Linden tea is without a doubt one of the most aromatic drinks and, as an herb, it is especially rich in medicinal substances.

This is why it is used widely in medicine as well as cosmetics. The Linden is a high up to 25-30 meters long tree, strongly branched and with a dense crown. The leaves are consecutive, irregular in heart shape, jagged edges and long handles.

Linden is known since ancient times and has been used as a spiritual totem and a medicine.

There are three types of linden, each of which is characterized by certain features:

  • Reddish –The so-called “Heart-shaped linden”. Its leaves are bluish and bare on top. The linden has small flowers (fruits).
  • Full-leaf – the leaves are densely covered with hairs on the reverse side, usually blooming in early summer.
  • Srebrotisch – a wholesale decorative tree, reaching 30 m high, with broad heart-shaped leaves, blooms at the latest (in July).

Chemical Content

Linden flowers contain about 0.06% essential oil with the main ingredient being aliphatic sesquiterpenic alcohols (farnesol), which is a pleasant aroma.

Among the other substances, we can see flavonoid glycoside tiliroside, which is a derivative of kempferol and p-coumaric acid, as well as flavoneoids derived from quercetin. Tricholines contain saliva and tannins derived from β-amirin, ascorbic acid, carotene, glycosides, aglycones and wax.

Health Benefits

The linden color has a sweat-inducing and diuretic effect.

  • Often finds use as an aid in the treatment of kidney disease.
  • It acts antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic.
  • Tea made from linden color helps in inflammation of the upper respiratory tract (laryngitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, angina). Also helps reduce body temperature, during an elevated such.
  • In folk medicine, linden color is used for: dizziness, headache, epilepsy, hysteria, rumbling voice. A licorice decoction is used in the form of baths for the treatment of burns, skin rashes, joint pains, hemorrhoids and pox, as well as gargle for inflammation of the throat and oral cavity.
  • Leaf tea, served with honey, is a great soothing remedy for good sleep.
  • Linden is used in aromatherapy: relaxing essential oil improves sleep; reduces fevers and effectively tackles inflammation by increasing sweaty secretion but decreasing night sweats; the essential oil of linden color has a beneficial effect on man’s psyche.
  • The calming properties of linden make it a valuable ingredient in the production of soothing creams, toning agents for sensitive skin, and various hair masks.

Side Effects

The only side effects can only occur individually if the user has allergies.

Gathering Linden Flowers

You can certainly purchase linden tea in every grocery store, but if you feel like going full nomad, then the most rational time of the year to look for and gather linden flowers for that perfect potion, would be around their blooming period in late June-July.

It is recommended to pick the flowers, which have not bloomed completely yet.

Store them safely without crushing them.

Appropriate drying temperature is 45 degrees Celsius- The drying process continues until the flowers are easily breakable.

Due to its anti-inflammation properties, along with the calming of the nervous system, linden tea is without a doubt a perfect recovery tool for bodybuilders.

Of course, it does not directly affect recovery of the musculature with protein content, but it rather relaxes your whole body, which will lead to better sleep and therefore, better recovery.

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