6 Things to Know Before Getting Six-Pack Abs

A lot has been said, discussed, and even prophesied about getting that six-pack abs, but nothing seems to be written in stone. What approach to adopt? What types of exercises and food items to incorporate into your training plan? Or, just where to start? We at Mean Muscles understand your doubts and are here to help you.

The reason there is no set of rules while creating a six-pack abs workout plan is that each human body is different from another in a variety of ways. Factors like body type, height, belly type, internal system, and even genetics have a say in how your body, and more specifically your core muscles (abs and hips), will react to a workout plan.

Nonetheless, there are certain things that are still under your control. And today we will discuss six such things that are important to know and understand before you begin your training.

Six Things To Know Before Training For Abs

A flat belly cannot exactly be termed as abs. The slight difference (with the latter) is in the growth, development, and chiseling of muscles around the belly. Following are six things to know before you hit the abs regimen:

Looks Can Be Deceiving

The way your abs look is entirely dependent on how much fat you have in and around your abdomen. While the first step should always be about figuring out how much belly fat you will have to lose, you must respect the natural frame of your body and be ready to receive the final result.

Your aim should not be on how sculpted your abs look but on how functionally strong your core muscles are. That is how you gauge the results of your abs workout plan.

You Need To Focus On Your Entire Body

If getting well-cut abs is your priority, training the muscles around just your abdomen area is not going to help. Contrary to popular belief, one cannot achieve six-pack abs if one focuses only on one’s belly. It requires training of all major body parts and muscle groups. Your body muscles will grow only if you adopt full-body training with different kinds of compound workouts.

Remember that belly fat is one of the most stubborn fat on your body. Look at it this way: your belly needs encouragement from other muscle groups to undergo self-transition. In this regard, full-body strength training becomes more important.

We at Mean Muscles bet on the Truth About Abs workout plan by Mike Geary – a comprehensive guide that contains everything you will ever want to know about the “rectus abdominis” and the art of getting six-pack abs. It also includes full-body workout plans, abdomen-specific exercises, and an efficacious dietary plan.

Focus On Your Core

Have you ever noticed the backside of a person who has developed six-packs abs? It is equally developed like the front, which is another great point to consider. Along with abs workout, focus on lower back exercises, crunches for your hips, and hit the bench press (optional) for a stronger back.

No Daily Ab Workouts

Training your abdominal muscles on a daily basis can work against your purpose. Muscles need time to repair themselves and grow back, so, if you are going to work on them daily, they are going to react unfavorably. We recommend a maximum of four ab workouts a week, which may be increased at a later stage.

A Little Bit Of Dietary Sacrifice

Getting abs can be frustrating because you will have to not only maintain your weight by watching what’s on your plate but also give up certain food items. We have already covered the basic principles of eating healthy before, and it suffices to say that, you will not have the freedom to munch on those carb-heavy foods that we usually suggest for upper body workouts.

This is belly fat we are talking about and it’s a great adversary with a greater historical track record. (Look at all the people who have given in to its flabby prowess.)

It Takes Time

This should have been obvious, but sadly a lot of people think that abs can be developed in a fortnight. The prophecies that we were talking about earlier have to do with magic machines and aggressive workout plans that promise shining abs in days. As industry experts, Mean Muscles would like to inform you that getting six-pack abs is a long, gradual process that can take months and even years depending upon your workout plan and body diet. Befriend patience and get on the bandwagon with determination.

Once you have taken these six things into consideration, then you can start creating a plan with your personal trainer. The key is to know what you are doing and why; the journey then becomes easier.

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