Wide Open Wings Back Workout

Most people struggle with thickness in the back department, however, there are just as many who have developed a rock solid, dense back, but when they hit a lat spread… It is just narrow.

Well, if you happen to be one of those people, say no more! We are here to help you get over the lack of width in your back.

For this workout we will focus primarily on vertical movements and movements that really allow you to open up the back during the execution.

This workout, combined with proper posing sessions will grant you wide as heck wings- It is not magic though, so you need to stay consistent and work on your weaknesses!

So, why vertical movements? Simply because they are the ones that allow the back to open up top at the end of the negative part of the movement, meaning that it is, in a sense, forcefully stretched under the weight.

The Workout

Exercise map

Wide-grip pull-ups

Wide grip pull-ups



  • Hang freely on the bar, with arms placed wider than shoulder width
  • Pull yourself up explosively, until your chin reaches the bar
  • Go down completely, slowly

Wide grip weighted pull-ups

weighted wide grip pull ups



  • With the weight belt on your hips, hang freely on the bar as you would in the first exercise
  • Pull yourself up with moderate pace/explosiveness, holding the contraction briefly at the top
  • Go down slowly and stretch out the lats

Bent-over barbell row

Bent-over barbell row



  • Place the loaded barbell in front of you
  • Bend over with feet at shoulder width and knees slightly bent
  • Grab the bar at shoulder width and extend your torso up
  • Keep the torso at a 45-degree angle in a static bent over position
  • While looking forward, row the barbell up, towards the lower portion of the abdomen
  • Contract the lats and let the bar down slowly, before proceeding to the next repetition

Narrow grip vertical pull-down (V-attachment)

Narrow grip vertical pulldown (V-attachment)



  • Grab the V-Bar and sit down, tucking your legs under the pads
  • Lean back a tad bit to tense the back musculature
  • Pull the V-Bar down to the lower portion of your chest, contracting the back fully
  • Let the weights go down, stretching the back

Dumbbell pullover

dumbbell pullover



  • Grab the dumbbell and lay down on the upper portion of your back, on the side of a bench
  • Lift the dumbbell above your head while holding it with both hands- Keep elbows in a slightly bent, static position
  • Let the dumbbell go down and behind your head- While doing this, keep your hips down. This will allow for optimal torso stretch
  • Lift the dumbbell to its original position slowly, while keeping tension on your wings

This workout is suitable for people looking to boost the width of their back and get a v-shaped body.

For optimal gains in the back department, it would be best to alternate between workouts for width, thickness and both combined, instead of just sticking to one workout.

As one of the biggest muscle groups, the back requires a lot of variety, volume, intensity and different angles of the exercises, as it can take a lot of beating, which it needs to grow.

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