Uni-Lateral Focused Glute Workout


For this workout, we will show you a sequence of glute-focused exercises, that begin with basic, bodyweight exercises and move on to focus on heavier, uni-lateral movements. The uni-lateral movements are usually movements done separately on each limb.

So, for example, in our case that would mean single-leg movements for the glutes, involving each leg separately. The goal here is to focus on each side of the muscle group to the best of our ability, as that is exactly what uni-lateral exercises allow us to do.

We may not be able to lift as heavily, but the leverages here are better contractions and of course, the uni-lateral focus that we get. The workout is suitable for both genders, which is why you may see mixed visual showcases of the exercises.

Whether you are a man or a woman, this workout will help you develop your glutes. The difference is that males will gain more muscle mass, due to the naturally higher testosterone levels, which, in the long term will lead to a bulkier gluteus that may even be striated, during the cutting phase.

The females on the other hand, will gain less muscle mass and develop a rather round, feminine butt.

Workout priorities

The workout of course prioritizes the glutes, with the goal being to lift heavy weights, uni-laterally. After warming up with the first two exercises, we move on to the weighted glute exercises, where we have to literally train our butts off!

Focusing on higher intensity, we should be fairly close to failure by the end of the 10th repetition, for the last 3 exercises of this workout.

Failure CAN be reached here and there, but be careful not to burn yourself out completely.


Exercise Sets Repetitions
Body-Weight Squats 4 15
Bench Hip Extension 3 12 (per leg)
One Leg Barbell Hip Thrust 3 10 (per leg)
Band Standing Hip Extension 3 10 (per leg)
Cable Pull Through 3 10

Exercise Map

Prisoner squats

prisoner squats male


  • Stand up straight with your feet at shoulder width and toes pointing slightly out
  • Bend knees slightly so that they are not locked out and place your hands behind your head
  • Squat all the way down
  • Move up explosively, contracting the glutes

Bench Hip Extension

Bench hip extensions


  • Place one of your knees on the bench and support yourself with both arms
  • Keep the other leg hanging in the air
  • Kick back with it, contracting the glute
  • Hold the contraction briefly and return to initial position
  • Do the exercise for both sides

One Leg Barbell Hip Thrust

One leg barbell hip thrust


  • Place the loaded barbell by the side of a bench
  • Place a protective pad on the bar
  • Get under the bar and lie with the upper portion of your back, on the side of the bench
  • Place feet forward and slightly apart, lift one of the legs off of the ground
  • Thrust on your other leg, contracting the glute
  • Go down slowly, after holding the contraction briefly, without letting the bar touch the ground

Cable Standing Hip Extension

Cable standing hip extensions


  • Attach the ankle attachment onto your leg and grab the machine frame for balance
  • While standing on one leg, lift the other in the air and keep it straight
  • Kick back, contracting the glutes
  • Hold the contraction briefly and return to the initial position slowly

Cable Pull Through

Cable pull through


  • Place the rope attachment onto the lower cable and stand with your back against the machine
  • Step with your feet wider than shoulder width
  • Bend knees slightly for better balance and bend over to grab the rope, keeping your back straight
  • Grab the rope with an overhand grip and extend your body, contracting the glutes
  • Hold the contraction briefly and bend over to the initial position slowly

Workout tips

  • Moderate pace & constant tension:
    To maximize muscle activation, it would be best to maintain a moderate pace during each exercise and set. This will therefore allow you to maintain constant tension and a controlled contraction/stretch of the working musculature.
  • Peak flexion:
    To maximize the mind-muscle connection, it is recommended that you instinctively apply the peak-flexion method. This means simply briefly holding the contraction at the top of each repetition of a given set. This will help you improve muscle detail, separation and mind-to-muscle connection.
  • Breathing:
    As a mandatory rule, we have the correct breathing pattern, which is quite simply, inhaling on the negative part where no muscle tension is applied and exhaling strongly on the positive part, where we apply strength.
  • Weight choice:
    Picking your weights for the repetitions, given in the table would be the most adequate choice. Start off with a lighter weight and move up to higher intensity levels, which will still allow you to complete the repetitions.


This gluteus workout allows you to go through the intensity scale, warming up with basic, bodyweight exercises and peaking the intensity during the one-sided movements. During the last 3 exercises, 70%+ intensity should be maintained, allowing you to be close to failure around the 10th repetition.

Every exercise should be done with an appropriate weight, picked for the number a repetition given. You must keep a moderate pace and constant tension on the working musculature.

Instinctively, on some exercises you can also hold the contraction at the top briefly, before continuing to the next repetition. The breathing pattern for every single exercise is- Inhaling on the negative part, where we do not apply strength and exhaling on the positive part, where the muscle is working.

If you feel like this workout is too advanced for you, feel free to check out some of our other glute workouts.

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