Dense Back Workout

Tons of pull-ups, pulldowns and cable exercises, but your back is still lacking… Why?

Simply because the back really requires a ton of working load due to the size of the back musculature. Such working loads can be accomplished by executing primarily rowing movements.

These movements will engage the back in a different way compared to pull-ups and other vertical back movements, giving us the opportunity to stack on thick, dense muscle mass in that department.

This, of course, will lead to a better overall development- A wide and thick, granite looking back musculature!

Without further ado, let’s get right into the workout.

Exercise map

Body-weight wide grip pull-ups

Bodyweight wide grip pull-ups



  • Grab the bar wider than shoulder width
  • Keep feet together and look up while hanging freely
  • Pull yourself up explosively
  • Go down slowly

T-Bar row

T-Bar row



  • Step on the platform
  • Bend over and grab the bar slightly wider than shoulder width
  • Keep torso in a static, bent over, straight back position
  • Pull the lever up with your elbows close to your body
  • Let the weight go down and stretch your back musculature before the next repetition

Dumbbell row

dumbbell rows



  • Place the dumbbell by the side of the bench
  • Place your leg on the bench and step stably with your opposite leg
  • Bend over and place your arm on the bench, keeping the back straight
  • Grab the dumbbell and let it hang completely free
  • Tense the back musculature and pull the weight up, contracting the lats
  • Let the dumbbell go down slowly, stretching the back musculature

Seal row

seal row



  • Place the barbell under the bench
  • Lift the bench up on something so that the barbell can hang free once you grab it
  • Lie face down and grab the bar
  • Tense the back musculature and pull up
  • Hold the contraction briefly
  • Let the bar go down slowly
  • Stretch out before the next rep

Rack pulls

rack pulls



  • Place the loaded barbell on a deficit, either on the lower levels of a squat rack, or a stack of discs below both sides of the barbell- the movement preferably starts from a level slightly below the knees, this will allow for the hamstrings to be excluded from the movement and the focus is solely on the back
  • Step at shoulder width, grab the bar at shoulder width
  • Keep back straight
  • Lift the weight up, without excessive torso extension
  • Let the bar go down, keeping optimal tension on the back

Dumbbell pullover

dumbbell pullover



  • Lie with your shoulder line on the side of a bench
  • Grab the dumbbell and let your hips hang down- this will allow you to stretch the whole torso
  • Bend elbows slightly and keep them in this static position
  • Let the weight down and behind your head slowly
  • Pull the weight over your head, keeping tension on the lats

This workout will certainly help you develop a seemingly massive and thick back, as the main focus here are rowing movements, rather than vertical movements. These exercises in the precise order and volume, will also leverage you towards developing one of the most commonly lacking parts of the back musculature- The lower portion, consisting of the lower lats and the spinal erectors.

Rowing movements stimulate the lower portion of the lats significantly, while rack pulls stimulate the whole back as well as the spinal erectors.

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