Squat Butt Glutes Workout

For this workout, we will give you a classical glute workout, built around compound movements and moderate to high intensity. The workout is specifically designed to target your glutes, as well as its surrounding muscle groups secondarily.

We start off from the very low levels of intensity and move up to a fairly high level, while still being pretty far away from failure. This basic workout is therefore suited for beginner and intermediate athletes, that are looking to improve their physical properties and muscle mass in the hip area.

The squat butt glutes workout is suitable for both men and women, as there is practically no difference in the way the glutes are structured on the skeletons.

What will make the difference is the fact that males simply produce more muscle-building hormones and have it easier when it comes to gaining muscle mass.

Females on the flipside, will pleasantly shape up their glutes, changing the body composition slightly and obtaining a more feminine outline.

Workout priorities

The workout puts a priority on the glutes but also includes quadriceps work secondarily.

The main focus are the two compound movements- Barbell squats and dead-lifts, followed by two back-off exercises- One body-weight and one cable exercise, which allow us to work on optimal contractions of the glutes.


Exercise Sets Repetitions
Bodyweight Squat 5 15
Barbell Squat 3 10
Barbell Deadlift 3 10
Straight Leg Kickbacks 3 15 per leg
Cable Standing Hip Extension 3 15 per leg

Exercise Map

Body-weight Squat

Bodyweight squat


  • With feet placed at shoulder width and knees slightly bent, lift your arms up
  • Look forward and keep your body straight
  • Squat down slowly, keeping your back straight
  • Once you reach the point where your legs are parallel to the ground, move up explosively to the initial position, out of lockout
  • Repeat

Barbell Squat

Low barbell squat


  • Get under the bar and place the middle of it on your traps
  • Un-rack the bar and step back, stepping with your feet at shoulder width, toes slightly pointing to the sides and knees slightly bent so that they are not at lockout
  • Keeping your back straight, look forward and squat down slowly, until your legs are parallel to the ground
  • Move up explosively, contracting the glutes at the top

Barbell Romanian Dead-Lift

Barbell Romanian dead-lift


  • Place the loaded barbell on the ground and stand behind it
  • With feet close to one another and toes pointing forward, bend over to grab the barbell, while keeping your back straight
  • Grabbing the barbell at shoulder width, lift it up and extend your body, without overextending at the top
  • Once your torso is at a 90-degree angle, contract the glutes
  • Let the bar down slowly, stretching the hamstrings and glutes
  • Repeat, without allowing the barbell to touch the ground at the bottom

Bench Hip Extensions

Bench hip extensions


  • Place one knee on the bench and support yourself with both arms, while the other leg is hanging
  • Kick back with that leg, contracting the glute on that side and holding the contraction briefly
  • Let the leg go down
  • Once you are done on one side, proceed to the opposite side

Cable Standing Hip Extensions

Cable standing hip extensions


  • Put the ankle attachment on your leg and hold on to the machine frame for balance
  • Lift your working leg slightly off of the ground and keep it straight
  • Extend back, contracting the glute and holding the contraction briefly
  • Let your leg go down and repeat
  • When done on one side, proceed to the next side

Workout tips

  • Proper Execution:
    As in every other workout, it is important here to keep a moderate pace, that will allow you to go through every repetition in a controlled manner and through the full range of motion of each movement. This will assure constant muscle tension, which is one of the main factors behind muscular development- You don’t want inertial movements.
  • Breathing:
    You might have seen this in our other workouts but we really want to emphasize on proper breathing, as it is VITAL for intra-set energy recovery. INHALE on the negative part, where no muscle contraction is applied and EXHALE on the positive part where muscle contraction comes to play. Example- Squats. When squatting down, inhale, then exhale on the way up when you are fighting with the weights.
  • End Before Failure:
    As this is a beginner/intermediate workout, it is not recommended to push yourself too hard, to avoid injuries. Keep the pace and weights moderate and end each exercise with a couple of repetitions in reserve, without reaching failure.


This beginner/intermediate workout is perfect for those of you that really want to get down to the fundamental exercises and learn them thoroughly, while also improving the strength and muscle mass of the worked area.

The workout offers a great variety of body-weight movements, as well as compound and isolated, uni-lateral movements. The exercises are done through a moderate pace and full range of motion, while the intensity is moderate, to allow each set to end with a couple of repetitions left in reserve.

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