Sets Repetitions
Barbell curls 2 15
Superset 1
Incline bench dumbbell curls +
Close grip barbell bench press
2 12,10
Superset 2
Seated dumbbell curls +
bench triceps dips
2 12
Superset 3
Cable standing curls +
Cable one arm triceps extension
3 12
Dumbbell hammer curls 2 12

Exercise Map

The workout starts off with a warm-up biceps exercise, done with low intensity and high repetitions.

Barbell Curls

Barbell curls


  • Load the barbell with a weight that will keep you far from failure, given the number of repetitions
  • Grab the barbell at about shoulder width and un-rack it
  • Stand up straight with your feet planted stably, at shoulder width and your knees slightly bent to further improve balance
  • Keep your back straight and your upper arms close to the body, in a static position
  • Without moving the upper arm, curl the barbell up, contracting the biceps
  • Hold the contraction briefly and let the barbell go down slowly
  • Repeat

Superset 1

Incline Bench Dumbbell Curls

Incline bench dumbbell curls


  • Pick an appropriate pair of dumbbells, grab them and sit comfortably down on the pre-set incline bench
  • Have the dumbbells by your sides
  • Curl both dumbbells up simultaneously, supinating the wrists on the way up
  • Contract the biceps up top and hold the contraction briefly
  • Let the dumbbells down slowly, stretching the biceps
  • Repeat

Close Grip Barbell Bench Press

Close grip barbell bench press


  • Load the barbell with an appropriate weight for the repetitions given
  • Lie down on the bench comfortably, resting your head back to avoid excessive neck tension
  • Grab the barbell with a close grip, narrower than shoulder width
  • Un-rack the barbell and let it go down to the lower portion of your chest, slowly, without resting the barbell completely on your chest
  • Push the bar up explosively, contracting the triceps with a careful elbow lockout up top
  • Repeat

Superset 2

Seated Dumbbell Curls

seated dumbbell curl


  • Set up the bench so that the backrest is at a 90-degree angle
  • Pick an appropriate pair of dumbbells and sit down, resting your back and head comfortably
  • Place your feet stably
  • Open your arms up so that the palms are facing forward
  • Curl the dumbbells up, contracting the biceps up top- Only the forearms are moving and the upper arms are static
  • Hold the contraction briefly, squeezing out the biceps
  • Let the dumbbells go down slowly and completely, stretching out the biceps
  • Repeat

Bench Triceps Dips

Bench triceps dips


  • Set up two benches, a couple of feet away from each other
  • Sit on the side of one of the benches and place your arms by your sides, slightly wider than shoulder width
  • Lift your legs up on the other bench and lift yourself up on your arms
  • Look up and dip down, letting your body go down slowly
  • Push up explosively, contracting the triceps with a careful elbow lockout up top
  • Hold the contraction briefly and repeat

Superset 3

Cable Standing Curls

cable standing curls


  • Grab both upper pulleys and stand right in the middle of the cable machine
  • Place feet stably on the ground at about shoulder width
  • Keep your back straight and your upper arms parallel to the ground
  • Look forward and curl the cables, contracting the biceps
  • Hold the contraction for up to a second and let the cables back to the initial position slowly
  • Repeat

Cable One Arm Triceps Extensions

Cable one arm triceps extensions


  • Set up a square pulley on the upper cable and stand in front of the machine
  • Grab the pulley with an underhand grip and place your feet stably on the ground
  • Push down, contracting the triceps at the bottom with a careful elbow lockout
  • Let the cable go back up, with your upper arm staying static- Only the forearm moves
  • Repeat

Finishing Exercise

The workout ends with a dumbbell exercise, that will help you squeeze out the arms and specifically target the forearms.

Dumbbell Hammer Curls

Dumbbell hammer curls


  • Grab an appropriate pair of dumbbells and stand up straight, keeping the dumbbells by your sides- The dumbbells’ sides are facing forward
  • Stand stably on your feet, keeping them at about shoulder width
  • Keep your back straight, look forward and hammer the dumbbells up, without rotating your wrist
  • Contract the forearms and biceps and hold the contraction briefly
  • Go down slowly
  • Repeat

Workout Tips

Rest Times

As we are looking to move more total weight for less time, rest times between supersets should be appropriately adjusted, to allow you to complete the supersets properly.

Generally, we have no rest between the exercises themselves, other than the time spent switching from exercise to exercise.

This is why it would be a good idea to slightly increase your rest times between the separate supersets, as that will allow you to complete the given repetitions with no issues.

Get up to 50 seconds of rest between each set, and up to 90 seconds of rest between each separate combination of exercises.

During that time, stretch your arms and get the blood going, by relaxing your arms and shaking them. That will ultimately help you recover for the upcoming set.

Peak Flexion

At the top of each repetition of each exercise, briefly hold the peak contraction of the working musculature.

This will help you develop the muscle in details and feel it working. Besides that, the mind-to-muscle connection will be developed on another level, helping you feel each separate exercise more prominently.

Avoiding Burn-Out

Due to the fact this is a high-volume and density workout, it is necessary that you choose the appropriate weights for each superset. The sets should ultimately keep you 2-3 repetitions away from failure and redlining must not be reached.

Keep the workout in a state of flow and don’t burn out your musculature, as your workout fuel is literally limited, due to the caloric deficit required for fat shredding. 


This shredding workout, built around the superset method will help you increase the density and volume of each workout. The antagonist fashion will allow the biceps and triceps to actively rest during each exercise, helping for faster recovery.

Furthermore, as both muscle groups are trained in one session, the feeling of pump will be immense and that will also help muscle retention to a bigger extent, as more nutrients are delivered to the working musculature.

Rest times are kept low, in-between the separate supersets, and close to none during the separate exercises- Supersetting. Each set is kept 2-3 repetitions away from failure to avoid redlining and excessive muscle exhaustion.

The workout is kept in a state of flow, where the main goal is feeling the working musculature, while executing each exercise with proper form, full range of motion and optimal peak contraction.

Ultimately, the workout will help you develop your arms in detail, giving you striations, separations, more vascularity and an overall feeling of tightness in the musculature, if of course, combined with a proper shredding nutrition plan.

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