30-Day Bubble Butt Challenge

Have you always wanted to improve your shape, but never find time to workout?

We have designed the ’30 Days Challenges’ for people who cannot spare more than 20-30 minutes a day to workout.

What we have prepared for the ladies in this first guide of the section, is a nice and simple 30-day challenge for the lower body, using one of the most famous butt exercises- Namely, squats.

Before we move on to the actual challenge, let’s take a look at the exercise itself, how it’s done and the possible tweaks that will let us emphasize on different parts of the lower body.

Body-weight squats


  • Stand up straight
  • Place your feet at shoulder width
  • Open your toes slightly
  • Keep your knees slightly bent- don’t lock them out
  • Keep your body and back straight
  • Let your butt go down until the point your hamstrings are parallel to the ground
  • Move up

Possible tweaks

  • Wide stance- more tension goes to the glutes
  • Contract glutes at the top
Don’t forget to warm up properly before jumping into the squats.

Day Squats
1 50
2 55
3 60
4 Rest
5 70
6 75
7 80
8 Rest
9 100
10 105
11 110
12 Rest
13 130
14 135
15 140
16 Rest
17 150
18 155
19 160
20 Rest
21 180
22 185
23 190
24 Rest
25 220
26 225
27 230
28 Rest
29 250
30 260
Every woman strives for a butt that will make everyone turn their heads around.

If you’re one of those women, and want to finally shape up your glutes, this 30-day squatting schedule is the perfect choice for you.

If you complete every step of this plan consistently, day by day, you will certainly tone up your curves.

This is a so-called “emergency routine” that will save you a lot of time, and is highly effective.

Completing the challenge will help you tighten up your butt, carve your thighs and therefore, gain some self-esteem, which is always a plus.

Just squat!

This is a compound movement that is proven to optimally activate the glutes, thighs, and secondarily- The hamstrings.

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