Strong Butt Workout


This “Strong butt workout” is designed for advanced trainees, who are looking to stack on some serious muscle and strength. The workout starts off with a light, bodyweight exercise as a further warm up, and moves on to heavier compound movements that contrast in repetitions.

The intensity levels of this workout are fairly high, which is why it is not recommended for beginners.

After going through the intensity scale, we reach failure on the last sets of the second and third exercise, followed by two back-off, light exercises that will allow us to focus on the contraction.

The intense sets until failure will allow us to develop strength, as well as muscle mass in the given area.

The workout is suitable for both men and women, considering they are at an advanced stage of their training and are looking to further improve their musculature and strength.

Workout priorities

The Strong butt workout prioritizes both muscle growth and muscle strength, starting off from way above the 10-rep range and slowly working our way down to lower reps and heavier weights.

It is recommended to not push yourself too far. Control each movement and reach classical failure- Allow the muscle to reach failure, without making it go through it with inertial movements, which can put you at a risk of injury.


Exercise Sets Repetitions
Bodyweight Squat 4 15
Barbell Squat 5 10,10,8,8,6 (until failure)
Barbell Hip Thrusts 4 8,8,8,6 (last set until failure)
Barbell Sumo Deadlift 3 8
Bent Leg Kickback 2 15

Exercise map

Body-weight Squats

Body-weight squats


  • Stand up with feet at shoulder width, body straight and toes pointing slightly to the sides
  • Without locking out your knees, squat down until your hamstrings are parallel to the ground
  • Move up explosively to the initial position out of lockout
  • Repeat

Barbell Squats

Low barbell squat


  • Get under the bar, placing the middle of it on your traps
  • Un-rack the bar and step back, stepping at shoulder width, with toes slightly pointing outside
  • Bend knees slightly so that they are not locked out and squat down slowly, keeping your back straight
  • Once you hit the point where your hamstrings are parallel to the ground, squat up explosively, contracting the glutes at the top

Barbell Hip Thrusts

Barbell hip thrusts


  • Place the barbell by the side of the bench and put a soft pad on it
  • Lie down under it and get your upper back on the side of the bench
  • Place feet forward and slightly apart
  • Lift the barbell slightly above the ground
  • Thrust up, contracting the glutes and holding the contraction briefly
  • Let the bar go down to the initial position, slightly off of the ground

Barbell Sumo Dead-lift

Barbell Sumo dead-lift


  • Place the barbell on the ground and step behind it
  • Place your feet as wide as possible with toes pointing out to maintain a stable position
  • Reach down for the bar, keeping your back straight
  • Grab the bar with a close grip- slightly narrower than shoulder width
  • Lift the bar up, extending your body and contracting the glutes
  • Let the bar go down to the original position and repeat

Bent Leg Kickback

Bent leg kickback


  • Kneel on the ground and place both hands on the ground for support
  • Lift one leg up in the air and keep it bent
  • Kick back, contracting the glute and holding the contraction briefly
  • Let your leg get back to the initial position
  • Once done, proceed to the opposite side

Workout tips

  • Rest times:
    Make sure to give your body enough time for rest in-between sets, exercises and workouts. We recommend you to get at least 100 seconds of rest between the sets until failure, up to 60 seconds between the lighter sets and up to 70 seconds between exercises.

    Rest times between workouts should be adequate enough to allow you to recover, meaning that this workout cannot be done every day but rather 2 times to 3 times a week for more advanced trainees. Take at least 3 days of rest in-between workouts to allow for optimal recovery.

  • Breathing:
    The breathing pattern of course remains the same- Inhale on eccentric (negative) part and exhale on the more challenging, concentric (positive) part of each movement.
  • Pyramid:
    As you can see this workout is heavy and includes sets until failure. Reaching those high levels of intensity should be done safely, through a pyramid from lighter weights (lower intensity) to higher weights (higher intensity), in order to avoid injuries.
  • Full range of motion and constant tension:
    The exercises should be done through a rather moderate pace and the full range of motion of each exercise, to allow for the working musculature to be under constant tension, without getting the help of inertial movements.
  • Explosiveness:
    However, it is also recommended that you put in effort on the sets until failure and try to mimic explosiveness under the heavier weights- This will not change the pace, especially under heavy weights, but will help you get through the repetitions easier.


This workout allows every advanced trainee step up their game and reach new levels of muscular development and strength, in the gluteus area. The workout is specifically designed for advanced trainees and it revolves around intense training, realizing one of the fundamental training methods for advanced athletes- Sets until failure.

Quite logically, those sets until failure will severely deplete the muscle of energy, which is why it would be adequate to have a longer rest in-between the heavier sets (~120 seconds between heavier sets and ~90 seconds between lighter sets.)

As in every other workout, we inhale and exhale on the negative and positive part of the exercise, respectively.

We reach the high intensity levels through a pyramid, which allows us to start off at low intensity (bodyweight) and move on to the last sets of the heavy, compound movements. As a main rule here, we execute each exercise through full range of motion and maintain constant tension of the working musculature.

We may not be able to lift the heavier weights quickly, but just trying to apply maximum explosiveness will make the muscle contract better and hence, adapt to the heavier weights quicker.

If this workout is too heavy for you, try our beginner and intermediate Tight Butt Workout.

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