Gym Tools to Build Strength – 3 Most Effective Ways

Whether you are subscribed to your local gym or have your own little “workout temple” at home, knowing the right way to the workout equipment is critical. You don’t want to get injured while also ensuring that you are utilizing their full power. This is our brief guide about using gym tools to build strength in the most effective ways.

If you are an advanced bodybuilder, you may already know how to use some of the most common gym equipment, if not all. But it still is good to have your information validated by experts. In case you are a newbie – by the way, we congratulate for taking the right decision about your health – then this guide is for you.

You may be already familiar with basic tools like dumbbells and treadmills and exercise balls. Which is why we have focused on tools that are in the intermediate and advanced categories. But these will still be familiar to someone who frequents the gym for their daily dose of intense workouts.

So, go on and read the three most effective ways to put those gym tools to work…

Using Gym Tools to Build Strength – Correct and Effective Ways

A gym typically has all the basic and intermediate equipment laid out in a room as per their difficulty level. For example, you won’t see bench press equipment next to basic tools like a cardio rowing machine and automatic tools like treadmill and chest press.

Every set of equipment has a place in a gym. But why, you may ask? Because as the difficulty level increases, the intensity increases and so does the vulnerability to accidents. A properly managed gym always takes care of these things that may be considered minor but are, in truth, of high significance.

These short guides about correctly using your favorite strength training exercise equipment will not only make you a better “gymmer” but also earn you the respect of fellow colleagues.

Lat Pull-Down for Beginners

The lat pull-down machine is used both by beginners and advanced bodybuilders to work the shoulder girdle and back muscles. You can use it any way you want, but there is a reason why it is accessible to people of all difficulty levels.

The lat pull-down machine is a great precursor to doing a pull-up and pull-ups are excellent starting activity for strength training. It activates the posterior chain, enabling you to work on your back muscles as you begin your bodybuilding routine. While over-grasp (palms facing outwards) is the correct way to use the machine, beginners can use it in the under-grasp fashion also – which is easier – to develop their biceps and shoulder girdle. (While you’re at it, avoid shrugging or craning your neck.)

Another factor that plays a part in using it correctly is how farther your hands are from each other. The closer they are the easier it will be to get accustomed with the machine and eventually the pull-up exercise. Or, if you like challenging yourself occasionally, make a V shape with your hands to make it a tad harder.

The lat machine is a great gym tool to begin your gym journey, and these tips will allow you to do it the right way.

Leg Press – Being Steady

The leg press is one equipment where you can make quite a few mistakes. The biggest of them all is sticking the neck out away from the rest pad. You should keep your torso glued because the purpose of the leg press is to help you work on your quadriceps and hamstrings, improve the posture, and most importantly, build your muscle strength in the lower half part.

If your neck is not in line with your torso, you can even hurt yourself while doing it. It also applies to mistakes like constantly moving your feet on the footplate or locking your knees.

Remember to keep your posture in check and you will reap the benefits of this excellent gym equipment also used for weight loss and toning. If those two are what you are really looking for, take a peek at Ben Pakulski’s amazing Mi40 program, which will give you a nice blend of both workouts and a balanced diet. Perfect for body toning!

Cable Biceps Bar – Alternating Weight Levels

The cable biceps bar is probably the most ubiquitous equipment in the modern-day gym. You will find people of all genders using it to work on their biceps after a bout of an intense workout. It also sometimes helps powerlifters cool down, although we don’t see or recommend it as a cool-off equipment.

What we do see the cable biceps bar is as a great gym tool to learn the power of alternating weights. The correct way to use the cable’s force to build your biceps is to slowly raise and lower the force quotient (the weight). Doing this not only gives your muscles a breathing period but also acquaints your body with alternation.

The cable biceps bar is also a great alternative to dumbbells.


While there are many more things to take care of while you are working with these tools, it is best to tread with caution. If a tool looks complex to you as a beginner, it is best to keep it for later. If you have ever come across any of the equipment we featured above, then go ahead with confidence.

We hope that this short guide to using gym tools to build strength will help you ensure that accidents have no place where and when YOU are working out. Do let us know about your own favorite gym routine in the comments below.

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