Top 10 Weight Loss Foods

Whether you are wondering what to eat to lose weight in 2 weeks or are looking to etch out a 7-day diet plan for weight loss, it is important to know what food are good for your body and what not. While we are assuming that you already know the bad ones (no prize for guessing), we thought we will update you with what’s on the charts right now. You may have already heard of kale and quinoa and cool fat-burning recipes involving them. Unfortunately, this is not about those recipes or superfoods that you don’t find at the supermarket. These are the top 10 weight loss foods that can be bought from your local market and which you can easily include in your daily diet.

Fat loss does not have to be intimidating with all the fast-paced workout regimens and fasting/purging techniques. There is also an easier approach to losing weight; adding these foods to your plate should give you a headstart. Read on…

List of Top 10 Weight Loss Foods

There are hundreds of such fat burning foods and recipes available on the web today. But, we have compiled this list on the basis of their quickness and efficacy as well as their levels of protein content. It goes without saying that these foods are suitable for all genders.


Rich in fiber and healthy carbs, oat has taken over as the chief breakfast food of the West. This has, in turn, influenced the world at large – where fitness freaks are banking on its amazing fat-burning abilities. Just enjoy a bowl of oatmeal after your daily Turbulence Training workout (the perfect combination for losing weight safely) and see how your body positively reacts to it.

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Veggies are always good for your body, and this cruciferous cousin of the equally good cauliflower will be a good dose of fiber. Toss it into your morning salad or make broccoli soup, this one will join you in your quest to defeat unwanted fats.


If you are not allergic to nuts, almonds can be a great afternoon snack at work. Just pack a small box in your bag and munch on these instead of those harmful fried chips and other types of junk food. Almonds are known for their healthy fats that can seriously help you shed pounds.


One of the oldest known foods to mankind, potatoes are terribly misunderstood. Instead of seeing them as purveyors of cholesterol and fat, we must see them as providers of potassium which has a direct connection with blood pressure control. Add boiled potatoes to your diet today, and don’t think twice.

Cottage Cheese

The only dairy product on this list, cottage cheese is an excellent food for protein intake. Moreover, modern bodybuilders even depend on cheese as an alternative to weight loss supplements.

Fruits for Weight Loss

Apart from these five, you can also depend on a fruit diet to lose weight. These are the best fruits for weight loss.


The point of a great weight loss food is that it should make you feel full even when you are having it in small portions. While oat is definitely the frontrunner there, if you are into fruits, blueberries should be on your diet on a daily basis. Low on calories, with a side advantage of plugging signs of anti-aging, it is the best natural food you can have to deter those fats from spreading.


If you have heard of research starch then you also know that bananas (and plantains) are highly rich on it. It is an excellent fat burner and metabolism booster, and one of the very few natural foods that aid in weight loss.


Another fruit on this list, oranges are known for their high fiber and water content, both of which has a filling effect on your body. Even if you are on a diet, oranges will make you forget about hunger.

Meat for Weight Loss

If you are a non-vegetarian and are looking for an all-meat diet for your weight loss plan, make sure you include these two. Eggs and salmon – and not red meat – are the best meat to eat for weight loss.


Apologies to our vegan readers, but eggs are one of the best weight loss foods around. They are high on healthy fats, protein, and can fill your stomach with a very low intake of calories.


If you are into different types of meat, make sure you don’t leave out salmon when on a weight loss diet. High on iodine and other natural nutrients, it is the only fish that is known to have fat-burning capabilities. Go, make that fish recipe you have been yearning for…

Finding the top 10 weight loss foods was not easy, because we had to personally test them out and gauge their effectiveness. We are happy to report that these are actually the best weight loss foods in the market right now. Like we said before, fat loss does not have to be a tedious process. Just add some of these foods into your diet and continue exercising. And you will reach your end goal sooner.

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